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Thursday, April 28, 2016

The House of Peace

"Many of the Canadians [recruits travelling to Syria and Iraq to join the jihad], for example, found their way into the propaganda wing of Daesh."
"I would argue that would be equally as dangerous, maybe more, than someone who is joining the military wing. A lot of these young Western adherents to Daesh are put on the front lines and die very quickly. Someone who is working in the propaganda wing can hurt us over and over and over again."
"[Propaganda plays a prominent role in ISIL recruitment as interviews with returning foreign fighters suggest they had been] mesmerized by the abhorrent violence that they saw on the screen and there was something in that violence that drew them to participate in it."
"The unsaid promise of sex, either legitimately through the promise of marriage to like-minded people in the caliphate, or through the participation in pillage and rape, has also been cited, albeit privately, as a key recruitment driver by some returnees."
Andy Ellis, formerly assistant director of operations, Canadian Security Intelligence Service

'Flames of War' screen grab
An Islamic State group fighter is pictured in this screen grab from the group's video "Flames of War." Photo: al-Hayat Media

The RCMP is in the process of investigating to determine whether it had been a Canadian voicing threats on an English language ISIL video, called Flames of War. The video showed the narrator dressed in camouflage, black mask covering his face as he forced prisoners to dig their own graves. And then the video showed the climax, with the prisoners executed, the graves made instant use of.

Not that precisely this scenario hadn't surfaced before; it was, until the Nazis perfected their ghoulish extermination machinery of gassing and then incinerating the bodies of millions of Jews, a genocidal device of the Holocaust. This is merely the Islamist jihadists' more modest, beginner-series version of the holocaust they plan to execute on the world of non-Muslims at large in the greater interest of transforming humanity into a homogeneous Islamist slave market.

Canadians, stated Mr. Ellis, do not yet fully appreciate the gravity of the terrorist threat that struggles to envelope the world, including Canada. In fact, the same could certainly be said of the entire non-Muslim world, with few exceptions. Society in the West, civilized society that models itself on the Judeo-Christian template and whose governments feature some version of democracy, is given to the generous belief that such ghastly scenarios cannot prevail.

And that a world religion is being slandered through the base interpretation of a relative handful of violent believers. When in fact the religious ideology those believers rely upon is baldly stated in the scriptures sacred to Islam and represent the two most important pillars in the scaffolding of the faith; the superiority and exceptionality of Islam as the one and only true faith, and the imperative to action of all believers to transform the world into a House of Islam.

Most Friday night sermons faithfully repeated by imams in mosques throughout Europe and North America quote traditional prayers that in point of fact repeat ad infinitum the inferiority of non-Muslims, infidels and Jews as the enemies of Islam. Yet the West insists on viewing Islam as a religion of peace, because this is what the faithful themselves call it. They term Islam as a religion of peace because in the Koran Muslim states are referred to as the House of Peace.

And that contrasts directly with the rest of the world, the non-Muslim part, which, not worshipping Islam, is referred to as the House of War. It is the sacred obligation of the House of Peace to turn the House of War into a complete landscape of submission to Islam, thereby transforming the House of War into the House of Peace. And when the world is Islamic in its devotion, then peace will prevail.

In theory, at any event, since Islam is comprised of various sects, all of which appear on the evidence, to loathe one another.

In the House of Peace that is Muslim countries of the world, the world is witness to the murderous conflict taking place between Sunni and Shiite Islam. Syria, as the most obvious current example, has become a charnel house, the landscape soaked with the blood of Sunnis slaughtered by Shiites and Shiites slaughtered by Sunnis. And this is the House of Peace.

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