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Friday, March 23, 2018

Trying to be Prime Ministerially Relevant

"Whether it's pulling back of his engagement in the Donbass or leaving Crimea, whether it's taking responsibility for ... the important questions that the U.K. has asked after the terrible poisoning incident a few weeks ago in Salisbury, whether it's questions around NATO, questions around Syria, questions around the Arctic [Russia and Vladimir Putin in specific is due to show some positive behaviour on the world stage]."
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses the media at Sussex Regional High School in Sussex, N.B. on Thursday, March 22, 2018. The Russian Embassy is firing back at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for criticizing President Vladimir Putin at a press conference this week. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Vaughan

"We regret PM Trudeau's confrontational rhetoric at yesterday's Toronto press conference prompted by U.K. slanderous Russophobic hysteria."
"This language of ultimatums is totally unacceptable & counterproductive, especially for bilateral dialogue on important issues, like the Arctic."
Russian attache, Russian Embassy, Ottawa, Canada
We regret PM Trudeau’s confrontational rhetoric at yesterday’s Toronto press-conference prompted by UK slanderous Russophobic hysteria. This language of ultimatums is totally unacceptable & counterproductive, especially for bilateral dialogue on important issues, like the Arctic.
"The prime minister made a tiny mistake and a junior diplomat picked up on it. End of story."
"The Arctic is one of just a couple of places where Russian-Western co-operation remains good."
"[The Twitter account rebutting the prime minister's statement is run by a press secretary] who is a very active tweeter -- you might even call him a troll."
"Yes, he is an employee of the Russian Foreign Ministry, but he is a long way from the centre."
Michael Byers, Arctic expert, Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law, University of British Columbia
There's Justin Trudeau, exchanging his clown's cap and internationally exchangeable costume wardrobes in cultural appropriation passing as 'respect', for the veneer of an intellectual and sturdy upholder of international stabilization between the governments of world powers, yearning to reverse the damage he willfully brought in government-to-government relations between Canada and India. Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper had the courage of his convictions preferring to deliver a more apt and particular message personally, face to face.

It was beneath Stephen Harper's dignity as the prime minister of Canada to masquerade himself as a Bollywood actor on his visit to India, which was a state and stately affair not a sham trade event of great moment staged by Trudeau that made a mockery of Canada as a nation whose governance was one to be reckoned with. Trudeau chose not only to embarrass Canada by his mawkish stage-managing to appeal to a voting bloc in Canada, but when his stupidity in parading his good relations with a convicted attempted assassin of an Indian Minister made inconvenient headlines, blaming India for engineering it.

Now, while the Parliamentarian opposition is heating up his seat to burn his backside over that crassly notorious bungle, Trudeau has hoisted his trousers to confront -- at a safe distance -- another government. Not that that other government's actions on a multitude of fronts doesn't call out for confrontation, simply that Trudeau isn't the one to do it. He has little credibility either at home or at large in the international community which hasn't yet stopped laughing uproariously at the colourfully silk-clad Trudeau family disporting themselves at the Taj Mahal and the Golden Temple at Amritsar.

Slapping together a sanctimonious accusation bundling Ukraine, election interference in the United States, and the use of a chemical poisoning agent in Salisbury against a former Russian intelligence agent who acted for MI6, and sticking Arctic sovereignty into the grievance-and-accusation list simply represents yet another demonstration of his lack of knowledge, of intelligence, and of maturity. That Parliament adopted a motion holding Russia to account for the nerve gas attack against Sergei Skripal and daughter Yulia should have sufficed.

Trudeau himself feeling that he can add weight to the solemn rejection of thuggery on the part of Russian President Vladimir Putin simply portrays himself as an adolescent me-too aspirant to influence on the world stage. He should stick to what he knows and does best; thrilling young girls with his august presence as the world's premier "feminist" with his endless agenda of advancing women's rights and social engineering in every single aspect of governmental and business processes throughout the world community.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau watches children working on small robotics in Toronto on Wednesday, March 21, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

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