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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Denying History, Depriving Judaism of its Foundational Heritage

"The Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic expresses its firm opposition to a resolution approved by the Executive Board of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO that denies the historical link between the Jewish people and the Western Wall and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem."
119 of 149 Czech lawmakers protested the UNESCO resolution denying historic links between Jews and their holy sites
Jews worshipping at the Western Wall [Wailing wall] in the Old City of Jerusalem

Mexico, one of the 24 countries that voted in favour of the resolution, saw its ambassador withdraw in protest at his country's decision to vote in favour. Six nations, including the United States, Germany and Britain, voted against the resolution brought forward by Arab countries on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, and another 26 abstained. Abstaining because they have no opinion on the matter of historical revisionism, denying a nation the heritage of its well-recorded sacred symbols of historical Judaism?

UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova and chairman of the UNESCO Executive Board Michael Worbs expressed their personal dismay at the deliberate slaughter of truth and reality in a rank political move to discredit history for the purpose of delegitimizing Israel and with it, worldwide Jewry, through this cynical move to deprive a people and a religion of its time and place in history, denying its very existence, so completely intertwined with its singular religious identity.

Irina Bokova stated unequivocally that she personally understands and recognizes the sanctity of the Temple Mount and the Western Wall to the Jewish people, and she spoke of a number of UNESCO activities whose declared and obvious purpose was to support and acknowledge the obvious; Judaism’s primary link to the land of of their forefathers in Israel. At the same time she acknowledged the further harm done to the multi-faith reality of Jerusalem in this denial of history which can only, she stressed, harm UNESCO.

Her statements have earned her vicious threats to her personal safety.

Board chairman Michael Worbs of Germany, attempted to redeem the situation by rescheduling the ratification of the declaration to be voted upon at a later date, while expressing his own opposition to the wording of the document, expunging descriptive identification of the most sacred sites to Judaism in favour of linking the areas solely with Palestinians who did not even exist when historical Jerusalem and the Temples of Solomon occupied the site of the Temple Mount.

Denial by Arab Muslims that the site of the Temple Mount ever held a Judaic temple of huge renown and historical documentation, stressing that the site only ever had a Muslim connection in a religion that also did not exist until it was constructed into existence by the Prophet Mohammad in the seventh century, is simply typical of the Islamic way of denying any religion other than Islam, and scornfully building their own sites of worship over the ruins of other religions' sites, or transforming them into Islamic mosques as though another focus relating to an earlier religion never existed.

Unfortunately for Israel, the whipping goat of the United Nations and all of its various world body arms including UNESCO, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation is always alert to ensure that Muslim initiatives, Islamic 'honour' always be upheld against any other entities or groups who might imagine themselves to be entitled to equal consideration in any matter of public uncertainty or dispute. The influence of the Islamic clique on the Non-Aligned Nations in the UN has moved the world body from its original purpose to a single-purpose body to advance Islamic interests against all others, and particularly Israel.

When the Arab nations backing the motion understood that Chairman Worbs meant to intervene on behalf of truth and fairness and in a bid to rescue UNESCO from complete and utter discreditation, unbearable pressure was placed on the Board chairman who then felt he had no option but to recuse himself, suspending himself from chairing the meeting, as would normally occur. His replacement will be by Swedish ambassador Annika Markovic, a nation that seems to see no reason at any time not to betray the reality of Israeli existence.

And so it was that a UN Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization whose purpose is to promote "humanity's moral and intellectual solidarity" encompassing universal education for children along with "intercultural understanding" and the support of "world heritage" sites of universal value, chose, when it welcomed the Palestinian Authority into observer status as a semi-member, to circumvent its own purpose and reason for existence.

As far as UNESCO is concerned, through this complete abdication of their purpose and the acknowledgement of historical connections relating to heritage and pride, Judaism's most sacred sites have been coopted by the Palestinians whose leadership also claims Christ to have been a Palestinian, though the Palestinians never existed at that critical time that gave birth to Christianity. The Jewish sites that Judaism holds sacred to the memory of their forebears are henceforth recognized by UNESCO as Palestinian.

This is, of course, in complete accord to Islamic precepts, a religion which recognizes no religion other than Islam, which holds that any ground once consecrated to Islam may never surrender to the claims of any other religion, even if that religion vastly predated Islam. That UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon upheld the Temple Mount as "the holiest place in Judaism", represents an effort on his part to retain some vestige of honour for himself personally, even as another UN body, like the infamous Human Rights Council, surrenders its purpose to abusive corruption.

Jewish men, draped in prayer shawls, take part in the Cohanim prayer during Passover at the Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel, April 25, 2016.   Menahem Kahana, AFP

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