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Wednesday, April 05, 2017


Think and consider: the Koran has created a divine narrative for the faithful that it is their obligation to Islam to evangelize, to invite by whatever means are considered necessary, those not of the faith to enter it, submitting to the divine authority of Allah, while considering all those who might leave Islam for another faith, or simply for no belief in the divine whatever, to be heinous apostates whose choice of deserting the faith is deserving of death.

Islam has bred deadly jihadist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, dedicated to sustaining and spreading the original purpose of Islam; world domination, Salafist groups like those practising Wahaabist Islam, fundamentalists who see, as the Koran instructs them to, those nations not dedicated to Islam as 'Houses of War' reflecting insulting intransigence in refusing conversion to Islam, while awarding itself the title of the 'House of Peace' with a mission to transform the unenlightened who refuse to declare 'There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger' (the Shahada declaring submission to Islam) into 'Houses of Peace', at one within the bosom of Islam, making it permissible to indulge in mass murder as an instrument of jihad for the noble purpose of enlisting non-Muslims into the greater umma.

One of the invaluable tools in the arsenal of conquest-aspiring Islam is to traduce the reputations of Infidels, Christians and Jews, as mortal enemies of Islam who will go to any lengths to prevent Islam from reaching its goal of world domination, a conquest that will bring peace and harmony to the earthly sphere and those within in.

By casting the kuffars as responsible for violence, not the jihadist-aspiring-martyrs committing atrocities throughout the world, groups like Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis, Iranian Ayatollahs and their Republican National Guard for Shiite domination, and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant championing Sunni domination, along with the myriad of other  terrorist groups portraying themselves as defenders of Islam, Muslims whom the West considers moderate, justify the methods of jihad. And since mosque sermons so commonly emphasize and repeatedly cite prayers that villainize non-Muslims, citing their opposition to, or disinterest in Islam as 'Islamophobic', Muslims choose to believe what their faith expounds, contrary to all rational debate labelled as corrupt sophistry, and the reality of Islamist-inspired barbarities.

European nations that have been overrun by the migrant and immigration and refugee presence of Muslims are discovering that their traditions, culture, value beliefs and laws are held in contempt by the relocated Muslims in their midst, continuing to pledge every facet of their lives to Islam. As their Muslim populations grow so too does the infiltrated presence of an alienated, hostile community living among them, out of which is bred those choosing to dedicate themselves to incrementally destroying the host country, to transform it into another Islamist territory, relentlessly and consciously aware that whatever violence fails to accomplish, their soaring birthrate and population density will eventually accomplish.

The dwindling numbers of faithful among religions other than Islamic will eventually be absorbed over time, transforming cultures and religious adherence owing to the tolerance and patient belief in equality typical of Western thought, solving all social issues of disequilibrium among people. The vast preponderance among non-Muslims professing a belief in the equality of all people live under a delusion of time and patience solving all human disputes, and in a twisted way their belief renders an emphatic impetus to Islam's march of conquest.

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