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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Seriously Delusional Storyteller Extraordinaire : Good Match for an Extraordinarily Egocentric Prime Minister

"At this early stage we have not received any of the evidence in this case, but we are eager to receive any evidence there is and look forward to defending Mr. Boyle against these charges in court."
"He [Joshua Boyle] is eager for the full story to be presented at the appropriate time in court."
Eric Granger, lawyer for Joshua Boyle

"It was a private meeting and we will not say more due to privacy considerations and out of respect for the family [of Joshua Boyle]."
Prime Minister's Office

"Millions of Canadians would love a private audience with Justin Trudeau -- after all, as his Disabilities Minister Kent Hehr put it, 'Everyone has a sob story'."
Mark Bonokoski, columnist, Toronto Sun 

"We [Boyle and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau] were able to discuss #Martyr-Boyle [unborn fourth child lost to spontaneous abortion] and the #Haqqani Network [Afghanistan-based terrorist group linked to the Taliban and al-Qaeda] in further detail."
Joshua Boyle's BoylesWorld Facebook account
Trudeau and Boyle Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Joshua Boyle and his family. (Twitter/The Boyle Family)

There is something creepy about Joshua Boyle. It began with his brief marriage to the older sister of Canada's infamous Omar Khadr of Guantanamo Bay prison fame/infamy, the 'child' guerrilla trained in the terror camps of Afghanistan along with his older brothers at the instruction of their father, Ahmed Khadr, an al-Qaeda financier and personal friend of Osama bin Laden. Joshua Boyle married Zaynab Khadr, at whose previous arranged marriage bin Laden was an especial guest.

Married to another woman, Boyle, who learned to speak Arabic and who uttered the phrase "There is no god but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger", thus converting to Islam, through uttering the Shahada to submit and commit to Islam, had a profound fascination with Afghanistan. There he travelled with his pregnant wife, small-town-America do-gooder, to immerse themselves among those in Afghanistan who profess the true way of life through the purity of fundamental Islam.

His claims of having been abducted by the Taliban and held in captivity for years while his wife gave birth to a succession of three children, the fourth one spontaneously aborting, gave him the kernel of a story of personal sacrifice and the opportunity among the primitive Islamists to treat his wife the Sharia way, as a breeding cow, satisfying his urges and bringing children into a society whose culture and religion he so admired. As hostages, strangely no ransom was ever demanded for their release.

"Rescued" from the clutches of the Haqqani network/Taliban, a story of voluntarily joining them would obviously create revulsion, not admiration in the West, so Boyle chose admiration and a story to elicit compassion. Overnight, the family became a media sensation, the kind of notice that Boyle appeared to crave. What could be more fitting than that he request an audience with another man who also flourishes in the spotlight, forever seeking opportunities to demonstrate his iconic compassion?

Boyle and Trudeau would naturally have much to speak of, together. Both thespian in nature, both egocentric with some differentiation; one culturally 'progressive', the other culturally regressive; one a professed feminist, the other a male chauvinist; one in a position of power and prestige, the other endowed with neither, but seeking those social attributes as his own. Both appear to admire the brute force of anti-democratic power and authority each from their own perspective; Trudeau from the left, Boyle from the crude right.

The meeting at the Prime Minister's office took part, it would seem, at Boyle's request, and never one to shun the opportunity to demonstrate his empathy for an underdog, Trudeau assented, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Boyle has been under police investigation since mid-October. That meeting took place on December 18, Boyle was arrested and charged with fifteen offences on December 30; two counts of sexual assault, several of assault, another of 'misleading police to believe (someone) was missing and suicidal' and administering 'a noxious drug', and finally a charge of unlawful confinement.

Oddly, while Justin Trudeau is fond of preening and presenting as a friend of the common man devoted to shared selfies, no word came out of the PMO of this particular meeting. It was revealed only when photographs documenting that meeting took centre-stage on the Boyles' Facebook account, revelling in the wonders of a get-together with the Prime Minister of Canada. A situation unlike any that ever took place with any of Trudeau's prime ministerial predecessors.

As much of an oddball, fanciful-minded, barbarism-attracted, religious screwball Joshua Boyle appears to be with his anti-culture, anti-social, pro-Islamist agenda and defiance of Western values and normatives, Trudeau, as a peculiar like-spirit, exhibits a remarkable tolerance for a leader of a Western democracy when it comes to leftist dictators, considering Fidel Castro a distant 'family' member, the Chinese dictatorship remarkably, admirably efficient.

A complex man indeed, admiring as he is also of wealthy aristocrats as well, valuing his 'family friendship' with the Agha Khan, burnishing the friendship as 'equals' by flouting Parliamentary rules on conduct befitting a prime minister by accepting 'gifts' from those whose lobbying and initiatives receive funding from taxpayer-funded government financial awards for especial projects. Just one of many of this prime minister's escapades in proof of a man who believes he can do no wrong.

Today was a wonderful experience for my family, and Ma'idah Grace Makepeace seemed truly enamoured. Incidentally, not our first meeting with , that was '06 in Toronto over other common interests, haha.

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