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Friday, February 26, 2016

More Loyal Trustworthy Canadians

"The end purchaser for some of these items was the Iranian military, thus national security was implicated."
Emily Langlie, U.S. attorney's office, Seattle, Washington
"The Iranian regime through the Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps is building a complex terror infrastructure including sleeping [sic] cells that are stockpiling arms, intelligence and operatives and are ready to act on order including in Europe and America."
"[Iran plans destabilization of the Middle East and beyond in training, funding and arming] emissaries [toward a revolution]."
Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon
The American aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman was entering the Persian Gulf when Iran's Revolutionary Guards fire missiles, a navy spokesman said.
The American aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman was entering the Persian Gulf when Iran's Revolutionary Guards fire missiles, a navy spokesman said. (Getty Images)
Shahin Tabatabaei, a Canadian citizen of Iranian heritage had a business associate in Iran, a man by the name of Abbas Moradi. Mr. Moradi took orders from Iranian companies wishing to acquire an assortment of American-manufactured products. Mr. Tabatabaei's end of their business arrangement was to see to acquiring the requested products. And this is precisely what Mr. Tabatabaei did, with the use of false identities.

Using names like "Gary Sean Williams" and "Alex Moore" for his orders and invoices, Mr. Tabatabaei performed his function in the interests of giving service to the Islamic Republic of Iran at a time when Canada, along with other Western nations was observing a sanctions protocol installed in reaction to Iran's illegal and controversially-alarming nuclear technology program in an evident attempt to produce nuclear weapons.

In the interests of going undetected for as long as possible, Mr. Tabatabaei took advantage of subterfuge useful to his purpose by misrepresenting who the end-users of those products would be. Another man from British Columbia, Iranian-Canadian Seyed Mohammad Akhavan Fatemi arranged payment for the items and their shipment into and away from Canada.

Unfortunately for their collaborative scheme to aid and assist Iran and its Revolutionary Guard Corps to provision themselves in direct contradiction to Canada's sanctions protocol, Mr. Tabatabaei encountered problems in September of 2010. He informed his Iranian contact via email that Canada's export control regulators had blocked his account, their obvious intention being to stop his export operations.

Helpfully, he attached a letter entitled "Sanctions against Iran", that he had been sent, to ensure he was fully aware of what the underlying problem was. Essentially that the government agency had discovered his illegal ploy and was putting a stop to it. Mr. Moradi back in Iran had a ready solution, recommending that his colleague sue the Government of Canada. Mr. Tabatabaei responded with his impression that such a lawsuit could never be won.

Just another -- this one detected -- scheme of undoubtedly many that indicate the Iranian Republic has invested in a large web of spies and enablers around the world in preparation for the eventual execution of their grand scheme of conquest and power. It is so easy a thing to do when the terrorism-experienced Iranians plot against such a trusting nation that could never imagine it had been thoroughly infiltrated by alien agents setting out to do harm.

A grand jury indictment was filed in California that has brought evidence against these two sterling examples of dual-citizenship Canadians. Just recently brought to the public notice, this violation of trade sanctions that potentially threatened national security of two countries gave evidence the group had shipped an array of American-made technical gear from pressure transducers to thermal imagers, solenoid valves, battery charges and gearmotors.

The products went through Canada, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey from 2007 through to 2011, to Iran. While some of the items were meant for use in Iran's oil and gas industries, others had a "military application" and were destined for use by the Revolutionary Guard Corps.

B.C. men accused of violating trade sanctions, shipping technology to Iran
The U.S. attorney’s office in Seattle says two B.C. men, Shahin Tabatabaei and Seyed Mohammad Akhavan Fatemi, were involved in a scheme to sell American-made equipment to Iran. Some of that equipment, an indictment suggests, was destined for Iran’s military.    AFP/Getty Images

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