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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Picking Up The Pieces of Dysfunctional Islam

"Everybody knows what needs to be done -- an EU border and coast guard agency."
"We are definitely in crisis-management mode only, which is not good for seeing the next crisis coming and getting the proper structures in place."
"We are dealing with short-termism. And basically putting patches on leaks."
"They talk about keeping the numbers down, as if the numbers are not human beings like you and me."
Marc Pierini, former EU ambassador to Libya, Syria
big ship full of African migrantsGETTY
Libyan coastguard tackling African migrant crossing
"I blame NATO and the EU for many of these deaths."
"Their rescue ships from Operation Sophia and such-like now push to the 12 nautical mile limit of our territorial waters."
"The migrants respond to this by trying to cross in greater numbers and the smugglers respond by sending them to sea in s******* and s******* craft, designed to stay afloat for a few hours only. "
"The more are drawn, the more try. The worse their craft, the more they die."
Mirwan Issam Abudib, deputy commander, coastguard, Zuwarah port, Libya

"You can see it in the Middle East crisis, in the influx of refugees from Syria, the tragic capsizing of boats and also the sheer volumes of numbers – 5,000 in the last three days already entering Italy [2015]." 
There is no sign whatsoever that this flow of people is going to stop."
"IS is using this to infiltrate further terrorist operatives into Europe. This is going to be a very, very big question to deal with for the refugee agencies."
"But we will need to be on our guard. Migration is certainly one thing IS finds attractive."
Dr. Jamie Shea, NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General, Emerging Security Challenges
There is ample blame to go around. There are haven seekers migrating from South and Central America and Mexico to the United States. They are desperate to escape the endemic violence, the drug cartels, the social and political unrest, the massive unemployment and poverty. Young people in their thousands are being sent by their families to find their way in difficult journeys of escape toward freedom and opportunity in North America. But these are people whose presence will most certainly benefit the society toward which they stream. Because they seek a future in a cultural and social and political environment in which they will thrive as they adapt successfully.

They will be changed personally by their experience, by their exposure to adaptation to North American society, and they will thrive and their futures will be assured. The society that accepts them will see the benefit of that acceptance and their inclusion. The same cannot be said of people culturated in a religious ideology that has proven itself to be critical of and dismissive of laws and values that are different than those that Islam extolls, because Islam is an all-encompassing ideology; a religion, a culture, a social and political way of life, unbending and resistant to melding.

Europe has through earlier migration and acceptance of immigrants from Muslim-majority nations, felt the restive power of masses reaching majority status and which have compartmentalized themselves away from mainstream society that welcomed them, preferring to practise the judgements and values of their religion, guiding them to reject any integration that might have the end effect of diluting the overbearing power of Islam. Now, with the last several years of masses of refugees from the Middle East, east Asia and Africa, Europe is inundated, its face and its soul undergone transformation.

By faulting Europe for not sufficiently in the opinion of some, dedicating themselves and their governmental resources to welcoming and harbouring the masses of never-ending haven seekers -- anxious to build their futures where opportunities lie, more than happy to abandon their countries of origin that under Islamic rule have all failed the human rights index, leaving their citizens in a state of endemic poverty, fear and anxiety while state corruption, tribal and sectarian violence run amok -- the real and actual sources that have failed are not identified and held to account.

Islam dedicates itself to expanding itself; the further afield the umma spreads, the more successful becomes the prospect of commandeering Muslims in the tradition of jihad. Not the jihad of violent atrocities, but the jihad of prosetylization. Of becoming a vocal and demanding force through numbers sufficient to insist that cultures other than their own, and their national laws pay their respects to those of Islam, creating a parallel system of governance internally; one for Muslims, another for all others.

When Islam succeeds through those who represent it at the guardianship and governmental level, to produce miserable living conditions for their populations, the way is opened for those populations to be manipulated through oppression, fear and poverty compelled to migrate elsewhere, taking Islam with them and using the governing methods of non-Islamic states to advance their economic futures. In the process advancing Islam's presence geographically.

There are victims aplenty in the process of this manipulative device. The desperate refugees, the opportunity-seekers who see no future for themselves remaining where they are vulnerable to violence and unemployment and oppression, and who in their zeal to escape, leave themselves in the hands of smugglers becoming equally vulnerable to the violence of death through drowning in the Mediterranean. While the consciences of those whom they flee seem not too exercised, the consciences of those to whom they flee are.
This undated image made available on May 30 by the Italian navy shows migrants being rescued at sea. Italian Navy / AP
Last year's record number of deaths of those seeking passage into Europe by sea will be handily surpassed this year through the numbers of capsized vessels and horrible drowning deaths of men, women and children in their thousands. People attempting the crossing of the central Mediterranean from North Africa, and those travelling to find passage into Greece, from Syria Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, are all vulnerable to misfortune. Even knowing how fraught their voyages are in the full knowledge of how many have perished, still they come.

In Libya, Col. Ayoub Gassim, speaking for the Libyan navy, places the blame on leaders of the European Union for "doing nothing but counting bodies". This, from the failed state of Libya, where chaos reigns, where violence, intimidation, tribal militias and the presence of ISIL speaks to what people flee. Muslim authorities at every level have become skilled on playing the compassion card of European sensibilities, while withholding their own, as one failed Muslim government after another abrogates any responsibility for the well-being of their citizens, with few exceptions.

There is a solution to the crisis of mass migration and refugee-creation. And it is not that all these people should be 'rescued' from their miserable fates by nations for whom their culture, their religion, their heritage and their values will result in problems in integrating in a pluralistic society where the indigenous culture, laws and values and politics should be paramount. It is that the governments who have failed the needs of their populations must be coerced, if necessary to apply themselves to a new direction.

These are also, of course, the governments that have demonstrated ably how well they work as an influential political clique within the United Nations to occupy human rights groups positions of authority despite that they have failed in every index of the human rights file for their own populations.

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