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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Hush, Don't Leap to Unwarranted Conclusions....

Rescue personnel cordon off the area at the Turku Market Square in the Finnish city of Turku where several people were stabbed on August 18, 2017. (AFP PHOTO / Lehtikuva / Roni Lehti)
Rescue personnel cordon off the area at the Turku Market Square in the Finnish city of Turku where several people were stabbed on August 18, 2017 (AFP/Lehtikuva/Roni Lehti)

"Nothing is known about the motives -- or what precisely has happened in Turku."
Seppo Kolehmainen, Finland police head

"We think that the attacker especially targeted women, and the men were wounded after coming to the defence of the women."
"One man was injured trying to help a victim and one man tried to stop the attacker."
Christa Granroth, superintendent, National Bureau of Investigation, Finland
Proceed with caution. Assume nothing. Investigate thoroughly. Leaping to conclusions is ill-advised. Racial profiling is not to be tolerated. Avoid panic, inform the public minimally. Be calm and collected and very, very noncommittal. The police description of a violent attacker as "a youngish man with a foreign background" was surprisingly informative, given the prevailing attitude in Western Europe and particularly the Nordic countries.

No one wants to feed an emerging sense of 'intolerance' among populations that have witnessed the relentless swamping of their countries' borders by a limitless and ongoing number of foreign migrants suffering from Lemmings-Syndrome. This is an untreatable condition whereby people living in countries whose leaders treat them with the contempt of tyrants, where religious, ethnic and minority persecution is practised and tolerated, where conflicts threaten lives, where economic opportunity shrivels, flee to find salvation in civilized countries.

People fleeing tribal conflicts, sectarian discrimination, floundering economies and generalized administrative and social dysfunction persuade themselves they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. They prefer to set aside the reality that they have their lives to lose and the opportunities they dream of may be forever elusive. At the receiving end, the European countries being invaded, grin and bear it as their humanitarian consciences demand.

And when situations become intolerable resulting from culture clash, religious diversion, egregious social errors committed by those whose heritage embraces inequality and a tolerance for criminal activities, the indigenous populations slowly begin to recognize the threat consuming their culture, their  laws, their social contracts, their religious commitment, and they become restless, chagrined at their previous attitude and freshly demanding a reconsideration.

Police in Finland discovered soon enough they could no longer cloak the knife attack by a failed Moroccan asylum seeker as one of those inexplicable situations when someone goes berserk, as can occur in any society. This berserker qualifies as a terrorist. The young man with a foreign background whose identity and nationality were initially being 'investigated' killed two people outright and wounded eight others using the preferred weapon at hand as urgently commanded by jihadists.

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service had raised the country's threat assessment level to the second tier, resulting from its "stronger profile within the radical Islamist propaganda" situation in which it is considered a partner in the coalition against the Islamic State group. According to the Ilta-Sanomat tabloid, a woman with a stroller had been attacked by a man brandishing a large knife in Puuturi Square, downtown Turku. Oh, and ten others for a scorecard of two dead, eight wounded.
"The act had been investigated as murder, but during the night we received additional information which indicates that the criminal offenses are now terrorist killings."
"[The suspect’s] identity is known to the police. He is an 18-year-old Moroccan citizen."
Finnish police statement 

"There was a raid and we have now six suspects in custody, the main suspect [the 18-year-old Moroccan killer] and five others."
"We are investigating the role of these five other people but we are not sure yet if they had anything to do with [the attack]… We will interrogate them, after that we can tell you more. But they had been in contact with the main suspect."
Detective Superintendent Markus Laine, National Bureau of Investigation

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