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Saturday, June 02, 2018

Righteous Idiocy on Dysfunctional Immigration

"We definitely showed them that Halifax won't stand for xenophobia and Islamophobia."
"We showed them that we stand together as a community today, that we stand with all our neighbours."
Jessica Dueling, politically-correct, 'progressive' activist, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"The original booking was made by an individual for a private function."
"When RCL [Royal Canadian Legion] Branch 27 learned that the booking was intended as a town hall meeting for the National Citizens Alliance, the booking was cancelled."
Valerie Mitchell-Veinotte, executive director, Nova Scotia/Nunavut Command, RCL 

"We apologize to anyone who may have felt unsafe at the Grand Street Parade [Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival] because of this political party's attendance and derogatory messaging."
Organizers, Kentville, N.S festival

"They're the ones dividing people. If we offended people, that's their problem, not ours."
"As far as we're concerned, we probably added some nice spice to the festival."
Stephen Garvey, leader, National Citizens Alliance

"[The National Citizens Alliance's core tenet is a] strong, no-nonsense immigration policy that puts the well-being and safety of the Canadian people first, and implementing a temporary pause and substantial reduction in immigration."
National Citizens Alliance
The National Citizens Alliance marched in the 86th Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival in Kentville, N.S., on May 26, 2018
The National Citizens Alliance marched in the 86th Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival in Kentville, N.S., on May 26, 2018  
National Citizens Alliance/Facebook

So those in Canada who believe they have a right as citizens with a stake in the future of the country, to express their opinion on a sensitive topic such as who they will share the country with, are brought to the reality of the prevailing situation where 'progressives', led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are free to champion their idea of the future of Canada, but thoughtful conservatives may not. Those who argue against an open immigration system with little attention given to the fact that some cultures and religions are resistant to integrating civilly with those of the West are given short shrift.

The supporters of entry to Canada of a religious group that has more than amply demonstrated over the past several decades their religious devotion to forcing their own beliefs on others at pain of death may express their wishes; those opposed may not. This is not only idiocy of the first rank, but it is illegal under Canadian law where the right to free speech is lionized as a basic human right, and all Canadian citizens are guaranteed their rights under the legal framework of an egalitarian social order.

When Calgary-based National Citizens Alliance attempted to rent meeting space in Halifax they were refused by no fewer than three locations, all of which identified them as 'far right' and fascist. They were forced to meet in a public space, a local park, and when they appeared to take part in their arranged location they were hounded by protesters, some of whom became not only verbally but physically violent, leading the two sides into a shouting match with police on the sidelines.

What makes the NCA racist and fascist? Its promotion of "integration" of new arrivals to embrace "basic cultural norms of Canada". Given the Canadian experience, mirrored by the experiences known to have occurred and are ongoing across Europe and elsewhere by the introduction of Islam and Muslims into Western society in great numbers, the group believes that political correctness threatens the identity and culture of Canada.

Leader of the NCA Stephen Garvey, can argue till the cows come home that the characterization of the alliance is not only wrong but slanderous, and no one in his party issues hateful comments, nor have any of them given rein to hate speech. He assures his critics that his group will not tolerate racism, but was intent on taking part in normal activities just as other political parties do, to make themselves seen and heard, the basic function of any such group.

The reaction to the presence and the message of this group is reflected in what happens across the country, including the nation's capital, where as an example, federal NDP immigration critic Jenny Kwan protested over the tenor of a letter sent from Canadian immigration to an applicant in Pakistan which questions the legitimacy of her claim to marriage for purposes of immigration. The letter, she sputters, is "offensive and insulting". When in fact, it reflects cultural Pakistani norms to question the authenticity of the applicant's claim making her eligible for permanent residency.

The experience of the Immigration Department leads it to use methods of interrogation in reflection of cultural norms elsewhere that are not compatible with those making application for entry to Canada use to state their case. Particularly when it's well known that false marriages are often used to gain entrance to Canada by those who would otherwise not be eligible. "Our department continues to uphold measures to safeguard against marriage fraud and other program integrity risks", was the Department's response.

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