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Monday, April 11, 2016

Belgium's "Dirty War"

"Once the intention is there, the place of execution is rather secondary. If we secure one place, another target opens up."
"We can hope that the cell around Abdeslam and [Paris attack planner Abdelhamid] Abbaoud is just about caught but we should not believe it."
"It is a dirty war which is unpleasant for France, for Belgium, or for the other nations in Western Europe, because no one is immune."
Belgian justice minister Koen Geens
A victim receives first aid by rescuers, on March 22, 2016 near Maalbeek metro station in Brussels, after a blast at this station near the EU institutions caused deaths and injuries.
A victim receives first aid by rescuers near Maalbeek Metro station, after a blast in the subway near the EU institutions caused deaths and injuries -- The Daily Beast

The noose tightens and in Belgium, more of the plotters and those sought who were directly involved in the November 13 Paris attacks, along with the Brussels airport and metro attacks have been tracked down and arrested. Allowing Belgian investigators some vestige of face-saving after accusations of having long failed to do their jobs adequately. Not that they were without intelligence that should have led them to be aware and prepared, simply that the information was discounted.

It is now believed that the Brussels attacks were precipitated by the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, implicated in the Paris attacks and involved in further planning for yet another attack on Paris by way of Belgium. However, a Mr. Geens obseerved, it hardly matters where the attacks took place, since they have targeted Europe, anywhere in Europe, since anywhere in Europe is vulnerable to such attacks. Since Europe has been so well and truly infiltrated.

Citizens or not, they don't feel themselves part of the Europe they've been raised in, educated by; their allegiance only to Islam, and more particularly fanatical/political/ideological Islam enjoining its faithful to jihad. The cry to jihad is absorbed and it is celebrated, and so the conspiracies thrive and the adherents to jihad thrive as well, in an atmosphere of joyous entitlements to bring Europe, for that matter any non-Muslim nation to its knees in fear of terror striking anywhere at any time, unsuspected and deadly.

Now another long-sought suspect, Mohamed Abrini, has been taken into custody, charged with "terrorist murders" for both Brussels and Paris; that infamous "man in the hat". A religion-motivated mass murderer, made so with the support of a tight-knit community among whom live many with the right sympathizing concern to ensure that those who seek haven among them from detection by the law will be absorbed and protected.

On both occasions, at both deadly sites, 31-year-old Abrini decided that while becoming a suicide-martyr was perfectly logical for others who had nothing to give to jihad but their lives, he as a technician and strategic operative, had better things to do, depositing the explosives and ambling off to live another day. The Renault Clio used in the Paris attacks held his DNA and fingerprints, where they also were discovered in a Brussels apartment where the airport bombers lived.

He has distinguished himself for the Islamic State. His will become a name on the slate of jihadi missionaries, to be celebrated and emulated, admired and treasured.

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