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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The World's

In Canada, university student unions, the United Church and trade unions appear to have permanently gravitated to the censure of Israel, happy to join the Palestinian BDS movement, seeing an affinity between the hard-left transition to Israel-bashing in lieu of outright anti-Semitism, and empathy for the plight of the Palestinians who suffer under a leadership determined to outwait Israel's eventual collapse as a state, leaving the geography to be mopped up and reimagined as a Palestinian state.

This would be a Palestinian state where the Christians now sheltered in Israel would be unwelcome to remain. It would be a Palestinian state where the presence of Jews, who have lived in the geography since time immemorial would represent a travesty, an indulgence insulting Islam they would not be prepared to accept. While Palestinians formerly with Israeli citizenship could mourn the evaporation of their past entitlements, under Palestinian rule.

The reality is that Christians have been hounded from their former heritage sites by an Islamist horde that view them as unworthy of living among Muslims. Their numbers had steeply declined when Jordan had jurisdiction of Jerusalem, but with Israeli jurisdiction in place those numbers have increased markedly. A million and a half Palestinians live within Israel, holding Israeli citizenship and are guaranteed equality under the law. The Palestinian Authority gave notice that no Jews would be permitted to live alongside Muslim Arabs in a new Palestinian state.

Yet it is Israel that is condemned as an apartheid state. It is Israel that those who detest the very presence of a Jewish state in their ancient homeland as an alien presence in a land consecrated by Islam to itself. In Britain, the Labour Party which has governed the country for nigh unto three decades following the Second World War and the rise of the Israeli State, is now led by an elected leader who views Hamas whose charter guarantees the annihilation of Israel, as a fine political movement.

During the Second World War, what remained of European Jewry after the mass slaughter of six million of Europe's Jews, found that it was dangerous to return to their countries of origin, leaving them to remain for want of a homeland, in displaced persons camps. Polish Jews who did return to Poland found a dangerously hostile greeting awaiting them in their towns and villages, the Poles who took their properties unwilling to part with them. Pogroms were still in favour.

The solution was, finally, the long-awaited and dreamed-of return to the homeland, the land of Israel. Where the newly-established state's leaders promised that never more would Jews be homeless, stateless, at the mercy of those who wished them dead. In escaping from the confines of the countries that could not, would not see them as equal citizens, they embarked toward a country of their own, surrounded by countries that conspired to destroy them and their new state.

Winston Churchill set the legal wheels in motion to have the United Nations eventually vote on the creation of the State of Israel; it did so knowing that most of the land that should have gone to Israel went instead to the creation of the Kingdom of Jordan, and then it partitioned what was left over to be divided between Jews and Arabs. The Arabs, coopting the name "Palestinians" for themselves, a name which previously referred to the Jews of the geography, refused partition. And they still do.

In Britain the Labour party's national student organization launched an official enquiry into the anti-Semitic flavour of its politics, spurred on no doubt by the former branch chairwoman of the party, Vicki Kirby having written that Jews "slaughter the oppressed". She feels that it is Israel, not Islamic State that should receive the world's condemnation. "I will never forget and I will make sure my kids teach their children how evil Israel is", she has stated.

In a Britain where in the past, there was a Jewish prime minister, where all three major political parties elected Jewish leaders, where cabinets of Jewish ministers were commonly the norm, things have changed. As elsewhere in Europe, Jews feel themselves under siege. Understandable with the practical alliance taking place between socialism and Islamic radicalism, where socialists find it useful to make excuses for the excesses of radical Islam.

Where Britain's Labour Party has a new leader in Jeremy Corbyn who finds it disagreeable to linger on the theocracies in the Middle East where mass murder, torture, racism and ethnic cleansing are the order of the day. The crimes committed by Muslim states date back to the Medieval era, and show no signs of abating. But it is Israel and Israel alone that is held to a standard that finds it wanting, encouraging its detractors to call it out for human rights violations.

A demonstrator at a pro-Palestinian rally throws a rock toward riot police during a protest in Paris, June 19, 2014. Thibault Camus/A.P. Images

Throughout Europe the influx of Palestinian and Arab Muslim immigrants and refugees has resulted in the spread of anti-Israel, anti-Jew reactions. The spillover from Israel's existence in a largely Muslim geographic framework has resulted in a gradual and sinister disintegration of social stability where major numbers of Muslims have taken haven. They have agitated for the imposition of Sharia for themselves in accepting societies and they have campaigned violently against the presence of Jews.

In the view of Muslims, Jews having a state of their own in the Middle East is a provocation too far, which must be removed, since it is purportedly the source of all the violent dysfunction in that geography. And in the view of Muslims who have migrated to the West, the presence of Jews living in countries of the diaspora for thousands of years are misplaced there as well, among the obviously entitled presence of Muslims whose numbers are slowly transforming Europe into something more approximating the Middle East.

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