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Monday, December 03, 2012

 The Jewish Media Empire

Rupert Murdoch is genuinely puzzled.  He has a perfect right to ask a perfectly respectable question.  Accusations of improper querying, verging on anti-Semitism appear absurd, nevertheless the newspaper baron retracted his question, made an apology.  Far be it for him to delve too deeply into the mysterious underpinnings of those who will go out of their way to prove that they are not among those who plan to take over the world.

In a perverted way, giving credence to that hoary old Czarist-era claim that through an inexorable grasp on world banking, news promulgation, and sheer collective wicked will, the underhanded, conscienceless Jews of the world plan a world take-over.  The Protocols of the Elders of Zion remain the favourite reading material of the Middle East, with a sole national exception.  As hoaxes, now termed urban legends go, this one is exceptionally long-lived.

There is, on the other hand, some grain of truth to the dark assertion that Jews are industrialists, geniuses at mass communication and inventive new methods of entertaining the masses; witness Hollywood which, without Jewish genius would never have become the celebrated empire it now represents.  Jewish financiers and philanthropists (oops, that category doesn't count) are world renowned, even if some, like France's DSK cannot keep their fingers off their zippers.

Science, music, medicine, literature, physics, chemistry, physiology, no other ethnic group of 'racial' profile has been as adept as the Jews assiduously courting the Nobel Prize in their areas of expertise.
Sign on Nobel Laureates Boulevard in Rishon LeZion saluting Jewish Nobel Laureates.

So when Rupert Murdoch tweeted 'Why is Jewish-owned press so consistently anti-Israel in every crisis?' he was only querying a conundrum that assails the grey matter of Jews themselves who find it a puzzle.  He was accused of having "slipped into an anti-Semitic usage", of posting a tweet "beyond outrageous to offensive, truly offensive ... reviving the old canard about Jews controlling the media".

The very thought of which is suffocatingly claustrophobic.  Could there be truth in those hoary old slanders?  The fact is truth springs to life everywhere it isn't swaddled in the perniciously affectatious assertions of those quick to spring an insult on one who quests for the truth.  True, there are some places where truth his hidden under layers of obfuscation and coy denials.

They can be found in abundance in pronouncements made within the United Nations, spewed by those eager to smear, belittle and accuse Israel - for their audience is a most wide and appreciative one.  So genial to the accusations of 'apartheid','occupation' and 'genocide' that they are eager to prove themselves as allies of the aggrieved, the victims of Israeli aggression.

So let us count the ways in which Jewish baiters-and-haters can recognize co-conspirators: they have but to read The New York Times or The Chicago Tribune for affirmation of their fondly-held biases.  They can listen to National Broadcasting Corp., Columbia Broadcasting System (Viacom, MTV, BET), American Broadcasting Corp. and they will see, hear and read their calumnies validated.

The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, along with the aforementioned broadcasters are all of them Jewish initiated, funded, owned, directed and proudly verge on self-loathing, as in Jews indulging in their own brand of anti-Semitism.  That, at the very least, is the impression garnered by those Jews who support Israel, particularly against the vicious lies of those who do not.

So the estimable, and often ruthless but most perpicacious press baron, Rupert Murdoch is perfectly right in assessing the situation; Jews own a whole whack of the news media, particularly in the most powerful country on Earth, the very country which presumably gives its unalloyed support to the State of Israel, and where the Jewish lobby is said to control far too much of American political life. 

Why, please tell, do these news sources seem to delight in roasting, toasting, broiling and otherwise trashing Israel?

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