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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Rejecting Hatred Bred By Islamist Bigotry

"We spent significant resources on this outreach over a period of ten months. We reached out through snail mail, e-mail, and telephone to over 3,000 mosques and over 500 known public American Muslims. We received only 40-plus rather dismissive responses from our outreach, and sadly less than ten of them were positive. In fact, one mosque in South Carolina left us a vicious voice mail threatening our staff if we contacted them again."
Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, co-founder, Muslim Reform Movement, United States
O Allah! We ask you… [to give us] victory over the enemies. O Allah! Raise the standing of Islam and the Muslims. O Allah! Give victory (help) to your oppressed slaves all over the world, east to west. O Allah! Give victory (help) to your slaves who believe in the oneness of Allah, O the Lord of the Worlds! O Allah! Destroy the criminals. O Allah! Destroy anyone who inflicts injustice on your slaves, O the Lord of the Worlds! O Allah! Count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them. O Allah! Do not defer [it] on them.O Allah! Seize them with the seizure of One Mighty, Omnipotent [referring to a Quranic verse that deals with the punishment Allah inflicted on Pharaoh and his people].                                                                                               [O Allah!] Give us victory over the disbelieving people… O Allah! Give victory to Islam and raise the standing the Muslims. And humiliate the polytheism and polytheists. O Allah! Give victory (help) to your slaves who believe in the oneness of Allah, O the Lord of the Worlds!O Allah! Give them victory over the criminal people. O Allah! Destroy anyone who killed Muslims. O Allah! Destroy anyone who displaced the sons of the Muslims. O Allah! Count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them. O Allah! Purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews! O Allah! Purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews!                                                                     O Allah! Raise the standing of Islam and the Muslims.And humiliate the polytheism, the polytheists, the infidels and the atheists. And Give victory (help) to your slaves who believe in the oneness of Allah.O Allah! Give victory to our oppressed and deprived Muslim brothers and the mujahideen (those who engage in jihad) everywhere.O Allah! Pour on them patience and steadfast their feet. And give them victory over the disbelieving people. And give them victory over the evildoersAnd give them victory over the criminals.                                                                                                                                                    Recited by Aymen Elkasrawy and Shaykh Abdool Hamid at Masjid Toronto mosque
Elected as a Member of Parliament during 2015's October general election, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid through Motion 103 spoke of "more than one million Canadians who suffer because of Islamophobia, who are victimized on a daily basis", through what she described as s poisonous climate of "Islamophobia" current in Canada, and which the Government of Canada had an obligation to formally and institutionally reject (which it has done on a previous occasion) and that a commission to study the issue should be struck.

This followed on an earlier petition e-411 advanced by Samer Majzoub, president of the Canadian Muslim Forum, which addressed Islam as having had an advancing effect leading "to the positive development of human civilization", negating Islamist terrorism as emanating from an "infinitesimally small" source, unrepresentative of the global Muslim population and that as a result, all Canadians give recognition to that fact, and condemn Islamophobia.

Islamophobia, it has been made abundantly clear, is any expression of doubt that Islam is a religion of peace. It can also be seen in criticism of the Prophet Muhammad upon whose prior instructive actions in promoting his newly-introduced religion to the world in the 7th Century to those unwilling to adopt it, were slaughtered as a warning to others that they would do well to submit. Indoctrination by the sword swept the Middle East, North Africa, Western Asia and parts of Europe in a bloodbath of proselytizing.

Muslims view the Prophet Muhammad as the perfect man whose virtues should be emulated, beginning with jihad, incumbent on the faithful, and multiple wives, along with child brides, all finding enthusiastic approval within a fundamentalist movement to return to the original values of Islam. Those original values include the denunciation of the founding monotheistic religion of Judaism and Christianity, both out of which Muhammad fashioned his 'completed' version of monotheism, rejecting its precursors as 'incomplete' and rejected by god.

In mosques across Canada, as elsewhere in the world, Friday prayers are not complete without cursing the infidels, the kuffars, the Christians and the Jews. At the Masjid Mosque in Toronto its imam was recorded as preaching of "the filth of the Jews", calling upon Allah to "kill them, one by one". Presumably, if Allah was busy elsewhere, directing his own to butcher his own, it would have to be left to the faithful to enter the scene and do his bidding, ridding the world of extraneous Jews.

At the Andalous Islamic Center in Montreal similar peace-loving attestations of the faith were given, and when those preaching hatred and violence there were brought up short they spoke of "context" to explain just how unfair it is that they have been misunderstood. The Syriacs and the Copts in the Middle East have been persecuted and violence brought upon them, yet at no time do Muslim clerics rear up to protest on behalf of those that Islam discriminates against and victimizes.

In the United States a small group of Muslim moderates attempted to gather support for reforming and modernizing Islam. They declared themselves the Muslim Reform Movement (MRM). They issued a Declaration for Muslim Reform, and sent out missives to more than 3,500 Muslim community contacts. There were 40 responses all told with less than ten of them positive in nature. A minuscule number of Muslim organizations and influential individuals contacted by the MRM evinced any interest whatever in discussing the issue. There were,  however, a number of vicious responses.
Masjid Toronto mosque. Photo: CIJnews

Another imam who serves at the Masjid Toronto mosque, known to be affiliated with the Muslim Association of Canada, prayed at a Ramadan service at the mosque, that Allah give them victory over the infidels, to kill the enemies of Islam "one by one and spare not one of them", and to "purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews". He is also a teaching assistant at Ryerson University in Toronto.
The Muslim community with few exceptions -- but thank goodness for those exceptions -- makes no effort to condemn discrimination against others emanating from within its own community, much less its mosques. What is said and done in the mosques, after all, is merely in the tradition of the Koran. When non-Muslims continually read of the degrading and atrocious actions of Islamists threatening and imposing barbaric violence on minority ethnic and religious groups little wonder they cultivate an abhorrence of this kind of Medieval anti-humanitarianism.

If it is expressed through what Muslims decry as "Islamophobia", it is a natural enough reaction to a obviously failed religion, tradition, social culture and system of justice. One Muslims should either learn to live with or expend some needed energy transforming to reflect the pacific and all-embracing values of a religion of peace. The visceral dislike that Muslims decry as Islamophobia has been well earned. Even so, it does not, other than with rare exceptions, translate into violence against those who commit constant outrages against the rest of humanity.

So Canadians across the nations have an obligation to denounce "Islamophobia", and Muslims across the land have no obligation to respect the human rights of others worshipping other religions or none at all, because Islam is exceptional and obviously without mortal stains of any kind, simply expressing what Mohammad has taught them is of great importance to Allah.

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