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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Accommodating Islamist Precepts

"The enemy looks ordinary and walks among you. It is one of the goals of ISIL to sow division and make us afraid of one another. That was one of the things I learned during my captivity."
Nicolas Henin, French journalist, 10-month ISIL hostage

"In a program of aggression and expansion these movements enjoy the advantage of fifth columns in every country and community with which they share a common universe of discourse."
Bernard Lewis, Academic, Islam expert

"How hard is it to understand that radical Islamist jihadis have declared war on the West?"
"It means they will find you and kill you wherever and whenever they can."
Raheel Raza, Pakistan-Canadian, founder, Muslim Reform Movement
Islamic State - Council on Foreign Affairs

The few brave souls that speak up and speak out about the Islamist agenda of violent conquest in a pattern that leads from the Seventh-Century advent of Allah speaking directly to the Prophet Mohammad to the present day, risk their lives to warn governments and populations for whom the very existence of a conspiracy of such magnitude is impossible to digest seem to speak in vain. From Turkish, Syrian and other Middle East journalists to Western academics, to Muslims living in Western societies, the warnings fall on deaf ears.

People in the West simply cannot conceive of a religion whose constant messaging through the Koran and the Hadiths toward the imperative of jihad in obeisance to the tenets of Islam succeeds at their personal peril. The world they know, the culture, society and values that they treasure, the laws that keep them secure and protected, the constants of trust and the social contract in benefit to all of the society threatened by the presence of a distant menace.

And then, that psychopathic menace approaches stealthily, infiltrating the democracies of the West with a view to undermining their stability whatever deadly carnage it takes to succeed, inspiring terror and ultimately altering the familiarity of routine with the need to become vigilant so that every waking hour represents the dread of imagining what comes next in the wake of the latest tragedy imposed by the religion-addled conscripts of jihad.

The rise of social media has changed our world in ways too numerous to imagine. Most people use the Internet and the World Wide Web for constructive ends, for primary communication along with its civil uses by government agencies. Who might have imagined the malevolence of a fundamentalist religious ideology that would use those auspices to spread sinister and nefarious messages of hatred to inspire violence?

And when war is declared by the House of Islam against the House of Iniquity representing all non-Muslim nations and their peoples, how to respond? Those who incite to jihad speak to a ready and waiting audience, prepared through long and thorough indoctrination to receive those messages and regard them as nothing less than the call by the Almighty to honour their faith. While in return those who represent the targets of jihad must defend themselves.

And there lies the problem: how to defend against attackers without conscience as it is recognized by most sane people of average intelligence? Believing implicitly in what their sacred screed demands they have no need of conscience, since they believe that their religion's demand is beyond scrutiny, the very words incarnate of Allah whose will must be obeyed. How can sanity argue with the pathology of ingrained entitlement to world conquest?

And so, we see a steady progression of jihadist cells appearing throughout the world, in both non-Muslim and Muslim nations alike, all seen by the Islamists as ripe for slaughter to hasten the Apocalypse that will bring the righteous faithful directly to Paradise, to meet with in triumph those who have purposely sacrificed themselves as martyrs in the act of killing innocent people, in the assurance that in so doing they commit an honour to Allah.

Our Western tender sensibilities inform us that by harbouring suspicions of Muslims we are being racially and religiously insensitive. This too is accelerated by design with Muslim organizations themselves insisting that Islam is never at fault, that there is never anything within Islam that militates to violence, and those who claim otherwise are displaying a dreadful form of discrimination they have named Islamophobia.

We hesitate to name the Islamist terrorist attacks for what they are: a clear manifestation of the sacred writings attributed to Mohammad acting under instructions from Allah. We fail to declare ourselves in full knowledge of what the Koran and the Hadiths instruct, and use that knowledge to confront the world of Islam with its deadly agenda, refusing to continue to allow their leaders, their clerics, their mosques and their universities to assure us that what we are witnessing is not Islam but the work of rogues.

Rogues that their own Islamist colleges of jurisprudence, their mullahs and their ayatollahs reinforce at every Friday sermon.

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