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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

New Day Dawning in Ontario Politics?

Doug Ford before a transition meeting at the Ontario legislature. Stan Behal/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network
"Our government will take action to ensure that events like Al-Quds Day, which calls for the killing of an entire civilian population in Israel, are no longer part of the landscape in Ontario."
"Blatantly racist or anti-Semitic ideology should never be permitted on the grounds of the legislative assembly of Ontario, or anywhere else in our province."
Doug Ford, Ontario Premier-Elect

"Some on the left have claimed Ford's description of Pride as an event where 'middle-aged men with pot bellies' run down the street 'buck naked' was evidence of homophobia. I would say that was just an accurate description of what goes on. Disturbingly, more and more parents are bringing young children to watch the parade, exposing them to provocative displays of sexuality that no child should witness."
"If a politician believes in family values, why would he or she want to be associated with such debauchery?"
"...There are some perfectly legitimate reasons to skip the annual bash. I'm gay and I boycotted the parade last year. So did a lot of other people. The reason fewer people showed up seems obvious. Pride endorsed hostility and division when it allowed the parade to be hijacked by Black Lives Matter Toronto in 2016, and subsequently gave in to their demand that police in uniforms be banned from marching in 2017."
"The best thing about Pride before the GLMTO takeover was that everyone was welcome, so the decision to exclude gay- and gay-friendly cops really ruined the fun."
"So long as our politicians are willing to defend equality, that's all that really counts. Many of us couldn't care less whether they parade down Yonge Street posing for selfies [Justin Trudeau] in the summer."
Josh Dehaas, freelance writer, Toronto
The "progressive" provincial Liberals have been tossed out of their governing perch, finally, and it's past time. Their "progressive" approach to every facet of government over the past fourteen years has effectively taught the voting public in the province that more of Liberal mis-administration of the province represents a punishment that the population can and will no longer tolerate. That done with this election, and the Liberals reduced to non-party status with the Progressive Conservatives given their turn at governing, there is hope that responsible administration will ensue.

Starting with a more intelligently judicious use of tax-payer-funded initiatives. And extending to more social order heightening respect due from one segment of the citizenry to the others with whom they share an obligation to take part in dedication to upholding the decency and moderation of public debate while enhancing the public weal. Which blatantly offensive displays of anti-Semitism and slanderous accusations against Jews alongside threats of mass murder fail to qualify.

And nor do the juvenile, spoiled-child attention-seeking of the greater majority of the LGBT2Q community rate as a communion of law-respecting citizens, and fair communication with segments of society who accept gay and lesbian human rights without wishing to be part of grotesque public displays of rude and inflammatory innuendo and behaviour of which the LGBT2Q community appears to feel entitled to expect obsequious acceptance on the part of straights.

So if the incoming premier of the province chooses to be absent from the latest iteration of Gay effrontery it should be recognized that this is his privilege and is not an indication that he has any intention whatever of turning back the clock to an era when gays and lesbians were horribly discriminated against through threat, disentitlement and violence.

Similarly, the components of the provincial population who feel it their given right to march in public with the emblems of violent terrorist groups in full display should be disabused of that notion.

The yearly Al-Quds Day rallies represent an instrument of defamation and intolerance rife with threats and the violence of mass murder engineered by the Islamic Republic of Iran, spread throughout the Muslim world as a symbol of oppression by Jews of Arabs and Muslims; a true David and Goliath fantasy of dysfunctional hatred in a religious culture given to global terrorism in aid of upholding Islam's most basic tenet of intolerance for other religious through the instrument of jihad.

Hoisting Palestinian flags in empathetic support of Palestinian Arab 'return' to 'their' land with the destruction of the State of Israel, marchers carry Hamas and Hezbollah banners to ensure that any witnesses to their hate-fuelled event are fully aware that these two Iran-sponsored and -funded terrorist groups, both of which remain on Canada's official outlaw list, are prepared to launch bloody war against the Jewish state with the popular support of the organizers and marchers of the Al-Quds Day event.

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