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Friday, October 30, 2015

Missing: Political/Social Maturity

"We hope this new government will join the international community and recognize the state of Palestine."
"We are confident that Canada will start to see us as a people who want to join other nations in having their own independence and their own sovereignty."
"I hope the [prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau] meant Canada will come back to really support those people living in fear, those people living in problem and those who need help."
"We see Canada as a strong nation that can offer its hand to us and help us from the problem we are in, not to push us back."
"Our hope is that Canada will see that we are a country, that we are a people who deserve a country."
Palestinian charge d'affaires Hamdi Abu Ali

The Canadian Palestinian leadership which publicly sided with the “Palestinian Intifada” (also called “al-Quds Intifada” and the “Knife Intifada”), expressed its hope that the 10 newly-elected Liberal Muslim members of parliament succeed in their efforts to reform Canada’s foreign policy.
Rashad Saleh, the Secretary of Fatah movement in Canada, who called his supporters to vote for Omar Alghabra, the Liberal Party’s candidate, gloated over the “ousting of the right-wing Conservative Party and the racist government that was more Zionist than Netanyahu’s government.” He emphasized that “we have to rebuild the relations [with the government] and the Canadian – Palestinian committees in Parliament.”
Nazih Khatataba, a board member of the Mississauga-based Palestine House, wrote on his Facebook page (originally in Arabic): “We anticipate that they [Muslim MPs] will change Canada’s policy particularly with regard to the positions towards global issues, the Palestinian problem and the repealing of the oppressive Bill that was passed by the parliament during the Conservative government.”
CIJNews English

Canada is one of nine countries opposing the symbolic but hugely significant United Nations motion of 2012 to recognize statehood for Palestine, one of Palestinian Authority's Mahmoud Abbas' little tricks, supported by the weight of the influence of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, to sideline Israel yet again, and allow the PA to continue its refusal to meet Israel across the table to negotiate the terms and conditions required to set up a new state with defined borders.

Palestinians, according to Abu Ali, are hopeful that the incoming Liberal government will return to previous times where cooperation and mutual respect, as they see it from their perspective, reigned between the two sides; which is to say, the Palestinians and the Government of Canada. Again, side-stepping the legal and international obligation of the Palestinians to deal directly with Israel, to settle disagreements, and above all, for the Palestinians to behave as civilized people should.

The Palestinian Authority wants help from Canada, just as they demand 'help' with no strings attached from the international community at large, while they remain unwilling to 'help' themselves. Instead, they launch public relations campaigns to delegitimize Israel, to enact boycotts and divestment campaigns, to slander Israel as an occupying power, when the Jewish state is forced by Palestinian violent belligerence to mount continual defences against atrocities.

The Palestinians insist that all of the West Bank is theirs and theirs alone. They also insist that East Jerusalem is their sole possession, and with it the most holy site in Judaism. It has been repeatedly stated that Jews will not be permitted to live in any geography which Palestinians eventually claim for their state, while Palestinians have citizenship in Israel, and can elevate their own to the Israeli Knesset.

Jews, even while Israel encompasses Jerusalem, are restricted from approaching the Temple Mount because Arabs claim their presence desecrates their own holy sites, and so they invoke the name of Islam as having sole rights to approach the area, to pray there in their millions, while not permitting even a figure below a thousand Jews in one year to be permitted to ascend their holy site, where their prayer is strictly forbidden.

Canada's position has been that recognition of a Palestinian state should arrive after a firm negotiated peace has been settled between Israel and the Palestinians. Abu Ali claims it is now universally held by Palestinians that such peace talks will never resume, and never result in a mutual agreement. But the fact is, that though the PA claims that Israel has disrupted the peace talks, each time an Israeli offer is extended that defers to Palestinian demands, the Palestinians walk away from the offer.

Even the recent violence which goes on unabated because it is incessantly incited by the Palestinian Authority elite which has groomed Palestinians from childhood to adulthood to view Jews as their enemies, is being blamed on Jews. That it is Jews who initiate false rumours of Palestinian Arab attacks on Jews, when the opposite is what occurs; this, despite evidence to the contrary. But then, the truth has always been a toy to be played with by the Palestinians.

There is a sound reason why North America and Western Europe have withheld formal recognition of the 'state of Palestine', and that is because the Palestinians have no legal recourse to claim that state until they make an effort to settle the long-standing and ongoing conflict with their neighbour to the satisfaction of both parties, rather than to the eternal satisfaction of just one; themselves.

Generously, Abu Ali mentions that Canada's three major political parties have clearly stated support for Israel's right to exist. "We understand that. What is missing, and what is not clear is their position on us. And that's what we care about. We want to know: How do you see us?"

Well, Abu Ali: Not yet ready for statehood.

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