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Friday, February 09, 2018

Canada's Socialist Opposition Party's One-State Palestinian Agenda

"[The resolution calls for the NDP to actively campaign in support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel] until it dismantles the apartheid wall, allows refugees to return home, ends its demolition of Palestinian homes and olive groves, lifts the siege of Gaza, ends its occupation of Palestinian lands and terminates the apartheid practices."
New Democratic Party socialist caucusndp 2018 convention.png
"I belong to a community that has lived through trauma and that continues to experience political injustice...."
"As leader of the NDP, I will always stand in solidarity with all people who have experienced oppression. I stand for Palestinians' right to freely determine their political status."
"I witnessed the technology and development in Israel. I was shocked by the contrast I saw in Palestine. I witnessed the presence of the military occupation in Hebron and the frustrating conditions created by the settlements deep in the West Bank."
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh
Trudeau is expected to come under pressure to step away from Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and vote against the Trump administration's decision to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel. (Reuters)

The NDP, the third-leading (at a distance) political opposition party in the Parliament of Canada is preparing to hold its annual convention. The leftest of the left-wing factions within the party is prepared to present a number of proposals they would like the federal party to adopt as part of their political platform.
  • Pull Canada out of NATO;
  • Fire NDP Foreign Affairs critic Helene Laverdiere for attacking the "progressive government" of Venezuela;
  • Nationalize the auto industry;
  • Nationalize Canada's banks;
  • Place the telecommunications industry under public ownership;
  • Raise the minimum hourly wage to $20;
  • Shorten the work week;
  • Solidarity with Palestine.
"Solidarity with Palestine" equates with support for a one vote, democratic, secular Palestine. Not as a state alongside Israel, but a state encompassing Israel, where there would no longer be a Jewish state, but one state under majority Palestinian Arabs, with Jews living amongst them with no special privileges, for all would be citizens in this Palestinian state with presumably equal status, and no religion would be recognized as representing the state.

This, reasons the NDP, represents socialist justice and an even-handed solution to a never-ending problem. Of course, the Palestinian Authority's President Mahmoud Abbas made it clear that he would never tolerate any Jews living in a nascent Palestinian state. He has also made it abundantly clear that Jewish feet are not to defile the third-most-sacred Islamic precincts of the Noble Sanctuary which the Temple Mount predates as the most revered site in Judaic heritage.

The 'right of return' refers not merely to the 700,000 Palestinians who 'temporarily' fled when an invading army of combined Arab militaries marched on the newly-declared State of Israel in 1948, to destroy it, but to all its succeeding generations, now numbering approximately 7.2-million. The 800,000 Jewish refugees that the Arab nations expelled were absorbed by Israel, whereas the Arab countries of the Middle East consistently refused to absorb their Palestinian brethren.

The Israeli 'occupation' of the West Bank and Gaza Strip arose out of the combined Arab armies failing to destroy Israel in the Yom Kippur War of 1967 which saw Israel take possession of the two territories as it successfully defended itself. Countless offers of peace and territorial settlement were refused time and again by the Palestinians, a situation that remains constant to the present day. Simply because their goal is indeed a one-state solution, quite similar to the one that the NDP proposes.

Under its previous leader, Thomas Mulcair, the position of the NDP, was that of a "balanced and constructive role" proposed for Canada in helping to build a peaceful settlement at the height of the Gaza 2014 war. While Mulcair bemoaned civilian deaths in Gaza, he noted that the rockets fired into Israel by Hamas was "utterly unacceptable". Unacceptable as well, though unsaid, the fact that Hamas installed its rocket launchers directly within civilian enclaves, inviting Israeli responses that would effectively hit civilians for propaganda purposes.

The NDP's new leader, Jagmeet Singh, when a member of the Ontario legislature, voted against a motion to reject the BDS movement, calling for a free expression of dissent. Mulcair understood the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians to be complex in its historical nature. Canadian Friends of Peace Now responded to the new NDP proposal, posting a news release to point out the "highly one-sided" proposal makes no demands on the Palestinians while targeting Israel with demands that would destroy its presence as a Jewish nation among a multitude of Arab nations.

The Palestinian Authority states repeatedly to its people that they will all be enabled to 'return' to the land occupied by Israel, including of course the millions who had never lived there, weren't born there, have only their parents' and grandparents' recollections of the geography as their ancestral homes, entirely discounting those ancestral homes with Jewish heritage dating from antiquity. As for the apartheid nature of Israel, its Palestinian population has full citizenship with all the rights accruing to that status.

The Palestinian Authority refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and until it does so, there can be no discussions on that elusive peace agreement, not so long as the PA and Mahmoud Abbas keep inciting Palestinians to attack and kill Jews, assuring them that the land will be returned to Palestinians as the 'rightful owners' and the Jews extinguished.

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