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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

'Moral Obligation'

"I studied it for quite a while. When they wrote the BNA, they did not want direct taxation coming under the laws of the federal government, but under provincial government. 
"The people who end up running a federal government end up oppressing the people of the country because they are given too much power. They eventually become accountable to no one."
Jack Klundert, moral principle-protester

Some of the latest statistics relating to earning power in Canada, show that optometrists make fairly good earnings on their professional capabilities. Jack Klundert is a Windsor optometrist who has spent 20 years of his life contesting the federal government over what he claims is his "moral obligation" to deny the taxman.

He claims that Canada Revenue Agency's collection of taxes is unconstitutional.

So far, over that period of time, and in facing various courts, every one has disagreed with his position. His latest court appearance was based on his plan to withhold more than $1-million levied against him over the space of those two decades based on his earnings and on added interest. His banks accounts were seized to pay his criminal fine for tax evasion.

He has vowed to continue his righteous battle against the federal government, despite the Federal Court of Canada supporting the government. He has undergone trials for tax evasion, with juries twice acquitting him, as well as several appeals, a criminal conviction, jail time, lawsuits and despite all that he presses ahead with his anti-tax crusade.

"I knew it was going to cost me money and it was going to cost me time. But I wouldn't have kept this up for all these years if I didn't believe it. It has been rather difficult. I knew whatever I did to take a stand would not be appreciated by the CRA", he has declared.  He has read Canada's tax laws, studied the British North America Act and convinced himself federal tax collection was unconstitutional.

"The reason I put money offshore was, I was advised that when you fight Revenue Canada they will seize all of the money in your bank accounts. They get a 'jeopardy order' to seize all of your assets so you have nothing left to fight them with."  This is a man possessed with moral indignation that makes no real sense. 

This man is a Canadian citizen. He lives in Canada, he practises his profession in Canada.

As a Canadian citizen he is privileged with all its social services like universal medicare, old age income, CPP as well as the multitude of services given the public through federal coffers, paid for by taxes collected by Canada Revenue Agency. Presumably the man pays his provincial and municipal taxes, which pay for other services.  His denial of federal taxes comes at a price he is obviously willing to pay.

He has no wish to support the national police force, the military, federal infrastructure, Parliament or any other asset to Canadians paid for through taxes. Why is he living in Canada?

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