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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Restoring Israeli Heritage Lands to Israel

"Today, I announce my intention, after the establishment of a new government, to apply Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea."
"I believe we have a unique one-off opportunity to do something for which there is wide consensus to finally create secure, permanent borders for the state of Israel."
"We haven't had such an opportunity since the Six-Day War [in 1967] and I doubt we will have another opportunity in the next fifty years."
"I want to act on it immediately. Therefore I wanted to already bring it to the Knesset last week, [but] the attorney general said to me ‘you can’t because it is a transitional government'."
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during his announcement on September 10,
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his plan, ahead of an election, on television on Tuesday   AFP
"The plan to apply sovereignty is not something that we thought about just recently. It was planned for months. But there were legal issues with doing anything before the elections. The attorney general said it cannot be done now due to legal constraints."
"The Americans were fully informed about what was going to be done. We knew what their response would be to the prime minister’s announcement. Everything was done in coordination."
Senior Israeli Government Official 
The Palestinian Authority can hardly claim that Israel failed to give it ample opportunity to assume a sovereign state of their own alongside that of Israel's. In the past when the PA and Israel dispatched delegates to bargain for peace which would lead to a two-state solution, there was hard bargaining, with Israel prepared to make sacrificial compromises and the Palestinians firmly sticking to their unaltered demands for 'right of return' and a capital in East Jerusalem.

Both are non-negotiable for Israel, since 'right of return' would result in an population imbalance; the original 700,000 Palestinians who fled when Israel was declared an official sanctioned state, and the 800,000 Jews who were exiled from the Arab countries they had lived in for hundreds to thousands of years, their properties confiscated, refugees who were absorbed by Israel, living alongside close to two million Palestinians currently who are citizens of Israel.

The original 700,000 have swelled through a high birth rate over generations to an estimated six million living in a global diaspora. Permitting them to return to Israel as 'returnees' would upset the population of a Jewish state turning it into a majority Arab state, at the very time when in the Arab states of the Middle East, no Jews are permitted to live. And nor would Jews be permitted to live in a sovereign Palestinian state were one ever to emerge out of the morass of rejections. That was made abundantly clear.

For rejection of peace offers and the formalization of a sovereign Palestinian state has been rejected time and again by the Palestinian Authority, even at times when all of their demands were being met. Their agenda has become crystal clear; the oft-phrased 'From Jordan to the Sea!' as code for the destruction of Israel, and Palestinian Arabs claiming the entire region that the United Nations offered as a Partition Plan, is the only solution to the impasse between the two that Palestinian authorities would ever assent to.

Now that Mr. Netanyahu has made it official, that Israel intends to annex the West Bank settlements and part of the Jordan Valley, all historically part of Judaic heritage, the outrage is palpable and threats are renewed. Fatah and Hamas have never made a secret of their plans to destroy Israel; a reality that Israel's critics in the European Union and elsewhere prefer to ignore; it is not they, after all, whose populations face constant threats of rocket bombardment, stabbings and shootings of civilians.

The fertile strip of land along the Jordan border comprises close to 30 percent of the West Bank, a sparsely populated geography where an estimated 65,000 Palestinians and 11,000 Jewish settlers live an uneasy co-existence. Israel has offered in the past to carve out an area within its own borders largely inhabited by Palestinians in exchange for a like amount of land where stand Israeli settlements, but that too was an offer discarded out of hand by the Palestinians.

That strip of the Jordan Valley was designated under the 1993 Oslo peace accords as "Area C"; under full Israeli control. The Jordan Valley is viewed as an important security buffer for Israel with the Arab world. Should a peace agreement with the Palestinians have succeeded, Israel would have had to maintain an element of military control for obvious reasons, even though the threat of future combined Arab armies converging on Israel as was done in the past appears remote.

This is not the first time that a similar interest was expressed of annexing parts of the West Bank. This time, however, there are detailed plans that are presented, to take the Lower Jordan Valley. "Diplomatic conditions have ripened", stated Mr. Netanyahu, for such a move to be announced. And those conditions of which he alludes have nothing whatever to do with discussions with the Palestinian Authority, but rather with the U.S. administration in Washington.

"[If Prime Minister Netanyahu proceeded with those plans] he will have buried any chance for peace for the next one hundred years. Israelis and the international community most stop this insanity", commented senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat, as though what other response would be anticipated from this source in view of the fact that as an elite representative of the Palestinians this man never went out of his way to facilitate a peace agreement for that is not part of the official plan of the PA.
Rocket strikes from Gaza into Israel merit returns by the IDF to Gaza

As for the other senior official to comment publicly, representing the Palestine Liberation Organization, Hanan Ashrawi, with no affection for the presence of a Jewish state where she believes there should be none; her interpretation was that the Israeli leader was set to impose a "greater Israel on all of historical Palestine and [carry[ out an ethnic cleansing agenda". Historical Palestine was Jewish, never Arab, and as far as an ethnic cleansing agenda, it is the PA, not Israel that excludes Jews from Arab territory while Arabs have a secure place as citizens in Israel.

The penchant to turn things completely in reverse is a typically Arab conceit, but this never appears to have troubled Arab Palestinians. "All bets are off. Dangerous aggression. Perpetual conflict", she wrote on her Twitter account. As though the situation on the ground was ever anything other than perpetual conflict, the dangerous aggression emanating from violent Palestinians on whom no bets could ever be taken that the PA would fail to reward them handsomely for killing Jews.

Map of West Bank showing Benjamin Netanyahu's proposal for annexing the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Negotiating With An Atrocity-Loving Barbarian Brigade

"In the last ten days we've killed over one thousand Taliban."
"If you're the Taliban, conditions have been worsening -- and they're about to get worse."
"No one should underestimate President Trump's commitment to achieving those military goals [he's set out to accomplish]."
U.S.Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

"[The move to walk away from 'peace' talks with the Taliban] will harm America more than anyone else."
"It will damage its reputation, unmask its anti-peace policy to the world even more, increase its loss of life and treasure, and present its political interactions as erratic."
Taliban response
John Bolton out as national security adviser

What!? The Trump administration erratic? That statement of actual fact may represent the sole true statement ever uttered by a Taliban spokesperson. The greater reality is that the vicious Islamist entity that is the jihadist fundamentalist Taliban never entertained an iota of an intention to bargain for peace. Their bargain was to persuade the United States that its instinct expressed by U.S. President Donald Trump to evacuate American troops from Afghanistan is a safe and sane aspiration intended to end 18 years of struggle to help Afghanistan become a stable, functioning state capable of fending off the Taliban.

Donald Trump's off-again, on-again, vacillating and uncertain determination of the route to take was led by a seasoned warrior against extremism in his role as national security adviser, steering Trump away from trusting the Taliban. John Bolton held no illusions about the Taliban, just as he knows with intimate certainty the true measure of Islamist duplicity, hatred, threats and violence and that the way to counter that threat is to break its lethal hold on conscripting new recruits into the ideology of death deliverance.

That President Trump called off the negotiations with the Taliban, citing their continued and ongoing  and latest bombing attacks against civilian targets (and just incidentally killing an American solider) to spread fear and intimidation to aid their ambitions of conquest, would have been due to John Bolton's urging. It has been this man who has expressed unease and rejection of his president's conciliatory attitude toward formidable enemy forces of brutal ideological-religious campaigns for supremacy.
An Army carry team moves a transfer case containing the remains of Sgt. 1st Class Elis Barreto Ortiz, 34, from Morovis, Puerto Rico, Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019, at Dover Air Force Base, Del. According to the Department of Defense, Ortiz was killed in action Sept. 5, when a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle in Kabul, Afghanistan. Ortiz was supporting Operation Freedom's Sentinel. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

The Taliban's immediate goal was to have NATO and American troops withdrawn to give them a clear field of operation, without the presence of a military competent enough to restrain their intentions of once again installing themselves through violent militant action to regain control of the country. The Taliban insistence that it would negotiate with the U.S. emissary Afghan-born Zalmay Khalilzad, and not the government of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani speaks to its commitment.

American envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, the lead negotiator in Doha with the Taliban, had already announced the finalized deal "in principle", which would lead to American troops being withdrawn. It was at that juncture that the president invited the Taliban and the Afghan government to attend a meeting at Camp David, hoping to seal the deal and produce a triumphant announcement, somewhat like, one might assume, producing a photograph similar to that of then-president Clinton, standing by with an avuncular smile as then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the PLO's Chairman Yasser Arafat shook hands. Resolving precisely nothing.

Resolute Support (RS) forces guard at the site of a car bomb explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019. The Afghan government says at least 10 civilians are dead and another 42 wounded after a Taliban suicide car bombing rocked the Afghan capital near a neighborhood housing the U.S. Embassy and the NATO Resolute Support mission. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

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Monday, September 09, 2019

Sinister Plots on the Boil

"The Kremlin has a growing interest in dominating the Arctic, where it sees Russia as in competition with Canada. This means Canada can anticipate escalations in formation warfare, particularly from hacktivists fomenting cyber-attacks."
"Perceived as one of Russia's chief adversaries in the Arctic region, Canada is a prime target in the information wars, with Russia potentially even meddling in the October 2019 federal election. Ottawa should be ready for a new surge in cyberattacks, disinformation and propaganda levelled against Canada in the near future."
Sergey Sukhankin, senior fellow, Jamestown Foundation
Canadian Armed Forces members prepare for a Bandvagn-206 course in Gasbakken, Norway during Trident Juncture on Oct. 26, 2018. (Cpl. Lisa Fenton/Canadian Armed Forces)

Now teaching at the University of Calgary, Mr. Sukhankin has produced a study predicting that Russian interference in the federal election campaign is likely to occur pursuant to the Kremlin's long-term interest in competition in the Arctic, specifically targeting Canada as an opponent -- with both countries claiming sovereign jurisdiction over long-disputed regions in the Arctic.

Despite the good chance that such interference may occur, Mr. Sukhankin also feels confident in predicting that any such interference will have little actual impact in Canada. He characterizes Canadian society as more homogeneous in its political attitudes, less fractured and openly hostile than for example the United States, using as examples the American presidential ballot and Britain's Brexit referendum.

Moscow's disinformation campaigns, Mr. Sukhankin emphasizes, are primarily designed for internal Russian purposes, to gather support for Vladimir Putin and his political party, more than they are capable of interfering with the Canadian voting process. The issue is an effort on the part of the Kremlin to present the "ugly side of democracy and liberalism" to Russians, portraying Canada as faultily influenced by the United States and the Canadian "Ukrainian lobby".

Canada is a nation of immigrants. Over time it has received massive numbers of people leaving their countries of origin to become Canadian citizens. Some would argue with a degree of accuracy that Canada has a "Sikh lobby", a "Chinese lobby", an "Indian lobby", along with the "Ukrainian lobby" that the Kremlin refers to in obvious connection with sanctions imposed on Russia related to its proxy war with Ukraine. There is a "French lobby", an "Italian lobby"; take your pick.
A soldier holds a machine gun as he patrols the Russian northern military base on Kotelny island, beyond the Arctic circle on April 3, 2019.MAXIME POPOV/AFP/Getty Images

This is an argument that falls into line with previous warning cautions issued by Canada's intelligence agencies. The government of Canada appointed a group of senior public servants whose mandate it is to guard against election interference during the campaign by foreign elements. Obviously, the cautions relate directly to the potential of interference emanating from Russian sources, much as was the experience during the last presidential campaign in the United States.

Should the commission find reason for alarm they are to brief members of all of Canada's political parties respecting possible threats. They have been given the mandate to publicly sound an alarm against perceived malign acts of interference deemed a fundamental threat. To its domestic audience, the Kremlin seeks to portray Canada as "Russophobic", a country to be distrusted, unjustly critical of Russia reuniting with the Crimea.

“Russia uses patriotism and this anti-fascist sentiment to convince the domestic audience and Russian-speakers abroad, primarily in Ukraine, Belarus and the three Baltic states, that Russia is the only country to stand against far-right sentiments and nationalism. This is basically used by the Russian side to garner domestic solidarity", emphasized Mr. Sukhankin.

Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, of Ukrainian descent, is characterized as a fascist sympathizer. Russian propaganda points out that her grandfather was a Nazi anti-Semite, editor and producer of a Nazi-aligned newspaper during the Second World War, that supported fascist Germany. For her part, she has never disowned her grandfather's legacy.

Canada's role with NATO, stationing  troops in Latvia as part of a rapid-response program meant to alert the Kremlin in no uncertain terms that should it consider extending its threat to an independent Ukraine to other Baltic states, it would have NATO to contend with, has not endeared Canada to Russia.
Members of 3rd battalion, Royal 22nd Regiment, prepare to roll out in BV-206 vehicles during Exercise Trident Juncture, in Gåssbakken, Norway, on Oct. 26, 2018. (Master Cpl. Pat Blanchard/Canadian Armed Forces)

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Sunday, September 08, 2019

I Spy With My Little CCTV Camera....

"Actively monitored CCTV schemes evidenced significant reductions in [property] crime, whereas passively monitored schemes were not associated with reductions in crime."
"This finding provides evidence against the use of CCTV as a stand-alone tactic."
Research team meta-analysis

"There is this panacea view of cameras [closed-circuit television -- CCTV] that has caught on. Especially since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, here in the U.S., and subsequent bombings in the London underground. It has led to the view: 'Let's just put cameras up and that will solve everything'."
"The setting where cameras are most effective is in car parks. Surveillance cameras do not deter individuals from committing acts of violence. [
"[In Wales it was found that CCTV allows police to respond quickly.] They found that the severity of violence was lessened [as police break up fights[ or get there before a knife comes out or before some other weapon was involved. So the emergency room data showed that the severity of injuries was much less severe. [But] you can't say that the cameras did that. It was how the cameras were operationalized."
Brandon Welsh, professor of criminology, Northeastern University, Boston
LONDON — A bank of television monitors displays images captured by a fraction of London’s CCTV camera network within the Metropolitan Police’s Special Operations Room. Daniel Berehulak / Getty Images

CCTV cameras have been technologically developed far beyond the simple cameras used so familiarly by private enterprise; each shop, large or small that keeps tabs on customers' actions while in or around the premises used by millions of people daily, in an effort to reduce the issues of shoplifting or other types of disorderly disruption. Their modern cousins can now 'talk' to one another linking to follow a car or a person down the street block to block. Gunshots can be detected and instant alarms sent automatically.

"Computer vision technology" built into the newer versions are capable of picking up visible "images of concern" including firearms, fugitive vehicles or untoward actions. The analysis produced by Professors Welsh of Northeastern and David Farrington of Cambridge University, published in the journal Criminology and Public Policy set out to assess the practicality and usefulness of closed circuit television cameras in reducing crime. What they concluded was that it all depends. On whether the cameras are used in tandem with monitors, people to scan the television and react.

They also found that the cameras make little difference in the commission of violent crimes, but can make a difference in property crimes. They can help protect businesses and homes from break-ins. On the other hand, the fact that cameras are present must be well known to act as a deterrent. It isn't quite clear why the cameras are not successful in stopping violent crimes but the finger does point to passively monitored schemes; CCTV as a stand-alone tactic is not a huge success story.
"CCTV is generally most effective in deterring acts of property and vehicle crime, and has virtually no impact on deterring violent crimes. CCTV is more effective in terms of crime deterrence in Britain, than North America."
"Unless publicity and media coverage of CCTV cameras is maintained, then any initial deterrence effect tends to fade with time."
"Police largely view CCTV as a useful time-saving tool that supports their work in a variety of ways [since pictures help to identify criminals]."
Government of Scotland agency summary

"[The popularity of surveillance cameras represents] a paradox: video surveillance becomes widespread, in more and more numerous social and national spaces, while its effects in terms of crime prevention and/or law enforcement and community reassurance are not demonstrated."
"[Agencies find new ways to use surveillance technology] and progressively acquire its multiple uses that then become justification for its use, fuelling the buy-in process."
Severine Germain, Grenoble Institute of Political Studies, France
Cameras are known on occasion, however, to aid in the conviction of criminals being prosecuted by the law. The Boston Marathon bombing of 2013 is one example, where cameras recorded the Tsarnaev brothers at the scene of the crime with CCTV cameras capturing an image of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev before the bombs went off at the Marathon. The conviction of the Tsarnaev brothers owed greatly to the evidence captured within the video.
Screengrab of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev shortly before the Boston Marathon bombs went off on April 15, 2013. AP / jpg

A high school surveillance camera captured the luring of a child as she was led away when school was let out by a woman in 2009 who with her boyfriend, raped and murdered the little girl in Woodstock, Ontario. The kidnapping and murder of Tori Stafford represented a horribly sordid atrocity targeting a helpless child. The presence of that camera recording Terri-Lynne McClintic gaining the trust of the child and leading her to her death, helped convict her and her lover.

The prevalence of CCTV cameras is seen in a positive light by the public, who feel reassured at their presence. Despite which, those who have been violent, in interviews explain that exiting a club drunk one is unaware of the presence of cameras and prone to simply surrender to the urge of violence; it has no deterrent effect on people unaware because of alcohol and reacting to violent stimuli. And then there is the reaction of the civil liberty organizations, who decry the presence of cameras as an infringement on privacy rights.

A victim is attended to as a man was gunned down at about 9:30pm in the Byward Market near the Moulin De Provence Cafe. Wayne Cuddington / Postmedia

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Saturday, September 07, 2019

More Than Meets The Eye

"They want to remove me from the country -- after everything I did? Isn't that a shame? Isn't that a shame?"
"They promised to get me status.  I was a soldier serving this country, putting my own life at risk. I was loyal and honest to the point I was caring about their safety more than my safety."
"Everybody just hang me dry after what I did."
Arab-Israeli citizen, 34, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"CSIS [Canadian Security Intelligence Service] is disposing of him like a 'throwaway' informant who no longer has value to CSIS and whose safety is not a CSIS concern."
"[While I have not confirmed my client worked for CSIS] ... He possesses a considerable amount of detailed information that strongly suggests he worked undercover for [the agency]."
Lee Cohen, immigration lawyer, Halifax

"]It's difficult to discern if these claims are valid; techniques described are in the public domain]."
"You know a good investigator never turns away a good source. What has he done?" 
Michel Juneau-Katsuya, former CSIS intelligence officer
This Halifax, N.S., man claims to be a 34-year-old Arab-Israeli citizen 
who spent four years working as an undercover counterterrorism 
“operative” for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.YouTube

According to the man whose name is withheld and who appeared in full disguise in a ten-minute video posted on YouTube, he worked undercover for four years as a counterterrorism 'operative' for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Canada's spy agency. He created Twitter accounts pretending to be an ISIL sympathizer. He did physical surveillance and online monitoring, translation work and built relationships in the terrorist community whose members have infiltrated Canadian society.

He did all this, using his language proficiency in Arabic, Hebrew and German as well as English, with the understanding that this work and his association with the Canadian spy agency would help his case. His case being that of a rejected refugee claimant. CSIS stated through a spokesman that the agency will not comment publicly on its investigations, methodology or activities.

The failed refugee claimant arrived in 2008 and filed a refugee claim in Toronto. He moved to Halifax in 2010. Having received no response to his claim he sought assistance from a legal-aid clinic only to discover his claim had been classified as abandoned.  He was advised to apply for a pre-removal risk assessment which would enable him to explain risks he could face if removed from Canada.

That application was rejected, along with a request for judicial review by the Federal Court of Canada. In the face of imminent removal he contacted CSIS to inform them he was in possession of information relating to people in Canada with connections to Hezbollah. He offered to help the agency with intelligence gathering as long as the agency would assist him in remaining in Canada.

And for the following four years he collected information on suspected money-laundering networks along with individuals suspected of having ties to groups such as Hezbollah, al-Qaida and Islamic State. Strangely enough, no mention of the sister terrorist group Hamas, known to have affiliates in Canada -- which should have been very familiar to him as an Arab-Israeli.

He was not paid at first for this side interest he engaged in, apart from his working at an ordinary job elsewhere. When he ran up costs incurred while on assignment he was reimbursed.That morphed into a monthly retainer of $2,000 in compensation for his services, he stated. Suddenly, surprisingly, the agency without explanation ended their relationship with him in 2016.

A year later the Canada Border Services Agency sent officers along to advise him another pre-removal risk assessment should be filled out. And this summer officers representing CBSA informed him he was scheduled for removal. According to the website for the federal government, anyone whose pre-removal risk assessment application was denied previously would not receive an automatic stay of removal should a subsequent application be filed.

The man claims to fear that returned to Israel he would be identified as a spy. "I'll be dead, sir". At whose hands? That of a democratic country whose system of justice is the equal of that of any other democratic, liberal Western-oriented nation? Or by agents of Fatah, the group behind the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank; alternately by Hamas, the terrorist group that operates the 'government' of Gaza. Both of which nurture an agenda to destroy Israel.

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Friday, September 06, 2019

Social Engineering

"For a transgender person, having the world refuse to accept the gender identity that you say you are is the most profound harm because it's a denial of your human identity."
"[The] dad's expression rights end at the point where they harm [the child]."
"His dad doesn't think that transgender is a thing, that it's essentially not human."
Barbara Findlay, lawyer for transgender child

"It's really hard to explain to anybody who's not transgender how terrible it feels to have a body that doesn't match your gender. Sometimes I feel like I want to rip my skin off."
"[Since hormone treatments were started] When I look in the mirror I see myself. ... It is so amazing to feel normal."
"I don't really want to see my father right now because he only wants to harass me about being trans."
Child's affidavit excerpts

"Just because you say [the father] is acting in a particularly evil manner would not seem to justify restrictions that go beyond what's necessary."
Justice Harvey Groberman, panel member, B.C. Appeal Court hearing

"We're in this complicated situation where it can't be done -- in the face of [the father's] past conduct -- in a more narrow way [without restrictions]."
"[The child] is distressed because of the mismatch between his body and who he really is. And a part of that is how the world receives him, and his dad is a big part of that world."
Jessica Lithwick, lawyer for child's mother
The case started last year as a clash between child autonomy and parental rights.
The case started last year as a clash between child autonomy and parental rights

Basically, a family dispute between father and mother and a young daughter who declares herself to have been wrongly identified at birth despite all the visual clues available identifying her as a girl when she really has the mind and soul of a boy, with the mother supporting the daughter, now her son, and the father objecting that the whim of a brain-washed child will not be validated by him. He recognizes the fact that he has a daughter, not a son.

This is the kind of dispute that might once have been settled within the family group, and is now a public interpretation and settlement issue, bringing in consenting physicians and the justice system in defence of a child's insistence that she knows her gender and it is not the one that nature assigned her to. It would be fascinating if a really rigorous study were conducted to determine the number of young girls who fantasize being a boy and who briefly or permanently fashion themselves into tomboys to accomplish that fantasy in part.

Many if not most of these girls outgrow the impulse to act like a boy. Either by losing interest, by acting out the fantasy as a boyish girl competing with boys in recognized male spheres while still maintaining their female alter-personas, or by recognizing that nature frequently cross-fertilizes her creations so that while one gender is the dominant one, an individual can still demonstrate ownership of identifiers of another gender and still fall within a 'normal' persona range.

But just as the global community has finally advanced to the point where homosexuality and lesbians should be accepted for what they are and respected for their individuality, other branches of non-binary identifiers have emerged to declare their equal rights and in the process accuse mainstream society of forcibly closeting gender-identity differences. Guilt-ridden society has succumbed to placating and pleading forgiveness for the truly horrible wrongs done in defence of 'normalcy'.

And while society has adapted to the new normal in equality and human rights, the scales appear to have tipped a tad too far on LGBTQ-2 rights to encompass children's restless explorations of themselves, deciphering all affectations, whether misguided and temporary, dysphoric or legitimate as one and the same. And that parents and society must henceforth accede to all children's 'choices' of gender identity.

In the case cited above a girl who identified as male from age 11, now fourteen years of age, was referred by a psychologist to B.C. Children's Hospital for treatment of gender dysphoria where the gender clinic at the hospital declared the child's best interests would be served to proceed with hormone therapy in transition from a female body to a male. The mother consented, along with the child, the father failed to.

When the father attempted to block the treatment it was ruled by a B.C. Supreme Court justice that the child was "exclusively entitled" to consent to treatment and moreover the child must be referred to by male pronouns. Any effort on the part of the father to refer to his child with female pronouns, or to persuade his child to abandon treatment "shall be considered to be family violence". The sadly wayward father continued to refer to his 'daughter' and used female pronouns, dismayingly.

A month later another B.C. Supreme Court justice issued a protection order restraining the father from discussing the case publicly, leading the father to file another appeal on the basis that all scientific opinion on such treatments had not been considered; an individual the age of his child being incapable of appreciating the possible consequences of a "still experimental treatment", and an order preventing him from discussing his child's conundrum infringed on his freedom of expression.

At the three-day appeal court hearing, another panel member questioned whether the father's actions truly met the definition of family violence to which the lawyer for the child responded that the father's insistence that his child remain someone he is no longer, represented a clear effort at coercion and intimidation.

A case regarding a parent's ability to intervene in their child's treatment for gender dysphoria is before the B.C. Court of Appeal. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)
"It is clear that interference of the state and its agents — which include the courts, the schools, and hospitals — is eroding parental authority. Parents are now at the mercy of every agenda-driven school counselor, sympathetic psychologist, and activist judge."
"It is time that Canada took that pledge seriously and protected a parent’s fundamental right to direct the upbringing and education of their children."
"To that end, we need to create a parental bill of rights. If elected, I will work alongside my colleagues to strengthen parental rights legislation. In a free society, the most cherished and sacred relationship is that between parents and their children."

Angelina Ireland, political candidate, People’s Party of Canada, Delta, British Columbia

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Thursday, September 05, 2019

That Hugely Principled Liberal Government of Canada

"We are troubled that Mr. Guillet defended his previous statements in celebration of the release of an Islamist leader with ties to Hamas who repeatedly incited violence against Israelis and engaged in anti-Semitic blood libels against Jews."
David Ouellette, director, research and public affairs, Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs

"The reality for the Jewish community across Canada, however, is that Guillet's views are part of a disturbing and growing trend. Guillet, an imam from Quebec, was found to have made comments on social media that lauded terrorism against Israel and claimed that 'Zionists' were controlling the foreign policy of the United States. The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs alerted the Liberals [government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau] to Guillet's views in June -- a plea that fell on deaf ears."
"The fact that it took Justin Trudeau's Liberals more than two months to decide that his [Guillet's] comments disqualified him from carrying their banner should give every Canadian pause. The delay in taking action suggests the Liberals were OK with this as long as they didn't get caught."
Chani Aryeh-Bain, Peter Kent, Conservative Party of Canada

"The party either knew or should have known what it [social media background] contained. Why, then, if these words were so problematic, why was my candidacy ... accepted?"
"One is entitled to ask the question, was it incompetence or bad faith?"
"I am not anti-Semitic. On the contrary, I campaigned and I will always campaign against all forms of racism, including Islamophobia and anti-Semitism."
Hassan Guillet, Saint-Leonard-Saint-Michel riding, Quebec
At a news conference Wednesday, Imam Hassan Guillet said he and his team are exploring all options after the Liberals terminated his candidacy in a Montreal riding. (Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press)

According to Hassan Guillet himself, the imam who was expecting the Liberal Party of Canada to rubber-stamp his nomination to run in a traditionally Italian Montreal riding but which is now home to as many Muslims as Italians, he is confused and disappointed to have been informed the very day he anticipated the nomination to be finalized, that the Liberal party had no intention now of having him run to represent the party in the riding.

He insists the principals in the Liberal party tasked with oversight on nominations were well aware of social media posts under his name, which have turned out to be rather controversial. He had met officials with the federal Liberal party in early August, when a discussion of the posts took place with the Liberals reassuring him that they believed he was neither racist nor anti-Semitic. However, once B'nai Brith alerted the Liberals in early September to the presence of the posts, the last one of which had been posted in 2017, action was taken to disown Imam Guillet.

He was given an hour, he stated, to chose which avenue he would prefer; to resign for personal reasons, or to be removed by the party, as one of their candidates for the upcoming October federal election. As far as Imam Guillet is concerned, his public posts were accessible and a background check would have revealed their presence. Still, he had been approached in 2017 by the Liberal party to consider representing the riding as a Liberal candidate.

 In July of 2017 the release from prison of Raed Salah, a Hamas-linked militant was 'welcomed' by Imam Guillet, congratulating Salah on his being freed from a "prison of occupied Palestine", and he prayed that one day he would succeed in liberating "all of Palestine", describing Salah as a "resistance fighter", and a "jihadist". He repeated the ancient blood libel that Jews used the blood of gentile children to make Passover matzoh.

"Zionists", he claimed, controlled American foreign policy. When this issue was first reported in mainstream news media all these details were referred to as "alleged" issues. The clear slant toward anti-Semitism was characterized as "insensitive" by the commenting Liberal party. Which isn't as strange as it might seem under this administration; unlike the previous Conservative-led government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, when Canada was officially a firm supporter of Israel's right of existence.

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