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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Doing Islam

"Gangs dominate these suburbs and make their living by selling drugs. As the young gang members are looking for authority and endorsement, they have turned to the radical Islamic preachers who come from countries like Algeria, and who are members of radical Islamic movements in countries such as Morocco and Iran."
"The Saudis and the Iranians very often bankroll these preachers and the radical imams who live in these ghettos. Those imams who cannot get financial support from foreign benefactors often collect welfare from the French state and still preach jihad in the ghetto. Mosques become hotbeds of radical activity and are ideal places to store and transfer weapons and explosives, to be used in the growing number of terrorist attacks that are taking place across western Europe."
Geoffrey Clarfield and Salim Mansur: Europe's no-go zones

It is not nice, it is not polite, it is undiplomatic, it is racist, it is anti-religious to point out that Islam, the second-largest religious movement -- and fastest-growing -- in the world is a religion based on a creed of full and complete domination. From its 7th Century inception growing out of the mind of the man who conceived of it, to the present time, it is a religion whose goal is conquest. There is the soft conquest of persuasion, and the domination of numbers stifling the more modest numbers of other religions and then there is the hard conquest of violent jihad, both working in tandem to achieve the end, the final goal.

East is east and West is west and never the twain shall meet, wrote Rudyard Kipling in his inimitable and discerning way, but they have met and they do meet and the result of that meeting is always cataclysmic, violent and deadly. What the Prophet Mohammad did not complete during his lifetime the Ottoman Empire tried to, but as initial and interim waves of conquest these were mere rehearsals. The Crusades and World Wars stamped temporary to those earlier efforts. Now, however, with increased numbers and a sharpening of the scimitars of jihad, modern terrorism has been released.

First the compassion of Western countries and their need for cheap labour after dominating the lands of Islam through the colonial era of majority Muslim rule led to the gradual introduction of immigrants, of refugees from Islamist tyrannical oppression and wars, of economic migrants leaving Muslim governments failing to provide for their subjects' basic needs. The population shift of migrating Muslims into Western lands has led to hefty demographics now demanding recognition, separate and apart from the prevailing culture and its laws.

This is one element of jihad; stealthy and steady migration to infiltrate and to become entitled, with host countries increasingly obliging to the point of surrendering heritage, culture, social norms, laws and sublimating their own heritage religious environment. The result is seen in various countries of Europe, even before the massive influx of recent Syrian refugees and others from various parts of the Middle East and North Africa, along with economic migrants bulling their way into Europe, hosting large, populous Muslim ghettos.

Those ghettos peopled by Muslims who have forced out the 'strangers' in their midst who were original to the land as indigenous populations, have now become geographic areas where only Muslims may enter because they no longer are part of the host country, but have become significant Islamic territories, hostile to the presence of non-Muslims and dangerous to the government that insists extraterritoriality is no problem, none at all, and the residents must be respected; any criticisms amount to that dreaded Islamophobia of which no one wants to be accused of.

VALERY HACHE / AFP / Getty Images
VALERY HACHE / AFP / Getty Images    Police officers and rescued workers stand near a van that ploughed into a crowd leaving a fireworks display in the French Riviera town of Nice on July 14, 2016.
And as Islamist terrorist attacks take place in various parts of Europe, proudly linking to Islamic State dedicated to the work of the global caliphate, the attackers are to be spoken of as 'lone wolf', with no connection to any organized group, but individuals who are mentally unbalanced and who represent a warped view of Islam having nothing whatever to do with the sacred religion dedicated to peace. And the Muslim populations who complain that errant loners have misinterpreted Islam, giving it a bad name and causing a backlash of mistrust and resentment is a result of Islamophobia, nothing less, laying the cause of terrorist attacks at the feet of non-Muslim communities, the fault theirs for not sufficiently respecting Islam.

Well organized, complacent, sophisticated, urbane and literate Europe in the goodness of its collective heart has opened itself to the rush of refugees and haven seekers, the Achilles heel of its well-meaning compassion, the Trojan horse containing the commitment of the jihadists prepared to do their duty to Islam through the jihad incumbent on all faithful Muslims. And the jihadists respond as they must with explosives-laden trucks, with assault rifles, with bombs, prepared to wreak havoc ... and they do. And in the process become admired martyrs, celebrated and remembered for their heroism in mass killing.

In Brussels and in Paris exist the no-go zones, the enclaves on the margins of civilized society that would never venture into the ghettos in fear of personal safety. Unless they are Jews, and then the fear is of life-extension. The prison populations burgeon with a high percentage of Muslims in Europe, far outdistancing even their population numbers. Where radicalization is accelerated whenever terrorists are incarcerated among the petty criminals, the drug pushers, the organized gangs that Muslims gravitate toward.

The mayor of Paris, much like his counterpart in so many other cities of Europe, denies the very existence of no-go zones in the Republic of France. Yet the French magazine Contemporary Values pointed out the existence of over 750 areas of "lawlessness" known as no-go zones in France, as of August 2014. A political scientist and specialist on Islam, Giles Kepel of  L'Institut Montaigne, concluded the no-go zones have become separate Islamic societies where Sharia replaced French civil law and residents rally to radical Islam and violent jihad.

In brief comparison, Sikhs who moved to Britain in large numbers post Second World War have succeeded to one of the highest standards of living in the country Argentinians entering Western Europe during the junta period have adapted flawlessly into their receiving countries, and so have the Poles who have migrated elsewhere throughout Europe to find their integrated futures there. Only Muslim populations define themselves through Islam and by isolating themselves from the larger, receiving host countries.

The better to differentiate and to dominate -- all in the fullness of time.

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