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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Koran: Incitement to Jihad

"To date, there is nothing to indicate the accused is working with anyone or in concert with any organization. It will take some time to have a complete picture."
"While at the scene, the accused stated that 'Allah told me to do this; Allah told me to come here and kill people'."
"I want to be very, very, very careful, when it comes to the national security piece that we don't go through that Islamophobia nonsense."
"I don't want this categorizing of a large group of people. That would be very unfair and very inaccurate."
Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders

"They are very rare [such attacks at army recruiting centres], very exceptional."
"We were able to immobilize the assailant and then the police was engaged, EMS was engaged and military police was engaged as well. We always come together."
Recruiting centre spokesman Capt.Rony Khalil
Toronto Police Handout
Toronto Police Handout   Ayanie Hassan Ali, 27, faces five charges, including attempted murder.

Unfairness aside, let alone inaccuracy, if Torontonians have the impression that a segment of the Islamic population among them have a tendency to have implicit faith in their holy scriptures and the Koran's many passages inciting believers to embrace jihad and destroy their enemies, it would not be surprising. Terrorism stalks the globe through imperial Islamist jihad. Anywhere that Muslims live there will be among them those who cling to their clerics' impassioned demands to engage in jihad.

To recognize that fact is to see the reality of today's world with a clarity of vision. Islam has not entered modernity, but remains mired in the 7th Century of its founder's aspiration for his religion to destroy all others in the achievement of an eventual global conquest. As bizarre and as medieval as that may sound it is a reflection of the holy scriptures of Islam, the very scriptures repeated without fail at Friday sermons in mosques throughout the world.

Those of the faithful who don't take their prescriptions from the imams who preach their brand of fundamentalist Islam simply tune into the World Wide Web and there more than ample websites exist to furnish the faithful with incentives to become mujahideen in the name of Allah, and many who aspire to martyrdom in honour of a faith that demands the ultimate from its worshippers; their very lives to be submitted in jihad.

The sane among us, non-Muslim and Muslim alike may shudder at such a perversion of human values and feel that only those suffering from a sinister pathology of hatred dominated by a totalitarian version of theistic power could conceivably lend themselves to the vortex of violence dominating the world stage. The conviction that there is a streak of insanity in anyone who willingly foregoes life in the process of violently taking the lives of others is understandable.

Yet another Canadian of Somali extraction has succumbed to jihad, for as he has stated, he was driven by Allah's demand that he so act. And so he did, when he entered a government building housing a Canadian Armed Forces recruitment centre where he walked into an office, 'large knife' in hand to begin striking at a uniformed master corporal. He attacked and knifed three people in total before himself being apprehended by members of the military.

Montreal-born Ayanle Hassan Ali, 27, a citizen of Toronto since 2011, responded to his inner voice. The RCMP, CSIS federal agencies and the Ontario Provincial Police are working with the Toronto Police to establish details surrounding the attack. Future terrorism linked charges might be laid, but no link to any organization or individual has yet been made, it seems. The link that is present, Islam, is obviously being shunted aside, since that is representative of 'Islamophobia'.

For now, a defence has been brought forward, that the young man suffers from a mental illness. It has not yet been established that faith in Islam is a symptom of mental incapacity.

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