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Saturday, April 01, 2017

When National Good Nature Signals A National Eclipse

"What's interesting is, there's an actual debate out there whether or not these places even exist, right? You go to CNN, the BBC, and you listen to people discuss no-go areas in France, in Belgium, in Sweden, in Germany. And there's an actual debate whether this is real or the figment of the conservative imagination. I can tell you for a fact they exist. And in Sweden what that means is, and this is what the police tell me, they use the words 'no-go area.' They said, in their words, 'If we're chasing a suspect, and they cross into this no-go area, we simply stop pursuit.' And if we want to enter this area, we have to go in with an armed convoy, as if you're going into like the kill zone in Afghanistan."
American Jewish documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz
"I can assure you that the police in Malmö are doing everything we can for suspected perpetrators to be held accountable. But we cannot do it on our own. We depend on you, and your witness statements, to solve these violent crimes. Therefore I appeal now to you: Help us."
"[The police are attempting to cope with] an upward spiral [of violence] of large dimensions."
"Malmö police are currently investigating 11 murders and 80 attempted murders. Add to that other crimes of violence, beatings, rapes, thefts and frauds, [the police are] extremely strained."
Malmö police chief Stefan Sinteus

Cars burn during a riot in Stockholm, on February 20, 2017. (Image source: YouTube/gladbecker82 video screenshot

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has distinguished herself, as the daughter of a Protestant clergyman growing up in East Berlin during the days of the Cold War, as a head of state with a conscience and a forgiving nature, and a steely resolve to lead her nation as far away as possible morally from the human rights failure it had become under the Fascist regime of the Nazi German Socialist party, when its focus was on murdering millions of Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, political opponents and those generally regarded as human detritus.

The de facto economic and ethical captain of the European Union, Mrs. Merkel has suffocated her country under a blanket of human bodies -- these not the millions of Jews who had been gassed to death, their remains cremated into industrial dust to fertilize the agriculture of Europe for generations, but the living immigrants and migrants streaming out of war-afflicted Muslim countries of the Middle East, Southeast Asia and North Africa, to find haven in avuncular, receptive Germany. France most generously took in Muslim emigrants from former colonies, itself.

And between them, each can proudly claim to have been the recipient of an immigrant Muslim population numbering equally roughly six million. Famously, Europe's indigenous demographics are in decline; the wholesale planting of immigrants from the Muslim world has given new life, as it were, to the declining populations of Europe. While at the same time, transforming their cultures, values, laws and heritage priorities to an hitherto unrecognized degree. Yet for Mrs. Merkel, Germany's sacrifice of its future as a German Christian state is not complete; she dictates to Greece and other unwilling countries that they too must undergo a similar process of acceptance and decline.

The emergence of great swathes of territory in these countries swamped with the presence of Muslims whose religious ideology, heritage, culture, law, values and priorities are so starkly different from those of the host countries has created areas in towns and cities that have become foreign enclaves known otherwise as ghettos. Areas, furthermore, where it is clear by the prevailing atmosphere of hostility that none but Muslims are welcome. And within those areas crime reigns supreme alongside Islam.

If such an area is one where polyglot languages are spoken reflective of the various countries which coughed up their citizens to have them migrate elsewhere, and where the national garb reflecting the culture they left is a common sight everywhere on the streets, and the animosities that exist between sects of Islam has been imported alongside the searing hatred of infidels and Jews, and a snarling distance arises at the presence of people whose country it was before the foreign invasion, where police, firemen, municipal workers and ambulance attendants fear to tread, it becomes a 'no-go' place of fear.

This is what has happened in a number of Western European countries. Eastern European countries, witnessing this transformation and all the ills portending for the future, let alone the difficulties of the present, want no part of it. In Sweden, authorities sneer at the very suggestion that such conditions have become common there, and the liberal press accommodates that denial by scoffing at the idea of 'no-go' zones as a right-wing offensive against Muslims, even while statistics tell an interesting story more resembling of realities.

Produced in 2017, statistics inform of an unemployment rate of 4.3% for native-born Swedes, with the number of unemployed swelling to 22.1% for those born abroad, emigrating to Sweden. The resulting welfare state for which Sweden is well known has taken on an impossible burden, where Swedish taxpayers are left with the economic cost of sustaining that vaunted welfare state, itself having had to cut back services reflective of the difficulties in matching needs to resources.

Stockholm police inspector Lars Alvarsjo published an essay in 2016 in defiance of the Swedish government's rebuttal of claims of 'no-go' areas and difficulties imposed on the country resulting from immigration from Muslim states. In that essay he warned the Swedish legal system is approaching collapse, that the influx of asylum seekers has resulted in ethnic gangs overwhelming the country, leaving its police force unable to cope. Where in many city suburbs criminal gangs are in control and theirs are the rules. Where police, fire brigades and ambulance personnel come under violent attack.

Local police in Malmo with its population of 300,000, are incapable of responding to the crime rate which is equal to those reported in vastly larger cities. Their time is spent responding to murders so that less serious crimes go without investigation and the criminals are unpunished in that city with its huge influx of Muslims. Malmo's chief prosecutor Ola Sjöstrand stated his office was nearing total collapse in failing criminal investigations.

As of March 2017, Malmo's emergency ward will lock the doors of its hospital services at night representing a precaution resulting from repeated violent threats from gangs or clans. In January 2017, Malmo's police chief, Stefan Sintéus, appealed to residents for their voluntary assistance to  contain violent crime and deadly gang shootings roiling the community, and which the police are too short-staffed to handle:"Help us to tackle the problems. Cooperate with us."

In the town of Orebro, central Sweden, police officer Peter Springare posted his experience on Facebook in February, that the presence of migrants is responsible for the vast majority of serious crimes, where the police force has been challenged to deal with never-ending crime. Drug crimes, rapes, robberies, aggravated assaults, murders, extortion or violence against the police, perpetrated most often by those named Ali, Mahmoud or Mohammed. Whose origins were Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan or Somalia.

On June 7, it was reported that British citizen Grace "Khadija" Dare had brought her 4-year-old son, Isa Dare, to live in Sweden, in order to benefit from free health care. In February, the boy was featured in an ISIS video, blowing up four prisoners in a car (pictured above). The boy's father, a jihadist with Swedish citizenship, was killed fighting for ISIS.
Gatestone Institute

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