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Monday, June 05, 2017

Canadian Prosecution of Hate Crimes

"We are not aware of the issue."
"If someone is wanted in a foreign country, our government needs to know."
Senior Bangladeshi official, diplomatic mission, Ottawa, Canada

"[An Interpol red notice requesting arrest was posted]...However, each member country decides for itself what legal value to give a red notice within their orders and therefore the ability to arrest and extradite a subject in a given country is not a guarantee."
St.Harold Pfleiderer, RCMP spokesman

"I recall that it took a very long time for the Attorney General of the day to give the OPP permission to proceed with those charges."
"[The Canadian government should] give immediate priority [to Hossain's arrest]. The charges against him are extremely serious."
"I am extremely disappointed that to date Hossain has not been brought to justice."
Julian Fantino, former OPP commissioner, former federal Conservative cabinet minister

"[I left Canada] in order to organize a revolution and attempt to begin promoting and pushing for a full-blown genocide against the Jewish-owned nations of the Western world."
"[An] extermination program] is required to stop Jews from labelling Muslims as terrorists]."
"I will never stop promoting and attempting to facilitate and organize multiple genocides against the Jews and their allies until Jewish power is permanently decimated."
"Daesh have you forgotten your duties to target Israel and important Jews yet?"
Salman Hossain, Bangladeshi-Canadian, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Salman Hossain at the gym in a luxury Dhaka hotel: Handout

The Ontario Provincial Police conducted an investigation of 32-year-old Hossain, a former resident of Toronto, which resulted in the man being the first individual Canada has ever charged with advocating genocide. The charges stem from July of 2010, when the OPP stated it would do "everything in our power to bring him to justice". He has never been arrested, irrespective of the five counts that if found guilty in a court of law could see him sentenced to sixteen years in prison.

Before he could be arrested, however, the man fled Canada for his native Bangladesh where he appears to live a life of ease and continues his mission to promote genocide, to destroy the presence of Jews wherever they live. Last September, a video was circulated on You Tube featuring Hossain witnessing men slitting a goat's neck and he comments: "This is how the evil Yahud (Jews) and their helpers and slaves need to be executed when caught and punished worldwide."

Hossain had originally come to the attention of Canadian intelligence ten years earlier when he posted Internet messages urging that "Muslim militants" should attack Canada. Because of his online actions the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and RCMP began to investigate this man. Yet he continued advocating for extremist violence, focusing in particular on Jews, continually calling for their "extermination".

At the time, the Attorney-General of Ontario hesitated to approve hate crime charges, claiming Hossain was no longer posting his hate speeches, and was being rehabilitated. His campaign, however continued with his calls for the Jewish populations of North America and Europe to be "exterminated". He was expelled from York University in 2010, when he fled the country once police opened another investigation and charges were still pending.

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