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Monday, April 23, 2018

Injuring a Worthwhile Cause

"While armed with and having readily available dangerous and deadly weapons, that is, a pole and a shoe, unlawfully assaulted and threatened Kamal Nayfew in a menacing manner and intentionally, knowingly, and recklessly caused significant bodily injury to Kamal Nayfeh."
"That such a criminal act demonstrated the prejudice of Brandon David William Vaughan based on the actual or perceived race, colour, or national origin of Kamal Nayfeh ... a bias-related [hate] crime."
Armed assault indictment, Washington, D.C.

"We had Antifa out earlier trying to bother people. Didn't work out for them very well. That's the thing about Proud Boys. We show up early so we take care of the rough stuff right off the bat, get it out of the way."
"The only reason we do it, is so these people [anti-Islamists] can have their say."
"People of all races, colours and creeds coming together to stand for Canada, to stand up to Justin Trudeau. This is beautiful."
Brandon David William Vaughan, 23, Ottawan
RCMP officers handcuff Brandon Vaughan during a Parliament Hill "Hijab Hoax" protest in February. Ashley Fraser / Postmedia

When a young Muslim girl claimed that a Chinese man assaulted her on her way to school by ripping away her Hijab, later found to be a false charge, members of the Chinese community were offended, and anti-Islamic groups decided to hold a protest on Parliament Hill to register their anger at false attempts on the part of Muslims to claim they are being violently discriminated against. That appearance by Brandon Vaughan at the protest resulted in arrest and being banned by the Parliamentary Protective Service from the Hill for a period of 60 days.

Brandon Vaughan takes exception to the Muslim presence in Canada. He is clearly not a racist as is claimed by his detractors; witness his delight at the melange of Canadians of colour and ethnic group that turned out in support of the "Muslim-Hoax" protest on Parliament Hill; the object of his dislike is quite particular; only Muslims need apply. He is also criticized for the company he keeps; a supporter of groups described as "far right"; basically people indigenous to the Western tradition, alarmed at the growing presence of Islam and what it inevitably portends.

As a "Western chauvinist" and proud of it, he is decried as 'far-right', as is by now familiar to anyone who protests at the casual diminution of Western customs, heritage and values with the smothering influx of Muslims and their insistence on Sharia law being equal to Western justice, along with the alarm felt globally at the violence of Islamist jihad. "The West is best and we'll keep it that way", appears to be the mantra of the groups he supports such as "Odin's Warriors". He describes  himself as a "buddy" of the Jewish Defence League.

And like most people who decry Motion 103, the parliamentary motion condemning "Islamophobia", is labelled an Islamophobe for his pains. By all indications he is an Islamophobe, a condition that is hardly surprising given the very public incidences of Islamic dysfunction, violence, hostility toward Western values and democracy and vicious, bloody attacks both against other Muslims and communities of non-Muslims.

A man wearing sunglasses who appears to be Brandon Vaughn is seen in the YouTube video from the March 2017 AIPAC demonstration in Washington, D.C. OTTwp

When he and several other young men, one another Canadian, attended the annual AIPAC rally meant to foster closer ties between Israel and the U.S. that took place in Washington, it was with the knowledge that counter-demonstrations outside the annual conference would also be taking place. When Palestinian groups and those supporting them show up to practise their disdain for the very presence of any groups giving support to the State of Israel.

An altercation took place that gives no credit of decency or civilized behaviour to those carrying American, Israeli and Jewish Defence League flags, when a group of young men including Mr. Vaughan surrounded and began beating a 55-year-old Palestinian-American who identified himself as such. His crime was to identify himself as a Palestinian when someone in the group had casually denied the existence of "Palestine". This man was pushed and kicked and beaten by up to four men.

The Palestinian man, Kamal Nayfeh, a college professor from North Carolina, had dropped his daughter off at the demonstration, which accounted for his presence. The strength of Palestinian-American hatred of Israel manifest in undertaking such a trip for such a purpose. When the beating was over he needed 18 stitches to close a wound sustained near one of his eyes. The brutality of the attack against an older man whose presence infuriated younger men who grouped about him and beat him severely was uncivilized and inexcusable.

The assault was despicable and did nothing whatever to advance the causes that these young men espouse. Their right to speak openly about their beliefs were never in doubt. Their right to assault someone whose outlook was quite different from their own was non-existent. It was a spiteful, immoral act of violence. They have, in fact, sullied their cause of their own mistaken volition and criminal act. And more's the pity.

A screen grab showing the attack on a Palestinian man outside a Washington conference in March 2017. OTTwp

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