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Sunday, February 28, 2016

United Nations, the Epitome of Moral Bankruptcy

"A UN watchdog group is criticizing UN chief Ban Ki-moon for his blessings delivered today before an anachronistic UN committee charged with “decolonizing” the Falkland Islands and Gibraltar — at the same time as the 24-nation entity elected gross human rights abusers Syria and Venezuela to leadership posts. “I commend the leadership of all those committed to bringing new energy to its work,” said Mr. Ban."
"UN Watch instead is calling on Ban Ki-moon, U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power, and the EU’s UN ambassadors to condemn the world body’s “absurd and morally obscene” election just of Syria and Venezuela to senior posts on a decolonization committee that is charged with upholding fundamental human rights in opposing the “subjugation, domination and exploitation” of peoples — a propaganda victory that—like before—is already being trumpeted by the Assad regime."

While the United Nations Refugee Agency [UNHCR] launches appeal after appeal for contributions to help save refugees escaping the mass slaughter launched by their president, Bashar al Assad against his Sunni Syrian citizens, and the UN Security Council meets in emergency sessions to discuss sanctions against a national leader who uses chemical agents to gas his people and barrel bombs to destroy and to kill, the work of the United Nations goes on as has become normal.
Syrian ambassador Bashar Ja’afari has been elected 'by acclamation' to a leadership post of a special U.N. committee dealing with decolonization. (UN Photo/ Violaine Martin, File)

The Shiite Baathist regime of Bashar al Assad has been accused of war crimes. Although Syria and Iraq have been murderously beset by a deeply fanatical Islamist jihadist group that revels in boasting of its love for and facility with mounting inhuman atrocities against their victims, it is the Syrian regime itself that accounts for far more civilian deaths and destruction of civil infrastructure than the terrorist Islamist groups that have flooded the destroyed country.

It has been almost five years of brutality, violence, torture, starvation, displacement and mass murder that no agency has been able to curtail, let alone stop. A sectarian war that has torn the country apart and created over eleven million refugees and close to a third of a million deaths. Negotiations undertaken by the Arab League, the European Union, the United Nations and 17 other countries have attempted to bring an end to the massacres.

In the negotiations the High Negotiations Committee representing anti-government militias and councils demands cessation of attacks by the Syrian government on its civilians. It insists on the freeing of prisoners and that food and medical supplies be delivered to areas isolated by the civil war, and where the government of Syria has deliberately cut off ingress and egress, using starvation as a tool of its vengeance against Syrian Sunnis.
A boy rides a bike during the ceasefire.
Aleppo on the first day of the ceasefire -- CNN

For Bashar al Assad the goal is a total scorched-civilian policy, to reclaim all the territory he has lost to the rebel groups, and the al-Qaeda-associated Nusra group, along with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, a goal he was close to losing until Russian President Vladimir V. Putin stepped into the breach and offered Russian air power to turn back Assad's losses into victory. The cost has been high for the rebel groups, not for al Nusra, nor ISIL.

Russia has made a permanent place for its military in Syria with its Khmeimin airbase and thousand-strong personnel accommodations, and fighter-bombers, transports, tanks and air defence systems. Assad's opponents comprised of his own citizens who originally protested peacefully for equality with Assad's Shiite branch of Islam, as equal citizens of the country were described by him as "terrorists", "scum" whom he arrested, tortured and killed.

Those "traitors and terrorists" who countered Assad's military attacks against the Sunni populations were backed by the Arab League, NATO and the United States, but with the limp and at-a-distance aid given them, and the U.S.-led coalition of necessity targeting Islamic State, the rebels were forced to contend with superior weaponry against their basic small-arms and still managed to rout the Syrian military. Until the entry of Russia.

The world has looked on with horror as the Syrian regime continued to slaughter its own, and more so with the aid of the Russian airstrikes enabling the regime to regain areas it had long lost. And then the United Nations stepped in to elect the Syrian regime as a co-chair alongside another human-rights-abusing state, Venezuela, of the decolonization committee which is charged with recommending policy on remaining global colonies such as Gibraltar, French Polynesia and the Virgin Islands.

The "Subjugation of Peoples", spells out the work the committee is focused on assessing. Perhaps placing Syria there has a purpose which escapes the logic of most who find it an outrage, their perspective incapable of adjusting to the fact that Syria knows a great deal of subjugating people.

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