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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Concerning Concerned Canadian Muslims

  • We acknowledge the extraordinary experience of acceptance of Muslims in Canadian society.
  • We are committed to countering the impact of the hate-filled ideologies of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Khomeinists and other extremist groups, on Canada.
  • We decry the promotion by extremists of 'cultural victimhood' as an insidious tool to attract supporters and lay the groundwork for radicalization.  
  • We reject the unfettered use of accusations of "Islamophobia" to inhibit free speech and silence the discussion on Islamist extremism in Canada.
  • We urge Canada to enact stronger policy initiatives to contend with extremist ideologies that generate radicalization.
  • We support the legislative measures adopted by Canada to protect Canadians from terrorism.
  • We unequivocally support Canadian legislation prohibiting forced marriages, female genital mutilation (FGM) and other such loathsome practices.
  • We support Canada's continued involvement in the military mission against ISIS.
  • We support Canada's listing of the Iranian and Syrian regimes as state sponsors of terror.
Above are the inspiring statements of the collective voice of a coalition calling themselves Muslims Facing Tomorrow. Their website, muslimsfacingtomorrow.com introduces the curious to their mission within Canada as Muslims disturbed beyond complacent isolation from those Muslim-Canadian groups that distinguish themselves by the tactics of divisive and hateful propaganda against those with whom they disagree or who raise their traditional ire.

The full-page advertisement published in Canadian newspapers on Thursday, 30 July 2015 is unequivocal in its support of the current Government of Canada's attempts to protect all Canadians against home-grown terrorism, of Canada's involvement in international efforts to confront radical Islam, and in its rejection of Muslim societies within Canada purporting to speak for Canadian Muslims who accuse those critical of political Islam of "Islamophobia".

MFT final ad for press

Muslims Facing Tomorrow, a coalition of Muslim groups that have formed to counteract the efforts of political Islamists who have much in common with and support groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and celebrate Iranian influence in Canada has stated its commitment to advancing the interests of all people regardless of ethnicity, religion, civil status, gender orientation or any other indices that generally tend to set people apart from one another.

This timely, refreshing and vitally critical exposition of an entirely humanist mode of expressing solidarity with all the citizens of Canada with a common interest in advancing human society, human rights and equality among people, sets in perspective a hitherto not fully recognized effort on the part of people dismayed at seeing their religion used as a tool of medieval violence, threatening co-existence even among Muslims whose sect is viewed as that of heretics.

It is beyond reassuring to know that Tarek Fatah, Salim Mansur, Irshad Manji, Nazeem Afshin-Jan and Raheel Reza are not alone in their dedication to defending the religion they know and love while confronting the destabilizing efforts of fanatical Muslims living in Canada and spreading their message of suspicion, hatred, rejection of equality and the opportunity to live in peace with their neighbours. Muslims Facing Tomorrow spurs those on the sidelines to raise their voices in support of Canadian values.

Aligned with them in Muslims Facing Tomorrow is the Coalition of Progressive Canadian Muslim Organizations, Muslim Committee Against Antisemitism, Canadian Thinkers' Forum, Muslim Youth Expressions and Forum for Learning. While Canada is beset in some quarters with the threat of militant Islam, we are fortunate to have among us Canadians who subscribe to the tenets that support their belief that Islam is a religion of peace, rejecting those that seek to assert otherwise.

Canadian Muslims who have accepted Canadian values and who deplore the fanatical Islamism that prevails throughout much of the Middle East, Southeast Asia and North Africa today, have finally raised their voice to inform the Canadian reading public that there are indeed righteous among the faithful whose values are distinctly oriented in opposition to militant, human-rights-abusing Islamism.

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