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Monday, July 06, 2015

Tourism Gone Awry

"My brother told them, 'Sorry, you're on my bike, and I want to go home."
"They said, 'OK'. But when my brother went to his bike and leaned in, they attacked him from behind."
"After the first hit, he fell on the ground. Then they started kicking him in the head. All the witnesses saw it, but they are afraid for their lives."
Unnamed sister of Hells Angels victim, Greece
Greek man allegedly attacked by 3 Canadian Hells Angels
Greek man allegedly attacked by 3 Canadian Hells Angels

On June 27, a Greek man was removed from life support and died, a victim of a vicious beating by three members of the Hells Angels who had travelled from Alberta, Canada, to Greece to take part in an annual international motorcycle meet. Originally, after the event of the beating, the three Canadians were charged with attempted murder reflecting the severe beating imposed in Corfu on the Greek man, on June 7. But the man, taken to hospital in hopes he might recover, never did.

And the charges against Dustin Swanson of the Edmonton-based Westridge chapter has been changed to intentional homicide. With another Westridge member, Nick Dragich and Brent Koziak of the Red Deer, Alberta Nomads Hells Angels chapter charged with "collaboration" homicide for their part in assisting Swanson in the beating.

Top left is Hells Angel Nick Dragich, now charged in Greece. He was photographed with then Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in 2013 at a football game

The sister of the dead man fears retaliation, and asked for anonymity. She spoke of her brother having been to a friend's restaurant to "grab a bite". He had gone to the village where his recently widowed mother lives, to visit with her. When he emerged from the restaurant one of the charged bikers was seated on his motorcycle. Beside him stood his companions, the other two Hells Angels motorcyclists.

The bereaved and grieving family has been doubly devastated. First the death of the father, and now they are coping with the loss of the woman's 41-year-old brother, the only remaining male member of the family.

After the three Alberta bikers had finished demonstrating to a Greek man how much they admired his country and their appreciation for the opportunity to visit, they left him for dead. They were arrested shortly afterward, covered with his blood.

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