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Friday, December 25, 2015

No Kidding!

"A lot of Muslim constituents are now saying to me that they're frightened about flying [to the United States]. They're frightened they're going to lose money, they're frightened they're not going to be able to see relatives."
"Nobody knows why these people were stopped. We do know what the common denominator is between them. All of us agree we've absolutely got to be vigilant about tackling terrorism, and we've got to be clear prejudice hasn't got a part to play in that." 
U.K. Labour MP Stella Creasy 

"It’s because of the attacks on America. They think every Muslim poses a threat."
 Mohammad Tariq Mahmood
Mohammad Tariq Mahmood
  Mohammad Tariq Mahmood says he still wants to visit the United States -- BBC News

"We were the only family that was of Asian, Muslim, sort of appearance, and it seemed a little bit embarrassing that only we were taken out [of the line to board]."
Mohammed Zahid Mahmood 

"There is a perception that such decisions are being made due to the faith or political activism of individuals."
The Muslim Council of Britain

Well, as it happens, not quite. Not every Muslim. But certainly this extended family of eleven had a few members whose entry to the United States from the United Kingdom was problematical. Sufficiently so that UK authorities were informed that the family members who were under suspicion would best not board their scheduled flight to Disneyland. Not all eleven members of the family, but specific members.

One of whom had been denied entry to Israel a few years earlier when his intention was to visit the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. And the son of one of the men, a teenager whose Facebook account had links to terrorist websites. If these are not warning bells distinguishing these particular Muslims as possible problems, that what else might they be?

If "political activism" isn't a red light in the minds of the Muslim Council of Britain, validating some level of concern by security authorities of a country that has been attacked time and again by Islamists whose faith leads them to pledge themselves to violent jihad, they evince a sense of entitlement that is bemusing at best.

The family is aggrieved that their rights have been abridged. But of course there are no inherent rights to enter a country which has been earmarked time and again for jihadist attacks from without and within by Muslims, and any country so besieged would be advised to ensure that they take prudent precautions in the hopes that further such attacks could be prevented.

Claiming that they were out of pocket $13,500 for flight expenses for the entire family, and that though their trip had been cancelled due to circumstances beyond their control, they haven't been reimbursed represents an entirely other matter that might be a subject to take up with the airline with which they had booked their flight.

"[The] religion, faith or spiritual beliefs of an international traveller are not determining factors] deciding whether people may travel to the U.S.; entry may be denied for a variety of reasons, including security concerns", explained a U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman.

And then another London-based Muslim, an imam and broadcaster, Ajmal Masroor, came forward to speak of his own experience, similar to that of the family's denied entry for their travel to Disneyland, when a U.S. embassy official prevented him from boarding a December 17 flight, informing him his business visa had been revoked.

"I asked him why repeatedly and he said 'You must have done something wrong', without any explanation. This is absolutely discrimination. It is not acceptable and playing into the hands of the terrorists", stated Mr. Masroor of his concerns that U.S. officials were singling Muslims out for discriminatory treatment.

Needless to say it is primarily Muslims who have been causing massive upheavals in the United States through repeated incidents of terrorist attacks, so such plaints transgress reason with the deliberate naivete of those who prefer not to recognize that Islamism has become a viral threat capturing the attention of security officials.

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