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Thursday, November 08, 2018

More Canadian Slime Seeping Out Of Islamist Sludge

"[The man born in Toronto] managed to bring blessed victories for the Caliphate state by carrying out electronic attacks that have made the enemies taste defeat and failure." [MEMRI translation]
"[He determined on graduation to ignore university], deciding to attend the university of monotheism and jihad in the cause of Allah." [SITE Intelligence translation]
Martyrdom notice, Al-Muhajireen Foundation

"I'm not sure who this guy is but I think it is very much a different Abu Osama Al-Kanadi than Farah Shirdon. It is common for different fighters to use the same kunya -- the same jihadi name. It's like a nom de guerre."
"I'm not surprised a Canadian could be among them. I just don't know who this guy could be, because it sounds like he is a white convert."
"There are not a whole lot of white Canadian converts who went [to join Islamic State in Syria]."
Amarnath Amarasingam, senior Research Fellow, Institute for Strategic Dialogue, University of Waterloo

Amazing how the West produces these Islamist jihadis out of men who were born, grew up, attended school, presumably interacted with non-Muslim majorities wherever they lived, but ended up rejecting democratic norms and the social contracts of Western democracies. So much for the integration of Muslims into the mainstream society of wherever they settle, away from Muslim-majority countries of their ethnic origin. All the more so when the adherents who run amok happen to be converts to Islam.

And that appears to be the case with a newly-identified 'martyr' of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant whose death notice was recently spotted on an online site popular with purveyors of death and destruction in the name of Islam. Published in Arabic, the glowing notice of appreciation for the heroic enterprise of this Canadian Islamic convert was seen by and interpreted for distribution by both MEMRI and SITE. Which doesn't speak much in praise of Canada's own intelligence services.

Bringing notice to the West of yet another sterling example of the successes of multiculturalism and the penchant for Islam to ignore and set aside the laws and customs of other nations to replace them with their own. Much less the prevalence within Muslim groups living in the West to glorify jihad and extol its virtues to the young and impressionable looking for excitement and a 'just cause'. Not that the far reach of the Internet and its dark inspiration doesn't play a hand in recruitment.

Canada's intelligence agencies are now aware of the fact that it was a Canadian behind the high-profile cyber attacks courtesy of ISIL that discombobulated Western governments when their high-echelon websites from banking institutions to military websites were invaded and degraded with the installation of Islamic State imagery and mocking messages meant to humiliate -- and succeeding.

According to experts in terrorism, the Arabic-language notice unveiled the presence and achievements on behalf of Islamic State of a hitherto-unknown Islamist of Canadian provenance, a convert to Islam who scorned ongoing life in Toronto in favour of joining ISIL's sacred war against the West. His identity was initially confused with yet another patriotic Canadian who chose to join ISIL and who shared the same jihadi identity: Abu Osama Al-Kanadi.

This was the well-identified Calgarian, Farah Mohamed Shirdon who shilled for Islamic State, inviting others like himself to muster their outraged courage and join him in the righteous battle of conquest in the name of the Prophet and Allah the almighty. In the posted memorial the man being lionized was said to have been born in Toronto to a Christian family which then chose to convert to Islam when the hero was seven years of age. He was thereafter raised with an Islamic education. (!?)

Multiculturalism. Immersion in the indigenous Canadian culture, mores and values. Spurned for a religion extolling itself as one of peace, while identifying all other religions as those of war-mongers and non-Muslim nations as representatives of perpetual conflict, as opposed to Muslim nations that reign in peace, security and good government. A keen student, this man, excited by computer programming. He set out to offer his expertise to ISIL.

The U.S. Central Command overseeing American military operations in the Middle East knows firsthand how accomplished a hacker he was: "AMERICAN SOLDIERS. WE ARE COMING. WATCH YOUR BACK. ISIS #CyberCaliphate" loomed on their website along with anti-American messages. Humiliating? Rather...! Particularly when U.S. military plans were accessed along with names and addresses of American soldiers, and ISIS videos were showcased on CENT-COM sites.

And the obverse was also the case with this valued member of ISIL ensuring computer security for the caliphate, protecting it from cyber attacks "by the forces of disbelievers and darkness". Killed by a drone strike in Raqqa, Syria at some unknown date. What a loss....


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