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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Returning from Implausibility to Recognizing Reality

"Positions are shifting, because the sands in this region are shifting. More like a sandstorm than a shift. Doubts about establishing a Palestinian state are arising now precisely because it is hard to envisage what an Arab state on the West Bank would look like."
"There are many who make the persuasive argument that the alternative to two states -- to separation from the Palestinian majority in the West Bank -- is an Israel that is no longer Jewish and democratic. That argument's power is now weakened by the prospect that a putative Palestine state might not be a benign Jordan or a peaceful Egypt, but a cauldron of expansionist violence."
Father Raymond de Sousa, National Post
Somalia Terror Shabaab Kämpfer tranieren bei Mogadishu

It doesn't take too much of a stretch of the imagination, in fact, to arrive at the conclusion that the yearning of the Palestinians for a return to the time when they lived in a geography absent the Jewish State, with Jews living traditionally in the land of their Biblical-era heritage among Arabs represented a time of Paradisaical ease and contentment. A time when peace prevailed among the various tribes and sects, among Jew and Arab, Kurd and Druze, Bedouin and urbanites.

Such a time never existed. Jews in the Middle Eastern disapora living in Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Syria, Egypt and elsewhere where Islam prevailed, lived precarious lives of semi-tolerance for their presence. But then, diaspora Jews in Russia, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, France, Norway and elsewhere in Europe also led lives riven by bigotry against their presence. Nazi Germany would not have realized the success it did without regional compliance.

The isolation and discrimination that Jews suffered under laws imposed to ensure they knew their place created the right climate for endless pogroms and restrictions against their advancement in the societies that refused to accept them and proffer to them equal rights to other citizens. In the area now called Palestine, restive Arabs conducted raids and pogroms against Jews, holding their presence to be an assault against Islam.

When the United Nations finally took the step leading to the potential of creating two states, one for Jews the other for Arabs, through Partition, Jews finally had permission to reconstruct their original Judean homeland, while Arabs preferred to assault the nascent state, to destroy its presence, to return to the status quo. From that time forward no stone went unturned to attempt destruction of Israel by those bemoaning the loss of 'their' geography.

Bitter, ancient enmities rankle and fester in tribal and sect-ridden Arab culture. There has never been reconciliation between the two major sects in Islam, Sunni and Shiite; the only issue that unites them is their shared detestation of a Jewish State in their midst. While they engage in slaughtering one another, unmercifully uprooting one another from traditional areas, they also assault the minority populations of Christians, Kurds, Yazidis viewed by Islam as expendable unbelievers.

Hisbollah Parade in Libanon Archivbild 28.11.2012

Imagining that an Arab agglomeration calling itself 'Palestinians' which feverishly engaged in PFLP (PLO offshoot Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) attacks like air  hijacking, ship highjacking, organized slaughter of Israeli Olympians, bombings abroad of Jewish institutions, suicide bombings of civilian enclaves in Israel, would be amenable to dropping their 'resistance' against the 'occupiers' of Arab land, when they persist in teaching their children to hate Jews, is to remain stubbornly optimistic where optimism has no place in the face of reality.

After the 'Arab Spring' turned into an Arab Winter of Discontent and Pillage, Rapine, and Slaughter, the world witnessed the collapse of one Arab state after another. Viewing the Baathist Syrian president outdistancing the atrocities that a pre-Arab Spring Baathist Iraqi president visited on his own citizens and his neighbours. So much for the capacity of Arab nations to live among one another in peace and fellowship.

Jordan and Lebanon and Egypt represent tenuous states where Islamism can at any time overwhelm their stability.

A Palestinian State developed in the West Bank, as the European Union and the United States declare feasible and necessarily desirable will, particularly in the current climate of Frankenstein Islam, result in massive instability, with terror leaking over their borders consistently into Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Egypt already lives in fear of what the Sinai, a peaceful enclave under Israeli control, has become since being restored to Egypt, where Hamas, Salafist Bedouin, al-Qaeda and Islamic State have all gained a malevolent foothold.

Bildergalerie ISIS

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