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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Canada's Maleficent Psychopath Free To Live Normally

"The fact her children are here ... as a parent, I'm concerned. I feel horrible for her children -- I can't believe she actually had kids -- but they should not be here, or feel welcome."
"If she was out of the country, why come back?"
"A child should not have to pay for a parent's crime, but that's unfortunately what will happen."
Don Selkirk, father of three schoolchildren, Montreal

"Our community is dealing with a difficult situation and many of you have questions and concerns. Please be assured that your children are safe when they are at school."
"It has been confirmed that several parents in our community were approached by a reporter going door to door this past Sunday and asking if people knew that Karla Homolka was living in the area."
"As you know, under Quebec law, all children have the right to privacy and an obligation to be in school. This is why I cannot comment any further or provide any personal information about any family."
school principal Joanne Daviau 

"Like it or not, she has the right to live her life like any other person, without being subject to threats and harassment and being hounded to the point that she seeks refuge in her own home and is afraid to leave."
"I think it behooves the authorities to make a statement just to calm the air and indicate there will be no police action. If anyone needs protection here, it's probably her."
Montreal criminal lawyer Eric Sutton

"The Ch√Ęteauguay police would like to remind people that it cannot confirm the identity of a person living in the area or not."
"Its mission is to promote peace, order and quality of life of all of its citizens and visitors in the area, in respect with the Canadian and Quebec charters of rights and liberties."
Ch√Ęteauguay police statement
Since her release from prison, Karla Homolka has spent her life in Quebec and the Carribean. Reports that she's now living in a Quebec town with her family are prompting concerns in the community.
Since her release from prison, Karla Homolka has spent her life in Quebec and the Carribean. Reports that she's now living in a Quebec town with her family are prompting concerns in the community. (Radio-Canada)
Notoriously repugnant, a woman who willingly enjoyed helping her husband rape, torture and murder young girls, and who sacrificed her own sister to his warped sexual appetite causing her death as well, is now living a secure life as a married woman and mother of several children. She succeeded in making a plea deal with the Crown in exchange for a lighter sentence. That agreement meant that she would point police in the direction of evidence that would incriminate her husband in the suspected crimes.

Video footage was discovered detailing the gruesomely vicious violation of schoolgirls by a man who had before their abduction and torture and eventual murder, been a rapist-at-large. With the reduced sentence guaranteed Karla Homolka, she served eleven years in prison while her husband Paul Bernardo remains in prison. She escaped the full brunt of the penalty for her own horrendous crimes under any social moral code let alone the law, as guilty as he was of those horrible crimes against the humanity of those young women whose families will never stop mourning them.

While the families of  Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French will forever live in the anguish of knowing what their children had suffered, and how they had suffered, Homolka, renaming herself  Leanne Teale, has remarried and had children of her own. And parents of children in the Montreal suburb of Chateauguay, discovering that this dreadful excuse for a human being, a prime accessory in the horrible torment and murder of young girls only slightly older than her oldest child, is able to live a comfortable normal life amongst them in their middle-class setting, sending her children to the Centennial Park Elementary School where their own children attend school, are justifiably horrified.

The community of 47,000 people is understandably reeling over the knowledge that among them lives this pariah, a woman without conscience, born without the normal human compassion that people have for one another. It defies credulity that someone who had taken part willingly and with pleasure in the dreadful sadistic agony inflicted on helpless girls who were kidnapped, taken out of their comfortable existence as children only to be hurled into a living hell, can now be considered to have paid her 'due' to society.

Hers is a debt that no prison sentence can expunge. 
"This is scary. What do you tell your children? You never expect something like that here. It's a calm, collected community."
"I'd like parents to step up and make a stink. I don't think it should be left alone. If it hadn't surfaced, we would have never known. I could have sent my kids there for a birthday party."
"I feel bad for her kids, but I don't deserve to be uncomfortable sending my kids to school. People like that don't deserve second chances."
Alana Syvret, 31, Chateauguay

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