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Monday, July 17, 2017

The Source That Cannot Be Named

"If the refugees stay, Sunnis will be the majority. Christians, but also the Druze and the Shia, will emigrate because the Sunnis have an extremist mindset and will eventually take over."
"Of course I support Assad. The Syrian people wanted freedom. Now they've destroyed their country."
"And we [Lebanese] used to be jealous of them."
Diab Madwar, Lebanese from Christian village Ammiq, Beqaa Valley

"Why are most of them women and children? It's because they have relatives fighting as terrorists inside Syria. That's why they don't flee internally. There are safe spaces inside Syria, but most are affiliated with terrorist organizations."
"There is definitely some torturing going on. This is war and you can't control everything. And most people being arrested are terrorists. We're not going to put them in five-star hotels."
"The Syrian army and Hezbollah are doing a huge favour to humanity because they are fighting terrorism on behalf of the world."
Maher Dana, Hezbollah-affiliated journalist

"Because of the raid we feel unwelcome here, especially because most of our neighbours are Christians and we are Muslims."
"I didn't feel hostility before [a Lebanese Police raid ousting them from 'illegal' apartments], but now I feel like the Lebanese are looking at us differently."
"We stay at home [new two-room apartment] and don't go out. If we need groceries, we go out at night."
Anas, Syrian refugee, mother of six children, Beirut
An image shared on social media of men rounded up by the Lebanese army after refugee camp raids last month (screengrab)  Shocking pictures show extent of injuries to four men who died in custody after being picked up in raids on camps near Arsal   Middle East Eye

Lebanon went through its own brutal sectarian war. When the PLO set up operations in Lebanon after the Black September conflict with Jordan forced them to evacuate and find alternative haven where they could resume their cross-border attacks in Israel, the IDF entered Lebanon to restrain and force the PLO out of Lebanon. Lebanon was invaded by Syria, which looted it of its assets. The Iranian Republican Guards al Quds militia formed a Lebanese Shia 'resistance' group, training and arming them to mount massive explosive assaults through suicide missions against the French and American UN peace missions.

Since those mass blood-lettings Hezbollah has become part of Lebanon's government by force and intimidation through its political wing, while its military wing, a proxy Iranian militia, remains a separate force from the Lebanese military, dispatched by the Islamic Republic of Iran to commit terrorist atrocities abroad and more latterly, fighting alongside Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's Alawite military against rebel Syrian Sunnis in a long and bloody civil war.

The collapse of Syria encouraged the entry of foreign terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda, leading to the formation of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant by a breakaway al-Qaeda-linked group, has seen the country fragmented, millions of its citizens internally displaced and millions more displaced as refugees by the malevolent violence of the Syrian regime seeking to crush the Sunni revolt. The regime has been responsible for infinitely more deaths among Syrians than the psychopathic Islamic State has been.

Europe has been flooded with Syrian refugees, overwhelmingly young males, along with migrants from North Africa seeking the opportunity to improve their lives materially. Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan have absorbed millions of Syrian refugees themselves. Everywhere in the world of Islam in the Middle East and North Africa, ancient, deep-seated sectarian hatred and venomous violence merges with the added impact of tyrants punishing their populations while enriching themselves.

The legacy of tribal, clan, sectarian and political violence that roils these Muslim nations has spilled over into the rest of the world, where militant Islam has spawned a limitless number of dedicated jihadis inspired and eager to obey the hadiths that call upon the faithful to kill the infidel. So while preying on those practising their own sects' version of Islam, both Shiites and Sunnis dedicate themselves to overturning the democratic world order throughout the international community. 

Lebanon represents as illustrative a dysfunctional Islamist society as any, with its bubbling brew of viral animosities and lurking violence among its Druze, Christian, Shiite and Sunni populations all vying with one another for power and prestige, ruling through fear and intimidation. And while Hezbollah and its sponsor Iran, are busy with the aid of Russia in supporting Syria's bloody tyrant, their focus on destroying the State of Israel is diminished for the time being.
Syrian refugees live in very poor conditions (in Lebanon). This camp is located close to the Israeli border, so it is visited often by Lebanese security officials.  Photo: Constance Decorde

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