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Monday, July 25, 2016

Leaping to Unwarranted Conclusions 

Among those injured were four people from Hong Kong, according to the South China Morning Post [EPA]

How odd it is the regularity with which terrorists -- who identify themselves as such most often by shouting Allahu Akbar! while attacking innocent people with the intention of slaughtering them as sacrifices on the alter of Ilamist jihad are identified by Western authorities and by extension the news media that tie in with the influence their governments have over them to bend over backwards not to implicate the entire Muslim community -- are held to be mentally deranged.

Once the deed has been done and abroad there is celebration in the towns and cities controlled by Islamic State, and a trifle deeper in the civil society that resides within Gaza, Lebanon, Egypt, Qatar, Turkey, Libya and Somalia by those of the jihadi persuasion, it becomes clearer that what persuades the liberal West that insanity must be involved, is not shared by elements in the Muslim community who know that Koranic injunctions to the faithful are involved.
Munich shooter mcdonald's
Twitter shot of Ali David Sonboly outside Munich McDonald's

The Munich McDonald's David Ali Sonboly was said by a witness to have shouted the triumphant Allahu Akbar! as he murdered young teens in his rampage. But the Bavarian criminal police are convinced, they say, that the murderous assault had nothing to do with jihad and they should know, shouldn't they? Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae links him with neo-fascist Anders Behring Breivik, whose body count in Norway Sonboly was inspired to emulate.

Although the news spread quickly enough as horrified mourners of the victims of the Munich massacre mourned for them only to have the solemnity of the occasion somewhat marred by the presence of marching Muslim men shouting Allahu Akbar! to ensure that their contribution to the occasion did not go unnoticed. It is obviously an expression of condolences, one that ignorant Westerners are quite unfamiliar with.

Yet another security officer described his perceptions of what he saw during the shooting spree, that the 18-year-old who was so bewitched by mass killing which had nothing to do with Islamist jihad "behaved like he was in a video game, cold and methodical, [targeting] foreign-looking people". The ubiquitous and readily accessible online slick videos produced by Islamic State would, according to German authorities, never have been an inspiration to this young Muslim.

Which just goes to show how mistaken we can be in our visceral reactions when we characterize Muslims committed to violent attacks as jihadists with some association to the premier terrorist Islamist group holding such a fascination for Muslims worldwide that they flock to join the new influential caliphate geared to transform the world into one big Islamic state, when those such as Ali David Sonboly are merely in thrall to mass murder itself, absent Islam.

And then, of course, there are other misguided, misbegotten Muslims who select vulnerable people on trains in Wuerzberg. As well as a Syrian in Reutlingen who used a machete to kill an unfortunate woman who must have got in his way, and injure two others. Wait, there's more, another Syrian in Ansbach, denied asylum and set to be returned to Bulgaria a year ago but still rattling around Germany where he injured a dozen people after blowing himself up with his suicide vest.

Had he not been denied entry to the music festival with his backpack, his intent to kill and maim would have been immeasurably more successful, needless to say. But Bavaria's top security official, Joachim Hermann allowed as how "We don't know if this man planned on suicide or if he had the intention of killing others." Generous with the benefit of the doubt. It's the politically correct, socially conscious way. We turn ourselves into living pretzels trying to be 'fair' and ever so sensitive.

Ah yes, German authorities have their work cut out for them. A million Syrian and economic migrants absorbed into German society. With a decided emphasis on young males. Whatever happened to compassion-with-reason, offering asylum to families, to women with children, to Christian Syrians, to Yazidis, to Muslim gays? Readily identifiable as requiring protection from the single male Muslims who prey on them.

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