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Friday, January 08, 2016

General and Violent Recidivism Potential

"You have clearly demonstrated your denunciation of radicalization and you presented as being very genuine in this regard."
"Letters written to the court described you as somewhat naive and immature, having been sheltered at home, and you were even referred to as spoiled."
"You now understand that your extremist views and actions are contrary to the true meaning of Islam."
Parole Board of Canada
Seen on this video is Saad Gaya and Saad Khalid being arrested June 2, 2006.
National Post files Seen on this video is Saad Gaya and Saad Khalid being arrested June 2, 2006

The "true meaning of Islam"? Really? The Parole Board of Canada considers itself capable and expertly able to define the true meaning of Islam. Now that is quite wonderful. They then have much in common with al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Shabab, Islamic State, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Taliban, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Black September, the Muslim Brotherhood, Wahaabist Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a whole host of other experts on interpreting Islamic principles and acting on its ideological underpinnings.

Perhaps the Parole Board of Canada could contract itself out as an authority on the "true meaning of Islam"? No doubt it would be in high demand for their expertise and lack of inimical-to-Islam bias. Convincingly arguing against the pillars of Islam, including the prosetylization of conquest and jihad. The board has decided, in its wisdom that Saad Gaya -- one of eleven Toronto Muslims who was convicted for his part in planning a number of al-Qaeda-inspired terrorist attacks to take place in Ontario -- deserves day parole.

The punishment that was meted out to this man for a crime that represented a "very serious offence that put the public safety of all Canadians at risk" was a twelve-year jail sentence. The penalty for the apprehended "Toronto 18" jihadist plans to commit mass murder in Ottawa and Toronto has now through the wisdom of the Parole Board been reduced substantially. A man said to be a ringleader of a plan to drive a truck laden with bombs to three Toronto sites, including the Toronto Stock Exchange is effectively given a "get out of jail" free pass.

Evidently the terrorist, 21 at the time and a student, objected to other students considering Islam a religion of suicide bombers, not peace. Born in Canada to parents originally from Pakistan, this slur on Islam propelled him ostensibly toward 'radicalization'. Joining the Muslim Student Association at McMaster University, he was a recruit to a terrorist cell impelled to murder civilians for the purpose of convincing the Canadian government to pull its military out of Afghanistan.

Corrections Canada psychologists, examining Saad Gaya, concluded there is a 20 percent potential of his going on to commit an indictable offence within the next three years. The man's "reintegration potential" had been assessed at "medium". One of the psychologists examining him felt him to be "at least in the moderate range for general and violent recidivism", and this inspires confidence and the generosity of forgiveness in the Parole Board of Canada?

Before the 2015 federal election this man would have been slated to represent the first Canadian-born citizen to be deported under a proposed law new on the books meant to strip Canadian citizenship from those who would be convicted of terrorist offences; to deport this man to Pakistan where he had lived briefly as a child. A charter challenge had been filed by his lawyers against the measure.

Unneeded, sadly, when the new government determined not to continue with the previous government's commitment to proceeding with the new law to deport terrorist-related criminals.

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