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Monday, June 13, 2016

Misconstruing Islam -- Orlando Carnage

"It is well-known that there are five pillars of Islam and jihad is not one of them. Rather, jihad is the peak of Islam. Some scholars have designated jihad as the sixth pillar of Islam, but there is no evidence to support this opinion."
"Jihad in the sense of armed struggle is not described as a pillar of Islam because, in general, it is a communal obligation and not an individual obligation like prayer or charity. If enough people participate in the armed defense of the nation and meet its security needs, then everyone else is not obligated to participate. Armed struggle only becomes an individual obligation on those capable of assisting the oppressed during a serious crisis."
"The peak is the highest part of the building, but it is not one of its supports or pillars upon which it is built. That is for two reasons. First, jihad is a collective obligation (fard al-kifayah) according to the majority of scholars and, unlike the pillars, it is not an individual obligation. Second, jihad will not continue until the end of time. On the contrary, when Jesus, peace be upon him, arrives and there is no longer any other religion besides Islam at that time, then war will lay down its burden and there will be no need for jihad, unlike these pillars which are obligatory upon the believers until the command of Allah is given and they are still in that state. Allah knows best." Source: Jami’ Al-Ulum wal Hikam  

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