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Monday, October 08, 2007

Witless Wonder Whining

Who might that be? Why none other than the current and soon-to-be new Premier-elect of the Province of Ontario. Do we deserve this? Must be so. If we see another mini-interview with Dalton McGuinty praising his sterling up-bringing in a classic Canadian caring family of British Isles background, I'll puke. So don't sit too close to me, since these interviews and heart-twisting testimonials to the sacred memory of his faultless social-minded father are ubiquitous.

Try sitting next to me after the election, when the only excretions emanating from my poor battered disbelieving face will be tears, countless tears of regret and rage that we Ontarians are destined to spend another four interminable years of listening to, hearing, and worse yet, being governed by Dalton McGuinty. With ample input, needless to say, from other members of the McGuinty clan, all equally dedicated to the public weal. Which is what they tell us.

This walking, talking, quacking (he's the canard, all right) celebration of political chicanery, representing mediocrity at its most opportunistic, crass, hubristic and infuriatingly, stolidly smug level exemplifies the worst in political ineptitude. I hate to commit this thought to view, but is this man, could this man possibly be a reflection of ourselves? Might that be why he was elected for the first term, and now is roaring steadily toward re-election?

Is this what we want for ourselves, to be governed by such a one as he? Must be. He's entitled to the post; we've made it possible. True, the alternatives are few and for most voters, seemingly unlikely, although I wouldn't, myself, own to that kind of uncharitable thought. The Liberals' most likely opponent with at least a chance of election, experienced the great misfortune of watching their glib leader shoot them all in their collective foot.

Serves 'em right. Yet they're still telephoning us, belabouring us, cajoling and employing treacly means to entice us to get right out there on that auspicious day and vote Conservative. As if we'd sully our values by doing the unthinkable. Almost as painful as the thought of voting Liberal. Nice to hear that the NDP and the Greens are moving up there in the public opinion polls. Much good it'll do us.

Still, we're allowed a modicum of humour in all this mess. To know that Premier McGuinty is taking centre stage to 'lash out' at his Progressive Conservative rival, accusing that campaign of underhanded attack advertisements. "It's never the kind of ad I would have approved", sniffed old Dalton. "I was raised to find a way to be positive. It just runs counter to what I think Ontarians want to hear".

Right-o, Dalton. We're positively wild about being reminded time yet again that you've been a colossal failure at governance. We can understand that it's a trifle annoying to be viewing television hockey with your innocent little son only to watch in horror as an Tory advertisement asks "Do you really want four more years of mismanaged health care? four more years of Dalton McGuinty suing the parents of autistic children?".

What's his problem, anyway? Nothing untrue about those reminders, pity he considers them uncouth. If the truth stings, then he must know it's hit its target. When challenged by reporters who ask about his own sometimes unkind Liberal online advertisements, his superior sniff that "There's only so much I can manage in terms of my campaign" really hits the mark for elevated self-regard and prissy sound-back.

McGuinty can verbally thrust and feint and claim superiority in matters of honesty, clarity and responsiveness, but his record proves otherwise.

Another four years...oh the pain of it!

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