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Sunday, June 17, 2018

LGBTQ2: 7 Points, Trinity Western Law: 2

"Students who do not agree with the religious practices do not need to attend. But if they want to attend, for whatever reason, and agree to the practices required of students, it is difficult to speak of compulsion."
"Canada has a tradition dating back at least four centuries of religious schools which are established to allow people to study at institutions that reflect their faith and their practices."
(former) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Beverley McLachlin, Ottawa

"The limitation in this case is of minor significance because a mandatory covenant is ... not absolutely required for the religious practice at issue: namely, to study law in a Christian learning environment in which people follow certain religious rules of conduct."
Majority ruling, Supreme Court of Canada

"Equating approval [of Trinity Law] to condonation [of the covenant] turns the protective shield of the Charter into a sword by effectively imposing Charter obligations on private actors."
"[Charter values] are entirely the product of the idiosyncrasies of the judicial mind that pronounces them to be so."
"Canadians are permitted to hold different sets of values."
Dissenting minority ruling, Justices Suzanne Cote and Russel Brown

"The effect of the decision is to water down Charter protections; it will make it harder for individuals to challenge bureaucratic violations of their fundamental rights."
"The right at stake in this case was freedom of religion, but it could just as easily be freedom of speech or expression in a future case."
Howard Anglin, executive director, Canadian Constitution Foundation
Trinity Western University faced legal challenges to open a law school because of a 'community covenant' that required students to abstain from sex unless they were in a heterosexual marriage. (CBC)

There it is, for better or for worse; and by all indications it is worse than anticipated; the Supreme Court of Canada has once again ruled as a 'progressive' sanctimonious body engaged in its own brand of virtue signalling to match that of the current government headed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal cronies with their smug certainty that their brand of Canadian progressive social engineering makes Canada the superior nation that beckons to immigrants, refugees, haven seekers and economic migrants as their destination of choice.

This land of freedom, of sacrosanct choices in religious devotion, ideology, and cultural baggage guarantees equal rights to all of society's new recruits in the Canadian Dream with some singular exceptions. The fusty Old Guard of conservatism both ideological and religious reflects a shameful past which trod upon the human rights of Canada's aboriginal populations by the use of its own version of social engineering; integration into mainstream life with equal rights as the vital side-dish of entitlement. Entitlement to be responsible for self, and to take advantage of opportunities open to all.

The presumption that Indigenous peoples wanted to leave their heritage and culture and adapt to modernity to forge new lives for themselves while a prevailing atmosphere of scorn for their heritage marked the order of the day admittedly made the transition unpalatable. Society's underprivileged, the social misfits we now lump together as the LGBTQ2 group have broken the tethers that kept them on the receiving end of rejection and violence, now rule the liberal roost, as social darlings. And women whose rights were so long suppressed have a supreme entitlement to belittling and emasculating their male counterparts.

Men who consider themselves 'feminists' grovel with delight at the feet of women returning to men what they have long suffered and take up the cudgel now for rights so long denied gays and lesbians. One such who administers the affairs of Canada promotes their eternal rights on the international stage, befuddling and confusing his global counterparts with his brand of diplomatic and economic management and demands. And a small, private evangelical Christian university in Langley, British Columbia has been chastised by the Supreme Court of Canada for its unspeakable audacity in believing it had every right under the Charter's guaranty of religious rights to promote a "community covenant" to prohibit sexual relations among unmarried men and women.

Trinity Western University aspired, as a school with an excellent academic reputation, to open its own law school for which they would require accreditation and recognition of legitimacy under provincial governing bodies for the profession. Denied, by British Columbia and Ontario law societies, refusing to accredit Trinity's law graduates -- for these superior institutions declined to grant their imprimatur to the Trinity's offensive covenant, for if they did confer legitimacy the effect would be to support "inequitable barriers on entry to the profession". As though a Christian college  would be incapable given its Christian constraints, of educating future lawyers in the intricacies of Canadian law.

Voting 7 to 2 to deny the proposed law school at Trinity Western, the Supreme Court of Canada affirmed its stranglehold on Canadian custom and social permissiveness, effectively shutting down Trinity's aspirations to teach, graduate and have pride in their capacity to commit to supporting Canadian academia in the practise of law. Their strictures on sexual activity nullifying their capability to impart to students the fine points of the Canadian legal system. The Supreme Court in so doing, upturned Canada's long tradition in recognition of religious teaching institutions that have helped build the education system in the country.

A country in which freedom of speech, of worship and of gathering is proudly guaranteed all its citizens, but if they feel entitled to government grants in hiring students for summer job placements if they cannot or will not subscribe to the government's edict on women's right to end unwanted pregnancies because of their orthodox religious beliefs they will be denied tax-funded generosity. It's just that though Canadians are all equal with equal rights, some are obviously more equally entitled than others.

The Supreme Court of Canada has denied Trinity Western University the right to be accredited by the Law Society of B.C. over its contentious community covenant. Gerry Kahrmann / PNG

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