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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Freedom for World Jewry

"Today, leaders of British Jewry tell Jeremy Corbyn that enough is enough."
"We have had enough of hearing that Jeremy Corbyn opposes antisemitism, whilst the mainstream majority of British Jews, and their concerns, are ignored by him and those he leads."
"Jeremy Corbyn did not invent this form of politics, but he has had a lifetime within it, and now personifies its problems and dangers."
"He issues empty statements about opposing antisemitism, but does nothing to understand or address it. We conclude that he cannot seriously contemplate antisemitism, because he is so ideologically fixed within a far-left worldview that is instinctively hostile to mainstream Jewish communities."

"Again and again, Jeremy Corbyn has sided with antisemites rather than Jews. At best, this derives from the far Left’s obsessive hatred of Zionism, Zionists and Israel. At worst, it suggests a conspiratorial worldview in which mainstream Jewish communities are believed to be a hostile entity, a class enemy."
Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council.

"I recognize that antisemitism has surfaced within the Labour Party, and has too often been dismissed as simply a matter of a few bad apples. This has caused pain and hurt to Jewish members of our party and to the wider Jewish community in Britain. I am sincerely sorry for the pain which has been caused, and pledge to redouble my efforts to bring this anxiety to an end."
"Newer forms of antisemitism have been woven into criticism of Israeli governments."
"[While criticism of Israel], particularly in relation to the continuing dispossession of the Palestinian people [cannot be avoided, comparing Israel to the Nazis, attributing criticisms of Israel to Jewish characteristics or using abusive language such as 'Zio' to describe supporters of Israel all constitute aspects of antisemitism."

"Jewish people must not be held responsible or accountable for the actions of the Israeli government."
"I will never be anything other than a militant opponent of antisemitism. In this fight, I am your ally and always will be."
Jeremy Corbyn, leader, opposition Labour Party, United Kingdom
Luciana Berger talking to protesters in London
Luciana Berger MP joined a demonstration in London against anti-Semitism in Labour   BBC
Jews worldwide and historically have known very close up and personally what it is like to endure charges of libelous anti-Semitic tropes and caricatures of Jews as the living embodiments of enemies of humankind, plotting endlessly to conquer world capitals, economies, news. As a persecuted minority group Jews have often feebly defended themselves, and often simply acceded to the reality that they will always be regarded as outsiders in a world that seems at times, overwhelmingly hostile to a Jewish presence.

With the end of the World War Two ad the recognition that a significant proportion of world Jewry, a majority of Jews distributed throughout Europe, were systematically murdered in a genocidal atrocity engineered and carried out as a Final Solution to the 'problem' of pollution that a Jewish presence represented to the German Social-Democratic Party and its fascist leader, the creation of the State of Israel on the ashes of ancient Judea in the Middle East allowed world Jews a breath of relief, that a nation of Jews now existed once again reversing the Exodus and inviting a return of the diaspora.

Where Israel exists, there is a haven for Jews, where they can be free from oppression, from racist-  and religion-inspired threats and violence. Free to be themselves, to be responsible for themselves, to govern themselves, to be an honoured member of the world community. On the way to achieving this Utopian dream Israel has had to defend itself from the military attacks of combined Arab armies. And though Middle East nations no longer send their armies to destroy the country, some among them have proxy militias to attempt to do so through a death-of-a-thousand-cuts.

Time and again Europe has regrown its subconscious anti-Semitism, more latterly camouflaged by criticism of Israel, for ostensible oppression of the Palestinians, despite that Palestinian Arabs have never stopped attempting to "resist" the "occupation" of land they claim is theirs, upon which Israel legally settled. Their leaders have always and continue to persuade those they rule and misrule to dedicate themselves to the martyrdom of jihad, to murder Jews and force the government of Israel to defend itself. When all attempts at  pacification have failed, what is left is defence, characterized as "occupation".

Since 2015, a defender of the Palestinians and a harsh critic of Israel has been leader of Great Britain's major opposition political party in Parliament. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has never made any secret about his defence of the Palestinians and harsh criticism of Israel. He has masked his anti-Semitism with the claim that it is Zionism that he abhors, not Jews; an attestation of innocence repeated frequently not only by this man but by many who have no wish to be identified as anti-Semites, even as they display all the symptoms of such.

Time and again Corbyn has made statements that identify him for what he is, from his acknowledged 'friendship' with the Hamas leadership, to his condemnation of Israel at every turn, and his links with racists. As former British Prime Minister Tony Blair put it when asked if he was conflating legitimate criticism of Israeli policy with anti-Semitism, he stated that activists could oppose the actions of individual governments but "that's different from being anti the state of Israel and its existence - and when people are in that position it very quickly trends across into anti-Semitism".

The graffiti artist Kalen Ockerman, painted a mural on the side of a house near Brick Lane showing bankers sitting round a monopoly board resting on the backs of suffering humanity. This obviously anti-Semitic and very visible, very meaningful cartoon that could happily have decorated Hitler's "Mein Kampf" had the enthusiastic approval of Jeremy Corbyn. His past association with various anti-Semitic groups have been noted, but this connection with the politician and the message imparted by the mural simply wore down the patience of British Jews.
Freedom for Humanity by Kalen Ockerman
Freedom for Humanity by Kalen Ockerman

After countless complaints of the venom of anti-Semitism infecting the Labour Party under the leadership influence of Jeremy Corbyn and equally numerous response attestations of agreement that anti-Semitism is despicable and Corbyn would not stand for it having a representative place in the party he leads, the leaders of Britain's Jewish community decided that a strenuous demand-and-confrontation through a demonstration before Parliament was long overdue.

The Facebook post with the Labour leader supporting the artist's rendition of a Goebbels-like cartoon of blood-sucking Jews and suffering humanity held in thrall to their greed has finally earned Corbyn a global denunciation he has worked so long and diligently to eventuate. But all is well. "Jews should not be held responsible for the actions of the Israeli government", says a great deal about this man's mind-set. And his mind is set on portraying the government of Israel as the dreadful apartheid, human-rights-denying, atrocities-committing threat to Palestinians that the PA claims it to be.

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