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Friday, April 21, 2017

Seriously?! Trump Contemplating Tearing Up the Iran Nuclear Agreement? Oh, Maybe Not: "On Notice"

a)"Today I’d like to address Iran’s alarming and ongoing provocations that export terror and violence, destabilizing more than one country at a time."
b)"This letter certifies that the conditions of Section 135(d)(6) of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (AEA), as amended, including as amended by the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 (Public Law 114-17), enacted May 22, 2015, are met as of April 18, 2017."
U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

"Iran could follow the Syrian and North Korean examples and cheat. Or, while enjoying hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief, it can adhere to the agreement and deactivate parts of its nuclear facilities rather than dismantle them. It can develop new technologies for producing atomic bombs while testing intercontinental ballistic missiles."
"It can continue massacring Syrians, Iraqis and Yemenis, and bankrolling Hamas and Hezbollah. The [Joint comprehensive Plan of Action] enables Iran to do all that merely by complying."
"The remaining American sanctions on Iran must stay staunchly in place and Congress must pass further punitive legislation. Above all, a strong link must be established between the JCPOA and Iran's support for terror, its pledges to annihilate Israel and overthrow pro-American Arab governments, and its complicity in massacres."
Michel Oren, historian, former Israeli ambassador to the United States
Zarif addressed reporters alongside his visiting French counterpart, Jean-Marc Ayrault [Atta Kenare/AFP]

Mr. Oren's statements and recommendations can be understood fully in the context of both recent history and even more recent events that continue to take place on the world stage and the Middle East. The agreement that Mr. Oren makes reference to focused solely on Iran's nuclear ambitions; it failed, deliberately and for various reasons, to hold the Islamic Republic of Iran to account for its support of Islamist terror and terrorist groups and its own intercontinental ballistic missiles program whose progress Iran ostentatiously highlights.

The Republic continues to be a threat to the stabilization of the Middle East through its enabling sponsorship of Bashar al-Assad's Syrian civil war against the Syrian Sunni rebels whose initial protests were limited to seeking equality with the country's minority Shiite Alawite population. By dispatching its Al-Quds division of the Iranian Republican Guard Corps to Syria and calling on its surrogate militia Hezbollah to fight alongside Assad, Iran has helped to slaughter hundreds of thousands of Syrians and make homeless millions more among whom are millions of refugees flooding Europe.

Iran's plan of conquest for the Middle East, where it leads a Shiite minority to threaten the majority command of the Sunni Arabs, along with its determination to keep experimenting until it succeeds in emulating its flamboyant North Korean counterpart keeps the Middle East in a tinderbox state of suspense and suspicion. Former President Obama's self-congratulatory "win" in spearheading an agreement that the Security Council members plus Germany supported in the fiction that it would significantly delay Iran's nuclear ambitions coming to fruition found great disfavour with the new U.S. President.
Still from Video: Rouhani says Iran won't allow Trump to tear up nuclear deal

Secretary of State Tillerson's polarizing message of recognizing the malevolent threat Iran represents while at the same time overstating the Republic's compliance with the risibly fictitious constraints represented by the agreement enabling Iran to see the crippling financial sanctions lifted and international conglomerates slavering at the bit to re-enter Iran's lucrative energy market has privileged Iran while creating an even greater destabilization in the Middle East with Yemen another proxy battleground between Shiite Aryan Iran and Sunni Arab Saudi Arabia.

President Trump may have spoken impetuously and grandiosely of his plans to reverse the Obama administration's capitulation to Iranian demands, but the man has the focus of a mosquito and the memory of a gnat to match the determination of an amoeba. His penchant for quixotic turn-abouts from one position to another puzzles and confounds both friend and foe. He exercises his option to abuse friends and befriend foes, and no one knows where they stand with this man, much less does he himself fully appreciate that consistency is a desirable attribute as much as is thoughtful intelligence.

"Boeing Co. landed its second jetliner sale to an Iranian airline since the 1970s, a $3-billion deal that sets up a test of the planemaker's ties with President Donald Trump. The pact with Iran Aseman Airlines to purchase thirty of Boeing's 737 Max planes adds to a separate $16.6-billion agreement with Iran Air, which the Chicago-based manufacturer is still finalizing. If completed, the transactions would be the first U.S. aircraft exports to Iran since the Shah era", reported Bloomberg.

A bill to block the sale has been entered in the House, but under current law the deal is perfectly legal, illustrating clearly what the next move by the American President should be; altering the sanctions regimen, reinstituting sanctions and bolstering them considerably. It is the Republic of Iran that represents the greatest threat to world stability at the present time, although North Korea's careening narcissistic boy wonder comes a close second.

This photo, released by the Iranian Defense Ministry in March 2014, purports to show the Fateh-110 short-range ballistic missile and the Persian Gulf anti-ship ballistic missile. (AP Photo/Iranian Defense Ministry)
This photo, released by the Iranian Defense Ministry in March 2014, purports to show the Fateh-110 short-range ballistic missile and the Persian Gulf anti-ship ballistic missile. (AP Photo/Iranian Defense Ministry)

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