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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Children Groomed To Be Terrorists

"The teen whose arrest was announced on Tuesday hails from the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza and was arrested last month attempting to cross the border fence into Israel."
"He belonged to the northern division of the Kassam Brigades, Hamas's military wing. According to the Shin Bet, the suspect said during his interrogation that he was trained to infiltrate, enter structures and place explosive devices in keeping with Hamas's strategy of ensuring that the next round of fighting will take place in Israeli territory."
"The suspect divulged information on the structure of Hamas tunnels intended to be used by the group's elite tunnel unit in times of emergency and the location of tunnels in Gaza, the Shin Bet stated."
"He also allegedly told his interrogators about Hamas's efforts to keep their tunnel-digging activities secret, such as  avoiding leaving the tunnels in their dirt-covered 'work clothes', and covering up any signs that they had been in a tunnel."
"The suspect took part in placing explosive devices in tunnels to prevent IDF soldiers from entering them and even stored explosives at his home, the Shin Bet said."
Jerusalem Post, May 10, 2016 

"Nobody doubts what she did. If she was an Israeli child, it would be impossible under Israeli law to sentence a child this young for an actual jail term."
"They don't see a small girl. They think of them as terrorists".
Sarit Michaeli, Israeli human rights group B'tselem

Dima al-Wawi, 12, was comforted by her mother, Sabha al-Wawi, at a checkpoint near the West Bank town of Tulkarm on Sunday after her release from an Israeli prison for trying to stab a security guard. Credit Majdi Mohammed/Associated Press

There is a problem here, a huge social, humanitarian and threat problem that seems difficult-to-impossible to adequately address. Islamist terrorist groups have no qualms whatever sacrificing children to their greater mission of Islamic conquest. That conquest can only be achieved according to the fanatically fundamentalist Islamists, by destroying those who stand in their way to success. In the Middle East there is no national-societal group more visibly resistant to that conquest than  the State of Israel.

The Palestinian Authority administered by Fatah, an political organ of the Palestine Liberation Organization, has always seen to it that Palestinian children are well indoctrinated with the message that Israel's existence is a crime against Palestinians. Through school curricula, public broadcasting, television, plays, story books, children are taught that the authentic map of the area holds Palestine, there is no legitimacy in the presence of Israel, and it will be their obligation to help destroy the state.

Hamas goes much further, in operating summer camps for young Palestinians who are taught to handle and use firearms, make explosive devices, and generally be trained as a reserve army until such time as they become suitable to join the Hamas militias whose function it is to destroy Israel. Israel cannot be destroyed without killing Jews. Members of the military, certainly, but since Jewish civilians support the state and obligatory conscription is part of the state order, all Jews are viewed as expendable to the greater Palestinian aspiration.
Nasser Shiyoukhi / AP Photo
Nasser Shiyoukhi / AP Photo   Palestinian 12-year-old Dima al-Wawi, is greeted by relatives, after her release from an Israeli prison, at her home in Halhoul village, near the West Bank city of Hebron.

Dima al-Wawi, a twelve year old Palestinian girl from the West Bank had been arrested in her attempt to enter an Israeli settlement carrying a knife during the night-time hours. She is hardly the only one; other girls are also in Israeli custody, some stopped while attempting to attack Jews with knives. Their numbers reflect the latest surge of violence that succeeded in killing 30 Israelis in a period of seven months through those lone attacks.

Twelve-year-old Mohammad Shadeh was found on April 14 in Jerusalem's Old City with a meat cleaver and two knives handy in his school bag. Alongside a note in Arabic claiming he wanted to kill a soldier. He has been imprisoned since his arrest. Another Mohammad whose last name is Ramzi, also twelve, who lives in East Jerusalem, is under house arrest, for a similar event. These are children, viewed as children, which makes it all the more horrifying that they have been incited to these dreadful criminal acts.

Salwa Taqatqa is thirteen, and she is in the same prison that Dima al-Wawi had been kept in, until her recent release. Salwa had attempted to stab an Israeli on March 23. Salwa's mother describes her daughter as a troubled tomboy, fearful of the dark, still wetting her bed, and repeating fifth grade. Dima is said to have been hyperactive and also experiencing problems at school. She had become obsessed with the sight of Palestinian attackers she saw on Al Aqsa television.

Dima had skipped classes, stuffed a knife from the kitchen in her home under her long school shirt, then walked from her home in the village of Halhoul to the settlement nearby, Karml Tzur. There she hesitated at the entrance to the settlement in the hopes that a guard would search her and give her the opportunity to stab him. In the event, the guard merely ordered her to sit down, and she was later removed to a police station.

She was later sentenced to four and a half months in prison after she had pleaded guilty to attempted manslaughter. According to an Israeli prison spokesman she was released early as a result of "her extremely young age". On her release on April 24 a ceremony met her at the governor's office in the West Bank city of Tulkarm. She had become yet another Palestinian 'hero', dedicated to 'resisting' the 'occupation'.

Once back in Halhoul, men from Fatah raised congratulatory banners and men from Hamas released celebratory balloons. A matter of great celebration that a 12-year-old had been persuaded to hate and to act on that hatred. Dima informed a reporter that she had presented herself at the settlement to kill Jews because "I wanted to be a martyr". Her mother corrected her: "You said you wanted to be an agricultural engineer".

Dima had the last word: "Mom! I changed my mind!" Instead she became a heroine as a martyr-in-waiting.

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