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Friday, November 04, 2016

Choice, You Say?! Heaven Forfend....

"I'm sure a lot of you may be asking what this new email story is about, and why in the world the FBI would decide to jump into an election with no evidence of wrongdoing. That's a good question [with election day coming in short order]."
"I understand. And as I've said, I'm not making any excuses [for private email system]. I've said it was a mistake and I regret it."
"There is no case. Now, what people are focused on is choosing the next president and commander in chief of the United States of America."
"I'm running against a man who says he doesn't understand why we can't use nuclear weapons. He wants more countries to have nuclear weapons."
"And if you're telling yourself he's going to surround himself with smart people to stop these crazy ideas, remember this: He was asked who he consults on foreign policy. Donald Trump said he doesn't need to consult because, and I quote: 'I have a very good brain'."
"[Vladimir Putin] knows he can use flattery to get into Donald's head, to make Donald the Kremlin's puppet, and it seems to be working. Donald has signalled to Putin that he will let Russia do whatever it wants."
Hillary Clinton, U.S. Presidential contender
Hillary Clinton's terrifying final pitch: Imagine President Trump's first year in the White House
"Hillary is the one who sent and received classified information on an insecure server, putting the safety of the American people under threat."
"Hillary is the one who lied to Congress under oath. Hillary is the one who lied on so many different occasions to the FBI."
Donald J. Trump, U.S. Presidential contender

Mrs. Clinton asks her supporters to ask themselves and possibly challenge supporters of her nemesis:
(a) Can the candidate be trusted to command the American nuclear arsenal? (b) How does the candidate handle a crisis? (d) Do  you know the difference between our allies and our adversaries? Needless to say, the very same questions could be put to her. Of course, Mrs. Clinton represents a Democratic administration that sat back when it should have taken action and instead permitted Mr. Putin do whatever he wanted, manipulating the U.S. to the point of emasculation.

Smoothly glossing over the fact that a candidate for the presidency, while acting in a key cabinet position committing to an egregiously serious lack of judgement potentially imperilling the very security of the country that she pledges to uphold and protect doesn't cover herself in glory by magnanimously stating she erred, she regrets that, and has learned from the situation. The presidency is not a learning opportunity. Augmented by her lack of commitment to the position of Secretary of State, willing to sell access to high bidders to enrich the Clinton estate, augers ill.

When FBI Director James Comey released his little bombshell last Friday over the agency's ongoing probe of Mrs. Clinton's private email server, citing the discovery of another immense cache of previously unknown emails many of which could be incriminating in nature, betraying the open house that the State Department had become, offering entree through the Clinton Family Charitable Trust, it served to shock additional members of the voting public into confused disarray.

It was all fodder for political groupies and pundits assessing the outcome of these damning revelations as polling day galloped closer. What should have alarmed the Democrats is that the Trump campaign had already, before the thuddingly surprising revelation, been profiting from her downgraded reputation. Donald Trump was steadily gaining on the elevated support numbers of the Clinton campaign. ABC, which had Clinton with a 12-point lead a sneeze-event earlier placed Trump slightly ahead of her just before Director Comey's regrettable statement.

Attributable by those taking the rising temperature of the American public over news of an amazing premium increase in Obamacare, it was clear to many that this was what the reaction amounted to; a ditching of Clinton support and a switch to Trump. There's more of a sour whiff of Hillary Clinton's efforts to bring universal health care to the United States when her husband was president and gave her that job, presumptuously ugly in the minds of those who preferred to limp along without universal coverage, to remind them of yet another reason why they balked at this political establishment.

The Clinton campaign team spent lavishly on television advertising, pointedly taking well-deserved shots at the fact that a nasty egotist whose faith in his own intelligence supports his animus toward anyone who isn't like him, and an utter ignoramus on international affairs could conceivably become the next President of the United States, an event too horrible to contemplate for any thinking individual. This, while practically nothing was spent by the Trump campaign on election advertising and public relations.

Now, with scarcely  time left to blink before November 8 arrives, Republican election adverts of stunning negativity are hitting the Democratic candidate in a double whammy of Trump and Comey. Revelations of tens of millions of dollars ushered toward Bill Clinton personally in the pay-for-play playlist is all delectable fodder for Clinton dynasty haters. The reality of continued FBI scrutiny of the reported staggering 650,000 additional emails discovered on Huma Abedin's husband's computer is a backdrop too far; a candidate for the American presidency under examination by the FBI for wrong-doing?

And then there is the Clinton Foundation and the fact that it too is and has been under investigation by the FBI, irrespective of the Justice Department opposing any such investigation. As matters proceed, things could get worse and worse still for Hillary Clinton's aspirations. As matters continue to proceed, the outcome could be disastrous for the United States in the potential prospect of the next president succeeding the current one to bring in the Trump administration; an outcome too sordid and frightening to allow the mind too long to linger upon.

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