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Sunday, October 18, 2015

High Risk Traveller

"I guess we know who got the last laugh. Allah's plan has beaten your fragile entire nation's plan. May Allah guide you to the truth or destroy you." from Turkey/Syria
"I made a mistake and I apologize for that. It won't happen again." from Windsor courtroom
Mohammed El Shaer, Windsor, Ontario

"Canadian Muslims guess which 'high risk traveller' made it into Sham [Syria]?" 
"So what's ur excuse."
Ahmad Waseem, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant conscript

Mohammed El Shaer, seen at left, is back in custody in Windsor.
Mohammed El Shaer, seen at left, is back in custody in Windsor. (Twitter)

"The investigation is continuing", advised RCMP Superintendent Lise Crouch. She heads the Ontario Integrated National Security Enforcement team. And their intelligence is somewhat short on what and where Mohammed El Shaer  did and went to on his numerous absences from Canada, lacking the legal paperwork to ease his way into the international forum of Islamist jihad.

No valid passport, prohibited from leaving Canada because he was on a watch-list, the 28-year-old man left Windsor regardless and ended up in Turkey, last winter. This was by no means the first time ha had embarked on such a trip. An earlier journey took him in company with a violent extremist from Windsor as well, who fought for Islamic State and has reportedly since then died in battle.

"I'd be quite surprised, but before that I'm not sure" -- Amaranth Amarasingam, an academic who is researching Canadian Muslims leaving for parts abroad to join active jihad -- of his impressions gleaned through social media contacts with El Shaer, whether he had actually crossed from Turkey into Syria to join Islamic State; a forbidden destination.

Canada, after all, has instituted new provisions to strip Canadians with dual citizenship of their Canadian citizenship if they are found to be guilty of treasonous activity, of fighting for enemies of the country, for being involved in illegal and violent actions. And Palestinian-Canadian Mohammed El Shaer certainly appears to qualify.

"Canada is home to me, my family, but when you're constantly harassed by government officials it makes life a little bit difficult being followed around everywhere, and your name in the media constantly doesn't make it easy to land your dream job", he complained to a national newspaper. Canadian intelligence does not take its job lightly; its mandate is to protect the country and its citizens.

From the jeering, challenging contempt with which Mohammed El Shaer addressed the efforts of the RCMP -- "May Allah guide you to the truth or destroy you" -- the words of a jihadist involved in the work of jihad, to the simpering woes of a man viewing himself as a victim, complaining of unfair discrimination and profiling hampering his life in Canada, he presents as a typical Islamist takfiri.

The man has been arrested three times in less than two years, after his return from trips to the Middle East; from November 2013 to winter of 2014 and then again in 2015. From Turkey he informed Canadian officials with false information that his passport needed to be renewed because it had been damaged. Issued with an emergency travel document he returned to Canada in January 2014, and was charged with passport fraud.

Prohibited from leaving Ontario before his pending trial, he was released on bail yet travelled again to Egypt and Sudan before once again returning and being arrested at Pearson Airport in Toronto. He apologized and promised a judge in December 2014 he would never repeat that performance. Until shortly thereafter, released from a month prison stay his arrival in Syria for the third time was announced by a twitter post by his friend Waseem.

"He told me he was just hanging out", said Professor Amarasingam, of El Shaer's latest stay in Turkey with his wife and children. At the present time, El Shaer, once again arrested and appearing in an orange prison suit in a Windsor courtroom after his arrest on October 9 at Calgary's airport, escape artist Mohammed El Shaer, a perfect candidate to lose Canadian citizenship, awaits a bail hearing on six charges.

Breach of probation and making a false statement to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to obtain a passport. Separate charge of breach of probation and a charge of knowingly making a false document with a forged passport and possessing an identity document in the name of Mohamed Nour Hassan Moussa, the man appears fond of demonstrating his contempt for Canadian laws, let alone Canadian safety in his jihadi presence.

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