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Friday, June 02, 2017

The Creeping Anti-Semitism 

"Elements of the Labour movement are institutionally anti-Semitic. [Corbyn's] leadership, or lack of it has created what might be referred to as a 'safe space' for those with vile attitudes towards Jewish people."
British Parliamentary Committee report
Mr Corbyn has regularly supported the work of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign
 The Labour leader is a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign

"The [U-turn from the Conservatives over social care, unprecedented in an election campaign, helped to deflate Theresa May's 'strong and stable' bubble somewhat, if not burst it completely."
"[Conservatives] still enjoy a substantial lead on issues such as security, the economy, and Brexit, while Therese May is more favoured, by some distance, over Jeremy Corbyn when it comes to who the public think would make the best prime minister."
"These factors have been hugely important in pointing to previous election victories, including in 2015, and the same may well be true this time around."
Joe Twyman, head, political and social research for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, YouGov
When Theresa May decided to call an election on short notice to give herself and her party a majority stamp going into critical Brexit negotiations with the European Union, she did so because and on the basis of her party being substantially ahead in the polls with a 24 percent margin over the Labour Party, anticipating the election would result in a historic majority for the Conservatives. That old adage that nothing can be taken for granted in the electorate has no doubt shocked Ms. May with the realization that her solid lead has now shrunk to 7 percent.

The message of "strong and stable leadership" has been undercut by a Conservative proposal whereby the elderly receiving home care  would be required to pay for it themselves banking on the value of their property to be sold after death. That proposal, in fact, sounded the death knell of the Conservative party in the opinion of far too many voters, even though its poor reception caused it to be dropped like the proverbial hot potato -- but once the damage had been done.

The Labour Party, since the ascension of Jeremy Corbyn to its leadership, has undergone an unfortunate metamorphosis; his election and his statements and sympathies have encouraged the darker elements of the party's pathological haters to be emboldened, and anti-Semitism has accordingly crept into resurgent public view. This is a man who has admitted to admiring the terrorist group Hamas. This is a man who has befriended Holocaust-deniers.

And when Mr. Corbyn was hard pressed to explain how his party, if it was given voter assent to govern, intended to pay for its social welfare programs, particularly its proposed childcare program on the Woman's Hour interview conducted by Emma Barnett, she was later subjected to reams of online anti-Semitic abuse from Corbynites. Who feel perfectly at home expressing their racist views given that their leader has referred to Hamas and Hezbollah representatives as his "friends".

When the Church of England disciplined vicar Stephen Sizer, a man convinced that the 9/11 atrocities were planned and carried out by Israel, Corbyn launched his complaint that the poor misunderstood vicar "dared to speak out against Zionism" and thus had drawn himself into a haze of persecution, unwarranted and unfair. Mr. Corby has further distinguished himself through praising jihadist Raed Salah, categorizing the hate preacher as an "honoured citizen", inviting him to tea in Parliament.

That Salah speaks of that old blood libel that Jews use the blood of gentiles -- preferably innocent babies -- to make matzoh with and that the ancient Jewish capital of Jerusalem would make a perfect capital for a global Islamic caliphate, is evidently irrelevant to the man's honoured citizenship. The Labour party leader denies, denies, denies that under his mentorship the Labour party has become outwardly anti-Semitic.

While he has himself donated to a Palestinian-solidarity organization operated by Holocaust denier Paul Eisen. Jews, who traditionally vote Labour have mostly given it a pass this time around, with a poll commissioned by the Jewish Chronicle releasing data showing that merely 13 percent of British Jews plan to cast their vote for Labour in next Thursday's election.

Tom Suarez - pictured speaking at SOAS in 2016 - promoted his book on Israel at an event in Portsmouth organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, of which the Labour leader is a patron
Tom Suarez (left) promoted his book on Israel at an event in Portsmouth organised by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, of which the Labour leader (right) is a patron 

 Mr Suarez, a professional violinist, rose to notoriety after an hour-long rant on Jews and Zionism to SOAS Palestine Society on November 3, 2016

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