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Friday, August 05, 2016


"It's no question that people put their trust back into [Bill] Clinton because she stood behind her husband. At best she's all smiles and determination, but after Interngate her face hints at a variety of emotions: regret, confusion, anger, and bewilderment."
"[Hillary] Clinton revels in the attention, demonstrating a perplexing sort of narcissism in which she believes she did nothing wrong."
"But it's her tendency to lie that constituents and journalists are concerned about -- a fact she refuses to acknowledge in one interview after another."
"Clinton luxuriates in the limelight, regardless of what she's being taken to task for. She loves describing her rise-and-fall-and-rise narrative to anyone who cares to listen, but never forgets to bring her politicking back to a cause; fighting for the middle and lower socioeconomic classes."
True, so true. Hillary Clinton as massively flawed Democratic candidate for the presidency of the United States of America. Women in America are themselves perplexed and polarized over the issue of the crowning of a woman for the first time as President of the United States and Commander in Chief. Pleased on the one hand that a woman is finally reaching the pinnacle of power, representing the capability of women to more than ably match men in management skills, lying and cheating.

The Democratic presidential candidate explains her desire for Americans to see her as she is, unmediated by “any veils of pretense, preconception, or concealing cloth.” The Onion, March 2016

Oh, scrub that. Did I forget to attribute the quotes above? Sorry about that, an oversight. Well, actually not quite. It's more in the nature of a literary free-boost. Simply lifting something someone else (Tina Hassannia, Ottawa Citizen) has written and substituting names. This was, in actual fact, a review of a documentary on Anthony Weiner, the Democratic politician who ruined his career by sending a text-photo of his private business to a woman.

Not his wife, no. The selfie he sent of his spectacular appendage named appropriately after his surname, went off to an unnamed women. Oh dear, here's Hillary again, if only obliquely -- Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's senior aide and Weiner's wife was not the recipient. The candid and evidently often disturbing and most definitely unflattering cinematic documentation of Anthony Weiner and his aspirations reveal what the public was already aware of, a man whose personality is forged in the sweet potion of narcissism.
Eric Thayer / Reuters -- New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin attend a news conference in New York, July 23, 2013

With all those additional attributes that reflect similar characteristics evidenced through the character of Hillary Clinton, so long in the public eye in the most exalted of public posts, from president's wife to state senator to presidential aspirant to Secretary of State, and back once again to presidential aspirant. They do have much in common, don't they? Both power couples, each at their level of competence/incompetence and moral incontinence.

The classic story of an ambitiously powerful man whose equally ambitious and doting wife manages to rise above her man's constant life-betrayals for the larger purpose of aiding him to reach his aspirational high points. Only in this instance Hillary Clinton is adamant that it's time she took her turn at the helm. And as circumstances have conspired to play out in the great U.S. of A., she will.

The choice is dire but avoidance of a Trump presidency takes precedence over dire. Good on ya, Hillary. Now that your pot of gold is within reach, what're you gonna do with it? The world, you know, unhappily awaits a response.

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