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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

European Anti-Semitism

"In the 21st Century, outside the Middle East, it is hard to express hatred of Jews publicly. So Jew-haters everywhere have adopted a proxy: the Jewish state. Israel is the acceptable target of their hate. That is why Labour MP Naz Shah's 'solution', with chilling echoes of Reinhard Heydrich, was to 'transport' all the Jews out of Israel, with the obvious implication that this would be done forcibly and violently."
"It is why National Union of Students President Malia Bouattia advocated violence against Israel and accused the international media of being 'Zionist-led'. It is why Muhammed Butt, a London Labour council leader, shared a Facebook post denouncing Israel as 'a terrorist state like ISIS'. It is why former London Mayor and Labour National Executive member Ken Livingstone sought to discredit Zionism by his assertion that Hitler supported it."
Richard Kemp and Jasper Reid, The Gatestone Institute

Left: A British soldier talks to an emaciated prisoner after the liberation of Bergen-Belsen in April 1945. Right: An anti-Israel protestor in London holds up a sign saying "Hitler you were right," in July 2014. Gatestone Institute

A gradual immigration-invasion has taken place. Where Muslims from all over the world of Islam have migrated away from their places of origin, some to European countries which have a colonialist past and where immigration was openly invited. From Pakistan to Lebanon, Afghanistan to Syria, Libya to Somalia, Europe has welcomed Muslims in their numbers, sufficiently so that mosques are everywhere now on the European landscape.

And because of their numbers, steadily increasing particularly in the past few years as economic migrants and refugees attempting to escape the brutal conflicts and endemic poverty and government and religious harassment that make life troublesome, Muslims who have settled in Europe feel entitled to demand special privileges in recognition of their sheer numerical presence. While their demands effectively undermine the laws of the land, particularly through the introduction of Sharia law, much of Europe has acquiesced.

And the reasons for that are many, from emphatic demands emanating from the governments who consider their nationals resident in Europe to still be their religious responsibility which they express by emphasizing the human rights obligations that Europe has to Muslims to recognize the importance of Islam, even though the lack of human rights in many instances is what led the emigrants to leave to begin with, to find a more balanced and moderate lifestyle abroad.

Add to that the fear generated by the presence of great numbers of Muslims whose leaders are quite capable of inciting them to generalized violence described as 'protests', not riots, to ensure that demands are recognized. It is that violence and that interference by countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia in European affairs as they impinge on Muslims that lead European countries to choose to isolate Israel in deference to the Arab and Muslim blocs in the United Nations.

Western politicians have become so accustomed to appeasing their Muslim citizens and their countries of origin that the vicious brand of anti-Semitism that has been expressed widely by Muslims has seeped into the consciousness of the general population, as a response to characterizations by Muslims of Israel as an oppressive occupier of Arab lands. Nothing could be further from the truth, since there are no 'occupied' Arab lands.

There is a geographic region that is in flux, one that the Palestinians refused to share with Israel in a state of their own, when it was offered through the 1947 partition plan. Israel stands on land officially ceded under international law by the Mandate for Palestine and Chapter 80 of the UN Charter. The land that the Palestinians claim for their own is  disputed territory the status of which is meant to be negotiated by Israel and the Palestinians; Israel is willing, the Palestinians have not been.

But the slanderous lies in the Palestinian propaganda war demonizing Israel has never abated, and it has found fertile ground to grow in Europe where though it was considered post World War II bad form to be conspicuously anti-Semitic, the new option to detest and demonize Israel has become fashionable and not as open to criticism as blatant racism. The biggest lie is that Israeli administrations, one after the other are the obstacle to peace. After that is the one claiming that the IDF murders innocent Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

The violent provocations of Hamas and Fatah in bombing Israel, in inciting Palestinians to murder Israelis, and which in time garner a response from the Israel Defence Forces leading to the death of Palestinians whom Hamas and Fatah operatives use as human shields, rouses the ire of the world against the deliberately sacrificed Palestinians; not to hold Hamas and Fatah to account, but, as directed by impressionable Palestinian public relations skills, to blame Israel.

Inciting Palestinians to violence against Israelis by feeding them a steady diet of conspiracy theories that Jews plan to destroy the al-Aqsa mosque and reclaim the Temple Mount in place of the Noble Sanctuary which was originally a heritage sacred Judean site, has inspired young Palestinians to attack and kill Jews by knife and gun attacks and car-rammings. The hatred and bigotry spewed by Palestinian supporters holds Israel responsible for the 'plight' of the Palestinians, not their leaders who have led them to this state of affairs.

But then, the allure of Arab oil to ensure that Europe can continue its economic and productive growth pattern, along with the sale of arms to Middle East tyrants creates a perfect incentive for ongoing collaboration between Europe and the Muslim and Arab bloc of influence and power. But it is the fear of consequences, should extremists living in their midst turn against their European hosts as has been seen in Paris and in Brussels that ensures the current trend toward greater anti-Semitism will continue to flourish.

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