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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Harbouring Terrorist Entities in Canada

"[Videos discovered by investigators at the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy Canada that] demonize Israel, characterize the Arab-Israeli conflict as a religious war, appeal for all Arab and Muslim nations to join in the struggle against Israel and glorify martyrdom."
Canada Revenue Agency

"IRFAN-Canada did not directly or indirectly assist Hamas. The case against IRFAN-Canada is built around unproven and unreliable assertions of links or associations."
"[IRFAN-Canada is a humanitarian organization that had] aided thousands of Palestinian orphans [and provided] basic human needs to help the most vulnerable."
"IRFAN-Canada's executive director, Rasem Abdel Majid suffered] financial and reputational loss as a result of the [government of Canada terrorist listing for the group] listing. [He lost his job, cannot operate a personal bank account and] has been subject to increased scrutiny and detention during travel despite being 73 years old and having no criminal record."
IRFAN-Canada court application file

Muslim groups and governments like other totalitarian governments have a penchant of naming themselves in terms evoking trust and respect, just the way Nazi Germany's political party called themselves the Social Democratic party, and the Islamist Recep Tayyip Erdogan's party calls itself the Justice and Development party. The buzzwords of freedom, liberty, human rights and calls to compassion shield such parties from deeper scrutiny. Islamist groups operating under the radar of Western authorities have become skilled in promoting themselves as upholders of the public weal.

They emphasize values they hold in common with Western ideals persuading sympathizers to the cause of Islam as a religion of peace that it is just that, even when stark evidence to the contrary roils the world with violence and bloodshed from the Middle East to Africa, Europe to North America. There is a bevy of political groups portraying themselves often as charitable and humanitarian in their outlook and purpose that have been placed on Canada's list of terrorist entities

The list of designated terror groups numbers some fifty-three factions inclusive of al-Qaeda, Islamic State and Hezbollah. And those terror groups as a result have the status of illegal criminal entities in Canada, despite which they have infiltrated the country at many levels, quietly and at times publicly inciting their followers and sympathizers to support their work through joining or funding it. Federal auditors reached the conclusion that IRFAN-Canada represented an "integral part" of the network fundraising for Hamas.

Information on the Public Safety Canada website described the non-profit IRFAN-Canada as having "transferred approximately $14.6 million worth of resources to various organizations with links to  Hamas". Now, for the second time, the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy Canada has launched an effort through the courts to have itself removed from the list of terrorist entities by the Government of Canada, portraying itself as having no connection with Hamas, being strictly a humanitarian group.

The use of heartwrenching mental images of Palestinian 'orphans', aided in their thousands, and the provision of "basic human needs" for the "most vulnerable" is a fairly transparent ploy in its obvious psychological manipulation through efforts to portray IRFAN-Canada as a benevolent society which it clearly is not, and it wouldn't be the first time by a long stretch that a 'charity' operating in Canada does so to funnel funding directly to Islamist terrorist groups. This is precisely what Khadr senior did in raising funds for al-Qaeda in Canada.

But things appear to be aligning nicely for such groups. It cannot be ignored that the recent passing of Motion 103 in the House of Commons, decrying "Islamophobia" could very well have the effect of encouraging such groups to continue their funding of terrorist groups while insisting they are innocent of any such activities, depending on any criticism of anything remotely connected with Islam to be denounced as "Islamophobia".
Abdel Halim Al Ashqar: We heard about Jerusalem for Human Services but we didn't hear from our brothers at the (Islamic) Association (for Palestine) about what they do. So, I hope that media and public activism in Canada is mentioned if there is something prepared. It might be first opportunity for some of the brothers to meet people from Canada.
Abdel Halim Al Ashqar ...Now, the second question, brother Abou Basem, is for Canada: how much do you raise annually?
Abou Basem: ... m. The first half of this year [we raised] 214,000.
Abdel Halim Al Ashqar: [How about] last year?
Abou Basem: This is for '93. From now until June '93, we raised 214,000. In 1992 [we raised] 167 for the entire year.    Wiretapped evidence

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