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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Stung by Unfair Accusations

"I want to make it very clear that the Green party and I personally do not support the BDS movement [though she did not vote in support of the House of Commons motion to “reject the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which promotes the demonization and delegitimization of the State of Israel]."
"There is a Green party in Israel, which is consulted with frequently, and its view is that it would prefer that Green parties around the world do not support calls for boycotting Israel."
"Our convention next weekend will be the first time in decades that any Canadian political party has permitted a discussion on Israel's foreign policy. This is not a sign that we are anti-Israel Rather, it is proof that we have faith in respectful democratic discourse and free speech."
Elizabeth May, leader, Green Party of Canada, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands
Why a Canadian political party would engage itself in a discussion on the foreign policy of a country half a world away from Canada during its annual conference is a question that has perhaps not been put to Ms. May, but it is a puzzle, nonetheless. If the Green Party is so concerned over the rights of Palestinians that it considers the State of Israel to be oppressive of those rights, how strange it is that the focus is on Israel and Israel alone, in the matter of states and human rights.

That Israel comes first to mind as a nation that is said to be derelict in democratic fundamentals is passing strange.

If exotic geographic areas are of such concern to Green Party members, some of whom have been busy demonstrating their bona fides as anti-Semites, why not focus on the terrifyingly egregious human rights offences taking place, for example, in China, North Korea, Syria, Pakistan, Sudan, South Sudan, Central African Republic - oh, a veritable Satan's choice of practised deviants of human rights entitlements evasion? Why Israel?

The sanctimonious tripe that comes tripping off the tongue and pen of Elizabeth May in her role as leader of a basically environmental political group which has deviated from its traditional role as stewards of the environment in the political realm to select a nation to criticize, one whose focus has been scientifically and administratively focused on supporting the environment, seeking out natural solutions to unnatural and man-made environmental disruptions to find workable solutions to share with other nations through the inventive genius of applied science fools no one but the deliberately gullible.

Ms. May points out ingenuously that her party is only doing what Israeli insiders themselves do; questioning Israel's role in a variety of measures it uses to support internal security for its population, not quite entirely inured to the constant violent deadly attacks directed against Jews, requiring constant vigilance that some construe as limiting the human rights entitlements of a people taught that Jews and Israel are ensconced on land consecrated to Islam and therefore the Palestinians' by right.

Wouldn't she be amazed if the Knesset set aside time and energy for one of its parties to discuss the obstructionist policies of the Green Party within the Parliament of Canada; that a political party with but one seat in the House of Commons, with merely one elected Green parliamentarian could be so disruptive, yet given unequal opportunity by the other parties during pre-election debates to appear on television to make itself visible to the electorate?

The finger-wagging nonsense quote that 'it is dangerous to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism' smacks of patronizing smugness. It is all the more offensive because in too many instances, particularly through auspices such as her party's it is indeed obvious that anti-Semitism is at play in the Greens' criticism of Israel. She speaks of the plight of the Palestinian people, and the right of her party to discuss Israel's role in that plight. It would never occur to discuss the Palestinian Authority's role in that plight.

In her complaint against the Jewish National Fund's executive's distress over the two resolutions to be discussed at the Green conference relating to "Israeli foreign policy that will be debated", she quotes a line from the late Golda Meir as Israel's prime minister when she said that you cannot shake hands with a clenched first, referring to the JNF and its CEO Josh Cooper as opposed to the Greens' open hand of discussion, Mrs. Meir's 'closed fist' reference related to the unwillingness of the Palestinians to sit down with Israel to arrive at peaceful solutions.

Instead, one offer after another with Israel submitting to Palestinian demands have, over the years, elicited one closed fist after another rather than a peace agreement. Ms. May and those like her misconstrue the cause-and-effect to deliberately view Israel as the doorstop on the entry to peace when in fact it is the violent 'resistance' of militant Palestinian groups to the reality of a Jewish presence in the Middle East that is the cause of war.

The "peace harmony and security" she calls for for Palestinians and Israelis alike, rings hollow and speaks of her clenched mind, refusing to acknowledge reality as it is lived in Israel by Jews, willing to live side by side with Arabs without fear of attack, impossible as long as their leadership continues to incite the young to view their future as potential martyrs in the cause to restore the land upon which heritaged Israel sits, which was once that of Jewish Palestinians, and which now late-coming Arab Palestinians claim.

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