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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Canada: Overrun by Illegal 'Refugees'

"We believe it will send a very strong message to those who assume that coming to Canada through irregular means will result in them waiting for a long period of time, for years, in Canada and then forming an attachment here."
"That's not going to happen."
Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen
Ahmed Hussen weaves his way through a crowd with Zubair Patel, his director of outreach and communication
How typically 'progressively' touchy-feely of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to appoint a 40-year-old Somali-Canadian who entered Canada as a refugee at age 16, in 1993. Mr. Hussen, as a former refugee who arrived in Canada with his family, did not enter illegally -- or as the Liberal government in Ottawa prefers -- irregularly -- but entered through legally approved means by applying while abroad and receiving the acknowledgement through Canadian Immigration that they qualified to enter Canada as refugees and to become permanent residents.

As a Minister of the Crown in the Trudeau government he was appointed after being elected as a Member of Parliament, for the optics of a 'progressive' government whose leader has stated baldly and in high profile measure through social media that under his rule, Canada 'welcomes' all and sundry with open arms. Failing to add that this entry must be under approved, legal measures, to protect the country from infiltration from potentially trouble-prone entrants. Refugee claimants must undergo due process and scrutiny to verify their qualifications.

It is a slow and long process which typically takes up to a year under normal circumstances, but now that the system has been encumbered by far more illegal entrants than those who go through official channels, the process takes infinitely longer. Which means that those welcomed into Canada who enter through unofficial corridors which are actually forest paths in the boundary between the United States and Canada, could have their files awaiting scrutiny for years.

During that waiting period, Canada offers to these illegals all the benefits of its universal social programs, from medical/hospital, and then some, since it is assumed they arrive without their own financial independence, additional legal services, as well as access to social housing and welfare.

Nigerians enter the United States first acquiring U.S. visitor visas, as a pretext for entering the U.S., but with the intention of expediting their illegal dash toward the border from New York State to Quebec, to end up in temporary refugee camps briefly before moving on to Montreal and Toronto, in the process vacuuming up social services, crowding emergency shelters and forcing municipalities to expend vast sums of treasury on supporting their material needs, including psychiatric counselling, housing, education and dentistry for the young.

Haitians and Nigerians comprise the vast bulk of the thousands of illegals crossing into Canada, from Manitoba to Quebec. Canada has dispatched the RCMP to helpfully guide these illegals toward intake points where their immediate needs will be met, and where Immigration officers will be present to accept refugee applications from the illegal influx who represent mostly economic migrants anxious to find a source of aspirational futures full of opportunities they feel await them in North America.

"The U.S.A. is not an attractive place to most Nigerians right now. It used to be the most attractive place, but with the Trump factor – the old-style immigration climate in the U.S. compared to Canada – most people are going to find their way to Canada", explained Kehinde Olalere, a Canadian immigration lawyer who grew up in Nigeria and regularly travels to the country.

Fleeing insecurity in their home country of Nigeria, they find it easier to obtain travel visas from the U.S. compared to Canada, while viewing the U.S. as a transit point on their way to Canada, noted Mr. Olarere.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer informs a migrant couple of the location of a legal border station, shortly before they illegally crossing from Champlain, N.Y., to Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Quebec, Monday, Aug. 7, 2017. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer informs a migrant couple of the location of a legal border station, shortly before they illegally crossing from Champlain, N.Y., to Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Quebec, Monday, Aug. 7, 2017. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

The new initiative announced by Minister Hussen that more Immigration and Refugee Board staff meant to be dedicated to processing illegal claims exclusively will solve much of the immense back-log of cases awaiting determination is a pathetic measure of a response to the illegal migrants crossing at non-official ports of entry. In 2017 a response team was set up to manage the increased workload and long wait times, which only seemed to encourage greater numbers of migrants to cross the border.They were soon swamped by the increases in people flooding over.

The solution? Because these people knowingly and deliberately cross illegally into Canada, they should be turned around directly and denied entry altogether, with the advice that once outside Canada, they have the complete freedom to apply for refugee status at official border points, or alternately from their countries of origin at Canadian visa offices operating within embassies and consulates abroad.

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