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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

A Splinter in the Public Eye -- Poseurs Unite!

"We've all observed your 'science guy' persona, yet, you intentionally avoid telling people you're playing a character."
"You have allowed the illusion to persist for decades that you are an expert on science issues in the public eye."
Critic of science popularizer, American Bill Nye

"Unlike the Science Guy, I am not the skilled labour guy or the dirty jobs guy, nor am I a spokesman for blue-collar America."
"I would never juxtapose myself with work in the same way Bill [Nye] has juxtaposed himself with science."
Mike Rowe, former host, Dirty Jobs

"When you're a baby,  you are a scientist. If I make this noise, wow, I get milk. If I push this button or knock this thing off the table, it lands on me and it hurts. Being a kid is constantly testing, discovering, hypothesis, experiment, solution, learning. It's as we grow older, we start to forget about being scientists."
"Men like explosions, women are building things. [Men mostly think about whether they can] build a really big rocket."
"There's so many of these slow-motion, exploding things. What happens if I drop an anvil on a watermelon?"
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Bill Nye shows off a Canadian $5 bill, which features an astronaut and the Canadarm as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau looks on during an armchair discussion highlighting Budget 2018's investments in Canadian innovation at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa on Tuesday, March 6, 2018.   Justin Tang / THE CANADIAN PRESS
Justin Trudeau is utterly oblivious to the perilous state of his vacant mind; he is too obsessed with the conceit of self as Renaissance Man, knowing all, capable of anything and master of all he surveys. Each of his public performances reveal to a gawping public how narcissistic and vacuous this man in arrested adolescence really is, imbued with a streak of malice toward any who might take steps to interfere in his plans. The public humiliation of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, suspected of attempting to undermine a Trudeau decision on naval ship procurement, removing him from his position as vice-chief of the defence staff a case in point.

As a self-declared feminist and "progressive" Justin Trudeau has angered other heads of foreign governments by his firm stance linking trade agreements with gender equality, sensitivity to Aboriginal affairs, workers' rights and respect for the LGBTQ2S communities. His superior sanctimony has cost him the initial admiration he garnered as a cheerful, good-news personality in his travels abroad, leading to the position he now holds as an intellectual light-weight and embarrassment to Canada.

His soft-on-terrorism and big-on-refugees position has failed to endear him to his home public as tax paying Canadians groan at the million-dollar settlements Trudeau feels that hostile Muslim fighters are entitled to, linked to the alacrity with which he has invited those fleeing sectarian violence out of the Middle East to come and share Canadian largess, taking advantage of generous social welfare programs in a country whose health-care system is already stretched to the limit.

The latest debacle where his clownish display of cultural disrespect to a Democratic ally had the Indian sub-continent puzzled as to why a Westerner would appropriate a religious Hindu symbol of piety while clad in outlandish Bollywood glitter. Abuzz over the eight days of a presumed "trade" mission that had very little trade in the mission but plenty of clumsy play-acting rounded out by clear indications in the carelessness of the company Trudeau keeps that terrorist affiliations fail to faze him even as they alarm his courteous hosts who bear the brunt of it.

Trudeau adores celebrity, his own and any opportunities to brush up against the celebrity of others. This week, the University of Ottawa hosted an event to which American science popularizer Bill Nye was invited, to quip on science alongside the equally knowledgeable Justin Trudeau. Both in their element, each supporting the other in their veneer of scientific knowledgeability. Both had briefly studied engineering, the Science Guy as a mechanical engineer, and as the event moderator pointed out, Trudeau whose brief acquaintance with that field of study left him as "someone who thinks of himself as a bit of a science nerd".

The quotes above can attest to the 'nerdiness' of Trudeau as science aficionado. Trudeau's work experience has included a stint as a drama coach at a private school in Vancouver. He has, additionally, had experience as a snowboarding instructor, nightclub bouncer and camp counselor. On the strength of his family name, he has also had experience as a public speaker, collecting sturdy speaking fees in the process.This extensive work experience and his obvious intellectual brilliance prepared him for his role as Prime Minister of Canada.

Canadian scientists, of whom there are plenty, some celebrities in their own right, were evidently insufficiently internationally known for their celebrity-heft to sit alongside the prime minister to discuss Canadian innovation in science. Bill Nye, the American impersonator of science international apparently was, but why complain; the match-up was fairly inspired. What self-respecting Canadian scientist would, after all, want to play science-stooge for Trudeau?

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