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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Polarized Turkey

"They [the AKP government] turned a blind eye to ISIL growing in Syria and their existence; [their] presence is known within Turkey and they haven’t carried out arrests."
"Ankara is a city where intelligence work is at its highest. And it seems there was no preventative work, no security arrangements in place."
"[Without support from] elements of the state [ISIL could not carry out such attacks]."
"The bombing in Diyarbakır was meant to kill hundreds of people. The person who placed the bomb had been caught and arrested shortly before the attack and then he was released by police officials. He later carried out the attack. These kinds of events increases suspicion in the officials."

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş 

Mr. Demirtas pointed out in an interview with CNN that the June 5, 2014 rally of the Peoples' Democratic Party bombing killing 4 Kurds and injuring 100 was the work of the government. Just as he feels the double blasts that latterly shook Ankara, killing leftists and Kurdish protesters taking part in a rally for peace also involved the government. What really astonishes and angers him by the extent of the hypocrisy pointing to government involvement in the June atrocity was that the officers responsible for the bomber's release were since promoted in rank.

It was mostly Turkish Kurds who had gathered to protest a few days ago against Ankara's renewal of the deadly conflict between Kurdish separatists and the Turkish military. And it is mostly Kurds who now mourn the loss of life of the Kurdish protesters representing the majority of the victins. As the main victims of the two explosions interrupting the peace rally on Saturday, anger was vented at the Turkish president, along with the state, held responsible for the bloody carnage.

"Murderer Erdogan!" was chanted; "Murderer police!", and "Murderer state"!, were other accusations hurled in their grief, among the bereaved. "We met today to call for peace and mourn for our friends, but we are also demanding answers", Ekim Ertas, a Kurdish activist who had been among the attendees at the Saturday peace rally, said of the anger motivated by months of military attacks against Kurds.

"Operations" had been conducted by the government against two sources that could have been responsible for the attacks, though none have yet stepped forward to claim the honour as their very own. The probable source of the suicide bombers; Turkish infiltrated Islamic State jihadis, or improbably, but favoured by the government, rebels of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

While the government, according to Turkish news media, has seen to the detention of a handful of people suspected of being Islamic State members, the Turkish military busied itself carrying out renewed bombing missions in southeast Turkey and northern Iraq against the PKK. Hours after the Ankara attacks a unilateral ceasefire was announced by the PKK, pledging to halt offensive attacks before the November 1 parliamentary elections.

Of this offer on the part of the PKK, the Turkish government appeared to take no notice. And while the official death count from Saturday's bombings is stuck at 95, Kurdish officials contest that number to claim that 128 people had been killed. The best revenge the PKK could possibly exert against the Justice and Development Party of President Erdogan, determined to have his Islamist majority restored, is to have their own affiliated HDP party win at the polls.

Denying Recep Tayyip Erdogan's anticipated majority strengthened sufficiently to give him enhanced presidential powers through a majority-parliament-alteration of the constitution, has directly led to the government's increased attacks on Turkish Kurdish rebels, despite the ceasefire now negated by  attacks against the country's Kurds. Representing a naked effort on the part of Mr. Erdogan to provoke Kurdish responses to bring the electorate to a positive response for Erdogan at the polls.

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